DIY suede bag, patterns

You can not only buy a bag, but also do it yourself: jeans, suede, leather or felt. Suede is one of those materials that will help create an elegant and fashionable product. If there is a desire to sew a new accessory from suede fabric, it is worth remembering the nuances of sewing and selecting a pattern. In the article you will find answers to questions, patterns and photos to create your handbag.

What will be needed for work

It is important to determine the style and color before starting work, and then - find the desired scheme.

Advice! It is better to choose a specimen with a soft form and simple elements. It is possible to use both the front and the back part of the material for work.

For needlework to be productive, you should enlarge the scheme to the appropriate size and print it. It is advisable to finalize the drawn plan, taking into account your own growth.

To work, you will need:

  • a piece of suede from 70 to 90 cm;
  • a piece of fabric for the lining of the same size;
  • paper for a pattern;
  • accessories - lock, accessories, fasteners, zippers;
  • sewing machine and a set of threads;
  • masking tape;
  • chalk and pen or marker;
  • sewing pins;
  • scissors;
  • clamps.

Attention! Suede is a dressing of genuine leather in an unusual way. It is important to carefully trace and cut parts, taking into account possible shrinkage of the material. If you are taking material from a former jacket, you need to carefully examine it for scuffs, burnout, or holes.

Simple model

Details and pattern

The base is going first. All parts are outlined according to the template and carefully cut. It is better if you can try the template on unnecessary material. To do this, cut out pieces of old fabric or film, then everything is sewn according to the pattern. So you can know in advance where you need to fix the circuit, if necessary.

The main details of the bag are the following elements:

  • Bottom.
  • Boca.
  • Handles (or straps).


Step-by-step instructions for sewing suede bags

The manufacture of this accessory is divided into several stages:

  • preliminary - razlinovka and cutting out all the details;
  • the main one is sewing;
  • final - checking, stitching zippers and design with additional accessories.

Completing of the work

  • We apply the template to the matter from the side of the future wrong side and circle.
  • Cut out all the details.
  • Cut out the lining.
  • We make folds on each part if they are necessary according to the scheme.
  • We sew elements.
  • We hem and prepare the pocket, if necessary.
  • Sew a pocket.
  • We cut out the straps or prepare a place for the insertion of plastic or wooden handles.
  • Sew inside the inside.
  • We turn the thing over and sew in the handles.

Assembly order

Sew the sides of the bag on 4 sides. The seam should be on the wrong side. Then the bottom is sewn, in this case the seam will be on the front side. After stitching something to hold on to. Sometimes it’s even a shoulder strap.

We should also talk about the mechanism for closing the handbag.

Important! If this is a magnetic lock, then it must be sewn before the second layer is sewn.

So it will not cling and interfere while using the accessory. Before inserting it, you should outline a place where it will be convenient.

Handbags with zippers never go out of style. The main thing is to pick up a zipper of a similar color with the main tone of suede.

Advice! You can also choose a contrasting zipper for the handbag. But in this case, it is better if there are several lightnings. So the model will turn into a stylish part of the wardrobe.

Self-made suede bag models

Most handbags are stitched according to similar simple patterns; volumes vary according to the individuality of the owner and color.

For shopping

4 rectangles are cut, a pair for the main sides, a pair for pens. Then the rectangles are sewn together, the lining is sewn inside.

Parts are sewn on top for holding. Then decorative elements are attached. So it turns out the most common accessory for shopping.

On every day

Instead of two handles, one is sewn, but long. Its length should be enough to hang on the shoulder or throw over it. Often these are two rectangles stitched together, or a full thing with a bottom and sides. As decorative elements, fringe, beads, pieces of different fabric or leather are used.

So that it does not look like a regular bag on your shoulder, you can sew the lower corners diagonally. So the bottom will become rectangular. Side inserts, if decided to use them, are usually narrow. They are calculated by the height of the lateral sections of the main elements, the standard width does not exceed 6–8 cm. If you put a stiffer frame on the bottom before stitching the lining, the specimen will not lose shape.

Bag bag

A soft shape with a solid shoulder strap is also popular.

You can use one piece of suede or combine several. In the original form, 2 rectangles of a suitable size and a long strip of fabric are taken, which will be from the bottom to the bottom of the bag, and in the upper part - a strap. The strip is stitched. The seam should be at the bottom corner so that it turns into an inconspicuous one. Rectangles are sewn inside out to a strip, a lining is sewn. An additional piece of fabric is sewn to the future handle from the inside to make it double and more durable.