DIY stocking belt

Stockings for every woman is a unique opportunity to feel like a real lady. Initially, the task of the belt was to support stockings. But over time, began to make stockings with a silicone base, which is perfectly fixed on the leg. Belts now, performing the task of the holder for stockings, have an additional function of decoration for the female body.

Buying an important attribute is optional. If you want to emphasize your femininity and surprise your beloved, we offer you a hint for making a belt with your own hands.

Materials and tools to do the work

To make the belt, we need to prepare the following.

  • Guipure.
  • Elastic material.
  • Decorative elastic for linen.
  • Scissors, threads, needle.

Building patterns

To obtain a high-quality result, it is necessary not only to prepare all the necessary materials. It is important that the product exactly matches the parameters of its owner.

Taking measurements

When sewing a belt for stockings, pay particular attention to taking measurements. It will depend on this how correctly the accessory will be sewn.

It is necessary to take measurements in the morning, because after the legs they begin to swell a little.

In order to correctly determine the size of the product, you need to take two measurements.

  • Torso girth along the thigh line : we measure along the most protruding part.
  • Torso at the waist : measured in the most narrowed place.

How to build a pattern drawing

We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the approximate construction of the pattern drawing. With it, you can make calculations for your own parameters.

The length of our product is 20 cm, the volume of the hips is 90 cm and the volume of the waist is 70 cm. On the sheet we draw a rectangle 20 cm long and 45 cm wide. The width of one side (front or back) is equal to the half-circumference of the waist, to which we add another 4 cm.

Keep in mind that the gum will still be sewn into the belt. In order to make it a little stronger, you can sew a strip of fabric from the wrong side.

Sewing belt

Simple option

We offer you a description of the manufacture of a guipure belt for stockings. It takes you a little time. And even a beginner needlewoman can cope with such a task.

Making a pattern for a stocking belt is quite simple. You don’t even have to draw paper patterns. For the manufacture of a beautiful belt, we need a guipure of 11 * 8 cm . The canvas is cut in half diagonally. The result should be two triangles. After that, we sew them into one large triangle on the largest side. We need two such blanks.

  • For the belt, it is better to choose a guipure that stretches very well, and make two blanks, as described above.
  • Sew the blanks, paying attention to the corners match as much as possible.
  • After that, we sew the linen gum.
  • Next, we begin to make loops and fasteners, to which the ribbons will be attached. You can buy such hooks in any needlework store. Another option is to remove it from old underwear.
  • After that, try on the belt to make sure that it sits well on the figure. Sew it a little if necessary.
  • We sew four hooks, and the belt can be used for its intended purpose.

Practical model

If you want to make a belt not for decoration, but more practical, which will hold stockings well, then there are several recommendations for you.

  • The pattern in this case is required without fail. Therefore, you need to make belts on paper.
  • Cut paper blank.
  • Transfer the drawing to a dense material. One guipure in this case is indispensable. The belt is sewn from two parts - the lining and the guipure, which will be on top of the belt.
  • First you need to sweep away all the workpieces, and then stitch on a typewriter.
  • As in the first version, we sew the rubber bands and fasten the fasteners to them.

On this, the process of manufacturing a belt for stockings came to an end. If desired, it can be decorated with satin bows or decor elements.

Now you can definitely make your own hands a belt to a new lace underwear and surprise your beloved. It takes you a little time. But if you are already interested in the cost of the belt, you can confirm that your needlework will significantly save the family budget.

With a little imagination, you can make a real work of art, which no one will definitely have. In addition, the author's work is always in price. I wish you creative success!