DIY stand for rings

A girl who wants to look stylish, selects suitable jewelry for each image. Usually in stock there are many different beads, earrings, bracelets and rings. Keeping everything in one box is not practical, the pendants are intertwined with earrings, and it is almost impossible to find the right ring. Therefore, a special option would be special stands for accessories, where everything can be laid out or hung in place.

Do-it-yourself stand for rings

There are many storage methods, such as caskets for rings, racks with hooks.

Some housewives fit for this saucer, cups, beautiful boxes of chocolates or cookies.

Having even a small idea of ​​needlework, you can make a stand yourself, there are several simple methods.

Plaster hands layout

Creative idea to store rings on a plaster hand.

To make an original rack for storing rings you will need:

  • rubber glove (you should choose a small size);
  • wire;
  • gypsum;
  • water;
  • scissors;
  • stationery knife;
  • gouache;
  • clear nail polish;
  • a cup of sour cream.

Working process:

  • cut off 5 cm from the top;
  • wrap the glove outward by 6 cm and insert the cut-off top there;
  • dilute gypsum with water to the consistency of thick sour cream and pour into the glove;
  • pierce fingers of gloves in several places to let out air;
  • hang the glove for drying, until the gypsum has dried, you need to insert a piece of wire into each finger for strength;
  • after 3-4 hours, cut the wire if it sticks out and trim the bottom;
  • dilute a small amount of gypsum and coat the lower part of the arm to make a stand;
  • leave to dry for 10-12 hours without removing the glove;
  • after drying, remove the glove and trim the reliefs with a clerical knife;
  • paint your hand with gouache color to your liking, when the paint dries to varnish.

Important! After the third stage, it is advisable to glue the skewer between the thumb and forefinger, pushing it a little inward to make the shape of the hand more elegant.

DIY box for rings

To create such a product, as a basis, you can use a ready-made casket, a box of sweets or cookies.

In addition, you need to prepare:

  • scissors;
  • dense fabric (batting, towel, felt);
  • decorative material;
  • pins, sewing needle;
  • glue gun.

Important! You can make rollers for the box of beautiful felt, and then you will not need to sew covers.

Step by step description:

  • batting cut into strips equal to the width of the box;
  • roll the strips with a roller, their number depends on the size of the box and the diameter of the rollers;

  • the rollers are twisted and secured with a pin, in the process you can try them on in a box, they should sit tight there;

  • cut the decorative fabric according to the size of the rollers leaving allowances of 2 cm to the side and 1 cm to the grinding section;
  • sew the covers along the length from the wrong side, turn them out and put them on the rollers;

  • hem on the sides by hand or fasten with hot glue;
  • place the finished rolls in a casket and arrange the rings.

Important! For reliability, the rollers can be attached with a glue gun, but even without them they will hold rather tightly.

If the assortment contains many rings of precious metals, then storing them neatly is not only a convenient option, but also protects from external damage.

The stand for rings will also perfectly decorate the interior or become an original gift for loved ones.