DIY snow queen dress for girls

Every little girl wants to feel like a princess. And masquerade balls on the eve of the New Year contribute to the fulfillment of children's desires. It is not surprising that many children are asked to make a beautiful Snow Queen costume for them on the mat. After all, this is a very spectacular image in the eyes of growing girls.

How to sew a do-it-yourself snow queen dress for a girl

The image of the queen is not only a dress. For a real royal outfit, you will also need a cloak-cape with a high collar. You don’t have to worry about the dress. You can take an ordinary children's dress in a cold shade floor, white or blue, and embroider it with rhinestones and tinsel. But the cloak needs to be sewn in size:

  • It is also better to make a raincoat more authentic. Sew a piece of fabric around the edge with fur or Christmas tinsel. You can make embroidery with silver threads in the form of snowflakes;
  • For a high collar from cardboard, you need to cut the base. Everything is individual here: take measurements from the child’s neck and transfer to hard cardboard. Paste the finished part with a cloth;
  • You can also cut into small pieces the usual CD or DWD discs, and then glue them with the shiny side on the free edge of the gate. It will look very expensive and spectacular.

Accessories and decor for the snow queen dress

To decorate the dress, everything festive and brilliant is suitable, the main thing is to withstand everything in one cold shade. Beads, beads, glass beads, rhinestones, silver threads can be used to embroider the dress and make it fabulous. Tinsel and rain will add notes of the New Year holiday. You can use ready-made snowflakes that are used to decorate the Christmas tree.

Well, what is the Snow Queen without a crown? The easiest solution is to buy a children's diadem in the market or in the store. The crown can be either gold or silver. Now for sale there is a large selection of crowns for girls who want to feel like real princesses.

If desired, you can make a diadem with your own hands. Joint pastime with the child for the manufacture of a costume with his own hands will have a beneficial effect on his development. The cardboard frame can be glued with cloth or foil, decorated with sequins, rhinestones or beads, hang New Year's tinsel and rain. Moreover, the crown can be absolutely any shape: classic narrow and elegant, reminiscent of a kokoshnik, be intricate in shape with a lot of sharp corners. Everything here is limited only by imagination.

Reference! You can add a fabulous image with a staff or scepter. The main thing is that it should be spectacular and fit its overall color scheme into the overall picture.

To complete the image of a real ice queen, you need to pay a little attention to makeup. Naturally, a small child should not make a professional make-up. But for entourage, you can slightly powder your face with the lightest shade or apply a thin layer of a very light foundation. The aristocratic pallor of the face will complete the image, and the girl will feel like the Snow Queen.