DIY skate bag

Skates have a non-standard shape, so it’s difficult to put them in a regular backpack or bag. If you do not want to spend money on a special bag-cover for skates, or just decided to test your skills in sewing, then we offer to sew it with your own hands.

What should be the bag for skates

She must possess the following qualities:

  • Strength. This is the main indicator. It concerns both the material itself and the quality of tailoring.
  • The form. The cover must match the shape of the skates.
  • The convenience of use. To do this, there must be a long adjustable strap and pockets.

Since you are going to sew a special cover for skates, the main requirement is comfort. It should be convenient to use, for this, independently select additional parameters: color, decoration, etc.

On a note! If the bag for skates is preparing for hiking, it is better to do it without unnecessary jewelry, since this thing will be used often.

How to sew a bag for skates with your own hands

You can buy it. However, not in any city you can find this thing in a new state, but it’s better not to take used for personal hygiene. Even if the bag is washed, it may contain various bacteria and fungal spores. The probability of contracting a disease is small, but it’s not worth the risk.

Individual tailoring also ensures that the size of the case and belt itself is right for you.

What material will be needed for sewing

Based on the presented requirements, we select the fabric. It can be seen that not every material can be suitable for tailoring. The first criterion that he must have is strength. These types include:

  • polyester;
  • leather;
  • tent material.

It’s expensive to sew from leather, and from an awning it is quite difficult. This material is used to reinforce the bottom of the product. The most common option for sewing sports bags and backpacks is polyester. It has all the necessary characteristics and is available for sale.

Important! There is a polyester of different strengths on sale, choose a density of 600 D.

Pattern bags for skates

For sewing, you must first make a pattern. It consists of the following details:

  • sidewalls: 2 pieces;
  • rear end;
  • front end;
  • bottom.

The easiest way is to use the proposed sample and redraw it. But focus on your own sizes, making a pattern. Dimensions depend on the size of the skates. You can identify them by drawing the outline of the ridge on paper, and measure the length and width in different places.

We sew a bag for skates with our own hands

Now we cut out the pattern in real size, and proceed to sewing. To do this, you will need:

  • polyester fabric;
  • tent material;
  • accessories (lightning, rings, belt);
  • sewing machine;
  • threads
  • scissors.

Follow the instructions below:

  1. Lay out the pattern on the fabric, outline and cut. Remember to add 1 cm for the seams.
  2. Then sew the zipper in the place indicated on the pattern, as well as all the necessary accessories.
  3. Fasten the bottom with awning material.
  4. Sew parts of the product in the right places, guided by the pattern.

Done! You can test our product. If everything is done correctly, and high-quality material is selected, the bag will last a long time.