DIY samovar costume for kids

An important, glowing Russian samovar is a colorful hero who migrated from fairy tales and poems to children's plays and holidays.

In order to create such an image, an appropriate costume is needed. Many parents wonder how to make a samovar costume for their child from the means at hand. After all, it is necessary to transfer its volume, as well as separately produce a crane and a teapot.

In this article you will find several ways to solve this problem. We will tell you how to make a costume for children with your own hands.

How to make a samovar costume

Despite the fact that at first glance the idea itself may seem difficult to implement, in fact, you determine the level of complexity yourself.

Simpler options are created faster. However, if you spend more time and materials, the result will be more solid and elegant. We offer several ideas for your choice.

Made of fabric and foam


To work you will need:

  • foam rubber;
  • calico or other dense fabric;
  • furniture edge;
  • elegant fabric of golden, silver or copper color, for example, brocade.

Completing of the work

  • Coat the foam rubber with coarse calico so that a volume base is obtained. In the center, as well as top and bottom, fix it with a furniture edge.
  • Make a brocade pattern, taking into account seam allowances. It is necessary to carve out so that it is possible to evenly fit into the resulting base. You can use the finished pattern.

  • Use the remaining fabric on the collar, sleeves and hat. From it, you can also make panties or shorts or use it as an additional decorative element.

IMPORTANT! If you do not need a large volume or you want to make the suit more mobile, you can use a synthetic winterizer instead of foam rubber.

You determine the shape of the base to your taste. It can have three openings for the head and hands. Or one big one through which the entire upper body is threaded. But then the base should hold firmly under the arms, without squeezing the body.

From fabric

If you don’t have foam rubber or synthetic winterizer, for a boy you can sew an ordinary sleeveless shirt from brocade . You need to leave more tissue in the abdomen for the impression of "pot-bellied" and collect the hem with an elastic band. This will be our foundation.

Sleeves can be sewn separately or put on a shirt underneath. You can also combine both of these options by sewing on the base short wide sleeves of gold brocade and wearing a white shirt underneath.

For a girl, you can sew a dress from the same brocade. The volume of the samovar can be conveyed due to the fluffy skirt, which can also narrow down. To do this, put on the bottom of a magnificent petticoat, which should not be visible. Another option is to independently make the design of hoops or, again, foam rubber.

From paper or cardboard

If you don’t want to bother with sewing, there are simpler and more economical ways to create a samovar costume. To do this, you will need large-format paper and old cardboard boxes from large household appliances .

  • Draw on the cardboard a silhouette of a samovar in full face, the size of a child’s torso, then cut along the contour.
  • After that, circle the resulting figure on the second cardboard sheet in order to get the back of the samovar. Glue the resulting sides with paper.

IMPORTANT! We recommend using lightweight paper to reduce the risk of peeling.

  • Then color the silhouettes to get the image of the samovar front and back.
  • If you do not know how to draw, you can go from the opposite. First you need to find a suitable image on the Internet, print it at any copy center (the main thing is not to make a mistake with the format). Then cut, and on the resulting silhouette circle the figure on cardboard, cut and glue together.

So, we got two halves of a samovar: front and back. It remains to fasten them on top with straps that will be held on the shoulders of the child. For the stability of such a suit, you can pass the straps on the sides and bottom.

Samovar faucet

A separate issue is the creation of a crane. Many do not recommend adding such an element at all, since it may look incorrect, especially located close to the inguinal region. However, this problem has a solution.

The crane can be located in the solar plexus . Appliques made of fabric or colored paper in the form of eyes are attached above it, and below it in the form of a mouth. Then it does not cause inappropriate associations.

The crane itself can also be drawn and cut as an applique. You can also make a three-dimensional form of foam rubber or synthetic winterizer, sheathed with fabric.

Headpiece - teapot

It is made on the same principle as the costume itself. Moreover, cardboard and fabric options may well be combined with each other.

First, the hat itself is made . It can also be voluminous, the shape is attached to foam rubber or synthetic winterizer. Sheathed from above with the same fabric as the main suit.

Sintepon details are created separately: nose, handle, cap. They are also lined with fabric and attached to the main headdress: nose and handle on the sides, cap on top.

A teapot can also be made from a piece of thick cardboard of small size. You need to cut out the silhouette and color it, and then fastening the rim of elastic on the head. Make sure that this design does not fall over the eyes and does not squeeze the child's head.

How to combine a samovar costume

Black or white clothes are worn underneath such a suit . It is allowed to use objects in tone with the main color or with decorative elements made of the same fabric as the base.

Shoes depend on the actions of the child in the view. If he needs to move a lot, then it should be Czechs of the same color as the bottom . They can also be decorated with fabric from the base. If dance numbers are not supposed, then you can put your child in elegant sandals of the same color as the base.

A colorful detail can be necklaces or bagels on the neck, and, of course, rosy cheeks .