DIY sparrow costume for a boy

In anticipation of the New Year holidays, parents begin to think about preparing carnival costumes for children. On the shelves of specialized stores a wide range of options is presented, and many establishments provide costumes for rent. But such products have a high price, which is not always affordable.

You can make a sparrow costume for a boy yourself. The outfit will have a bright appearance and stand out with a special originality. We’ll tell you how to make such a suit with your own hands.

How to make a costume base

The basis of the costume can be done in different ways.

Easy way

The simplest option is a suit assembled from ready-made clothes.

For the boy, a suit of items in gray and brown tones is suitable. For example, a gray t-shirt or sweatshirt without bright patterns and ornaments can be complemented with brown trousers or sporty tights with a free cut.

From shoes - sneakers or sneakers to match the pants. Additions will be the beak, headgear and wings made by hand.

TIP : You can change your shirt to a white turtleneck and a gray or brown vest.

Cape for a suit

Many parents approach the process creatively, making manually and original bright carnival costumes. In this case, the basis of the costume sparrow for the boy can make a cloak . Sewing it yourself is very easy.

Materials and Tools

To work, you will need the following:

  • satin of brown shades;
  • satin of black shade;
  • piece of chalk;
  • sewing meter;
  • scissors;
  • safety pins;
  • sewing machine.

TIP : instead of satin, felt of the same color scheme is also suitable.

Completing of the work

Using the meter, we calculate the parameters of the child . A cape will require shoulder width, neck girth and product length (it can vary to the elbow or wrist).

On a brown atlas we build a cone-shaped pattern, leaving a connector for the neck . Do not forget about allowances for seams - 1-2 cm. Cut the finished piece using scissors.

IMPORTANT! The edges of the cloak can be made zigzag. She will act as an imitation of wings.

The edges are decorated with black satin . To do this, cut out a long strip of material. For the front, it should be longer, since the ties are located here. We fasten the materials with safety pins and proceed to work on the sewing machine. The cape is ready.

Independent tailoring of a suit

Independent work on making a costume will help create a bright and unique festive outfit for each parent. As a basis, a vest and loose-fitting trousers are suitable.

Sewing materials

Getting started, take care of such materials and tools:

  • sewing meter;
  • brown satin;
  • piece of chalk;
  • scissors;
  • safety pins;
  • rubber;
  • sewing machine.

Costume making

At the initial stage, you need to take measurements . For the vest, you will need the length of the back, shoulder width, chest circumference. For panties - the length of the product from the belt to the foot and the volume of the hips.

When constructing patterns of trousers, you should capture a few extra centimeters, not forgetting the allowances for seams. Then the product will turn out to be free cut, and it will be convenient for the baby to play outdoor games and perform at a concert.

When the patterns are ready, we cut and sew the details. On the belt we skip the gum, after that we put the last lines. A white turtleneck will fit under the vest. Such a suit can be used in combination with a wrap.

Attributes Sparrow

It is difficult to imagine a famous bird without a small beak, a small tuft on the head or an eye the size of a bead. All attributes can be purchased in specialized stores for a nominal fee. But with a little effort, making them is easy on their own.

Hat and nose

There are several options for creating a headgear. The rim is the easiest. You can stick a small image of the hero's face on it.

ATTENTION! The bezel can be replaced with a mask. It is cut out of cardboard according to the finished template and brightly painted.

A hat or scarf is one of the more complex options. They serve as a headdress; the nose and eyes of the bird will be located here.


To prepare a hat in accordance with the image, you need to prepare everything you need in advance. You will need:

  • sewing meter;
  • gray or brown cotton;
  • colored paper in white and black;
  • scissors;
  • glue;
  • pencil;
  • piece of chalk;
  • needle;
  • scissors;
  • rubber;
  • synthetic winterizer;
  • sewing machine.

Making hats

Using a meter, measure the circumference of the child’s head.

We make a pattern on the fabric, not forgetting the allowances. Cut using scissors.

REFERENCE : it is recommended to make the product more loose in cut.

We hem the edges, letting the gum inside. It will help to fix the product on the head.


In the middle of the forehead on the cap will be a beak.

  • For him, cut two triangles (about 10 cm on one side) and sew them.
  • We fill the interior with a synthetic winterizer.
  • Sew the nose to the hat.

The final stage is the eyes. You can purchase finished products that are used in the independent manufacture of toys. However, among their diversity it is difficult to find a suitable size, since mostly small eyes are represented on the shelves. You can solve the problem using colored paper or cardboard. A small white circle and a little smaller black are cut out of white paper. Glue the black one in the middle of the first and place it on the sides of the beak. The hat is ready.


Imitation of wings is the most difficult in the process of preparing a costume . You can use the cloak with zigzag edges, which is described above. You can use a more complex way: sew two separate wings.

Materials for the manufacture

To get sparrow wings, you need to stock up with such materials:

  • satin or velvet brown and gray;
  • synthetic winterizer for filling;
  • scissors;
  • rubber;
  • sewing machine.

Completing of the work

We cut out two cone-shaped wings on the fabric with zigzag edges, cut them out. Throughout the area we skip the lines at the junction of the zigzags . It turns out peculiar compartments that are filled with filler. In conclusion, it is necessary to sew on elastic bands pre-trimmed with satin. With their help, the child will be able to put wings on his back.

TIP: wings can be made in 2 or 3 multi-colored layers. Each plumage is sewn slightly shorter than the previous one.

The sparrow costume is ready.

Useful Tips

  • The costume can be supplemented with a small tail, the pattern for which is done according to the example of the wings. The difference is the width: the tail should be slightly wider than the back of the boy.
  • As shoes use sneakers, slip-on shoes or Czech shoes of suitable tones : gray, brown, black.
  • The cap can be replaced with a black plain scarf, which is complemented by eyes and a beak.

    In this case, the costumes are suitable for girls.

Each child with enthusiasm awaits the approach of New Year's celebrations. Garlands, Christmas decorations, gifts and costume parties help maintain an atmosphere of magic and wonder. Each holiday is necessarily accompanied by original and colorful costumes. Sparrow's carnival costume will become a favorite holiday outfit for any boy.