DIY snowflake costume for a girl

New Year is a time of magic, children's smiles and fun. When, if not during the New Year holidays, dress the child in a fabulous outfit to please the baby and surprise others. For a girl, a suit of a winter beauty - snowflakes is ideal.

This is a very festive and delicate outfit that will never go out of style. Its advantage is that it can be composed of many things and wardrobe items, and some elements are easy to sew.

What can you make a snowflake costume for a girl from?

Before starting work on a costume for a small snowflake, you need to decide on the style and components of the outfit. If you need it for a children's holiday or matinee, it will be more advisable to make a convenient and practical option so that the child can actively move, sing and dance.

For a photo shoot or celebration in a more relaxed atmosphere, you can choose a long or magnificent dress.

A white fur bolero looks very nice over the dress, but for a child such a cape may not be very comfortable . Moreover, in a small hall of a kindergarten it usually becomes stuffy with active dances and a large number of spectators.

For a snowflake costume, you may need:

  • a white or silver dress or a combination of a skirt with a blouse (top);
  • white tights or knee-highs;
  • shoes, Czechs or sandals;
  • crown or headgear on the head;
  • other accessories to your taste, for example, beads, white gloves, a magic wand, tinsel.

Making a simple suit

When making your own costume with your own hands, take our idea as a basis. You can complement the outfit with decorations to your taste, in any style and technique.

What do you need?

To create a snowflake costume, you need at least basic sewing skills on your hands or on a typewriter. This is enough to sew a beautiful and uncomplicated outfit.

To create it you will need:

  • tulle - 2 m;
  • organza - 1 m;
  • satin, crepe satin, satin (or something like that) - 1 m;
  • faux fur - half a meter;
  • linen gum.

Step-by-step instruction

Our costume will consist of a top and a skirt. The easiest way is to buy at the store or find it in your own closet. It can be either a white T-shirt or a long sleeve t-shirt, or a T-shirt with thin straps or a light blouse . In addition to white, the top can be silver, blue or milky. If you want to make a top yourself, it is easiest to sew it from satin on thin straps, with a zipper at the back.

The lower part of the image will consist of a skirt. We will need to sew it completely on our own. With the help of precise step-by-step instructions, this will not be as much work as you think. So:

  1. First, take satin, cut a circle out of it and fold it exactly 4 times. You need to understand that the future skirt will have a silhouette of the sun. Estimate that the skirt comes out of a suitable length (20–25 cm plus hem). Cut the overall angle so that when you spread the fabric, you get a ring. Sew an elastic band so that the lower skirt holds well at the waist;
  2. set aside the headline and take tulle for the top of the skirt. From it you will need to make several layers. You can cut them in the same way as above, or you can stitch together rectangular pieces. In this case, the skirt will be more magnificent and beautiful, and the fabric consumption will be much less. To do this, cut the tulle into strips 10 cm wide and about 25 cm long. For convenience, you can use not a scissors, but a clerical knife;
  3. prepare an elastic band - this will be the belt of our skirt. Sew strips randomly to it, layering them on top of each other until you reach the desired volume. As an option: do not sew on strips, but tie them on an elastic band . So you cover it and make a magnificent belt;
  4. if you want to add a little shine to the skirt, then use organza pieces with tulle. They can be cut in the form of sharp icicle triangles and sewn to the belt in the same way. Spread out all layers. The layered snowflake skirt is ready!

DIY crown

What a snowflake without a fabulously beautiful headgear! The best option would be a handmade crown . An ideal basis for a delicate crown is a regular hair hoop. Take it immediately white or pale blue or wrap a satin ribbon in the same shades.

Next will come up with the design of the future accessory. We bring to your attention several options:

  • from the wire, make a frame in the form of characteristic teeth of the crown and wrap it with silver tinsel;
  • ready-made plastic snowflakes for home decor and Christmas trees are sold in stores. They can easily be cut independently from cardboard. With their help, you can decorate the crown, for example, cutting them into halves and gluing them to a hoop (see the example in the photo). You can complement the product with beads, rhinestones, sequins and other shiny little things;
  • From a clear plastic bottle, cut out a crown-shaped frame. Paste it with white knitted or nylon lace. You can also use tulle. Decorate the accessory with pearls or a silver “rain”.

What to wear on the legs?

As shoes for the baby, you can use shoes, sandals or Czechs for sports and dancing. Do not buy little girls high heel shoes, no matter how smart they look . It is better to stay on shoes with a flat sole or 1-2 cm platform.

White shoes or Czechs can be decorated on their own. To do this, you can use fur pompoms, rain or silver tinsel, snowflakes from tulle, ribbons or lace. Sandals are usually already decorated with beautiful elements, so do not overload the image.