DIY rooster costume

Cockerel is the most famous hero of Russian folk tales. Therefore, this character is very popular in the productions of children's performances and matinees.

We’ll tell you how to make an interesting costume for a boy with your own hands.

How to make a rooster costume

You can make a rooster costume yourself using several simple methods.

From finished clothes

The simplest method involves preparing from items already in the wardrobe. This method is useful to parents, for whom it is necessary to assemble a children's suit as soon as possible.

A shirt or long-sleeved T-shirt is suitable as the top. The bottom will be shorts, classic or sweatpants.

When choosing a color scheme, focus on bright, rich tones. For the costume of a cockerel, yellow, red, orange colors are suitable. You can also add elements of brown or white. The bottom may consist of black trousers.

The costume will be complemented by hand-made accessories .

  • A hat with the main element of the bird, the comb, is suitable for the head.
  • Sleeves should be supplemented with wings.
  • And the surface of the top is an imitation of feathers. For this, a few boas of bright colors are suitable that are sewn directly to the t-shirt.

Help: yellow or red sandals will be the right choice of shoes.

We sew on our own

Self-made will create a unique and colorful costume. Such a product will significantly differ from the purchased counterpart in special creativity and creativity.

Materials and Tools

For work, you need to prepare the following materials:

  • satin fabric red and yellow;
  • sewing meter;
  • threads
  • needle;
  • piece of chalk;
  • scissors;
  • rubber;
  • sewing machine.


First, we’ll make a blouse. To do this, you need neck circumference, shoulder width, product length, chest circumference. We measure using a sewing meter, mark a pattern on a red satin fabric.

Help: it is recommended to make a free cut product that does not hinder movements.

Cut out the patterns. Sew on a sewing machine, overlapping a line. An elastic band can be inserted into the wrist area. To do this, measure out the necessary piece, cut it off. Sew the edges manually. We flash the rest of the sleeve on a typewriter. The top is ready.


You can use a pajama set as a basis for panting patterns . Mark out the patterns on the yellow material, cut out. In the area of ​​the belt we sew an elastic band for reliable fixing of the product on the waist.

The basis for the costume is ready. The final step is decoration.

Addition: you can use black or brown pants, which should additionally decorate.

Add details

To make the costume expressive, you need to take care of the details.

Beak and scallop

Scallop refers to the main attribute of our hero. To complement the costume with a red comb and a yellow beak, you can sew a small hat.


Prepare the materials:

  • felt or fleece in red, black and yellow;
  • sewing meter;
  • scissors;
  • synthetic winterizer or cotton wool;
  • threads
  • needle;
  • safety pins;
  • colored paper in white and black;
  • glue;
  • sewing machine.

Completing of the work

Using a sewing meter, measure the circumference of the child’s head . On black material we mark out two oval halves. We cut out the patterns, sew on. It turns out the basis for the cap.

Red felt is used to create scallops. We mark the pattern on the material. It is a strip with rounded top edges, such as petals. Cut, on the wrong side of the petals sewn on a typewriter. We fill the internal cavity of the crest with synthetic winterizer or cotton, we sew. We place the resulting scallop along the middle of the cap, sew on.

Yellow tissue is needed for the beak . We cut out two small triangles from the material, sew the sides on the wrong side. Inside, we stuff the synthetic winterizer and sew to the cap. Make sure that the beak is located under the scallop.

The final stage of work is the manufacture of eyes . We cut out a small circle from white paper, a little less from black. Glue on the sides of the ridge. The headgear is ready.

Tip : you can also cut drop-shaped earrings from red material and sew them just below the temples.



  • fleece of different tones (red, yellow, orange, green);
  • piece of chalk;
  • scissors;
  • threads
  • needle;
  • synthetic winterizer.

The bird is famous for its magnificent wings. To create them, you can cut the petals out of multi-colored material, sew the halves to each other and fill with synthetic winterizer. Sew the resulting feathers to the sleeves in a checkerboard pattern. It is recommended to alternate shades with each other. Then the wings will turn out much brighter and more original. A great advantage will be the layering of feathers. This will create additional volume.


The final element in the costume is the magnificent tail.


  • several pairs of boas of different shades;
  • scissors;
  • threads
  • needle.

Here you can use several boa ribbons. The scarf is cut into two halves, sewn to the shirt in the belt.

It is recommended to use several products of different colors at once. Such a tail will turn out to be very bright and memorable.

Useful Tips

  • The costume of the little cockerel will look original . For this, a white blouse and white leotards are suitable.
  • As a top, you can use a cloak, a poncho embroidered with feathers . Sewing one is much simpler than a blouse or shirt.
  • The costume will be complemented by yellow paws. For this, zigzag spurs with three fingers are cut from the fabric. Be sure to lengthen the top so that it covers the foot.
  • As feathers, an overlay made of paper is worn on the chest.

The main element of any carnival festival is the costumes of fairy-tale heroes or mythical creatures. The cockerel belongs to one of the famous characters and appears in almost every fairy tale or cartoon. Using a few tricks, a rooster costume is easy to make yourself.