DIY radish costume for a girl

A radish costume for a girl is an amazing combination of bright saturated colors that emphasize the individuality of the image. In addition, such a costume will be relevant for the many holidays that take place in kindergartens and schools. It will be appropriate to look at skits, matinees, festivities dedicated to the harvest, and, of course, at any costume event.

This costume can be used for performances in the school theater and other theatrical events. To make such an outfit is quite simple: it is important to show imagination and hard work.

The color scheme of the costume

Let us consider in more detail all the main points of manufacture. It is worth paying attention to the color palette from which the future suit will be sewn or constructed. It is better to use the following color combinations :

  • all variations of the green tone;
  • burgundy shades;
  • White color;
  • yellow tint.

In terms of color, the choice is quite large. And besides, all the colors go well together.

IMPORTANT! If the costume is completely plain, then it is easy to diversify it with accessories of different colors. It can be jewelry for a girl or a bright bow.

Options for manufacturing the basics of a suit of radish

There are several options for making a costume. They start from the simplest ones, where you don’t need to sew anything on your own, and end with unusual designer patterns.

It all depends on the availability of free time, because you can cope with absolutely any task.

From finished clothes

Consider the option of making a costume from ready-made clothes. A t-shirt, turtleneck, vest or shirt is perfect as the top of your costume . And the skirt will look advantageous as a bottom .

Of course, an ideal option would be a dress of the corresponding color, which can be effectively decorated to your taste. Costume outfit can be made of any fabric.

A great option: a burgundy dress and dark green radish leaves sewn to it. Do not forget about tights or knee-highs. It is best to find them in green, but you can experiment. As shoes, both shoes and Czechs are suitable.

With a cape

It is also easy to design a spectacular wrap that can be used as a costume. Cape can be made of different materials. It will turn out to be a beautiful satin and satin cloak, and a velvet cloak will even make the radish look truly royal.

The cloak is designed simply. You need to know the height of the child and determine how long it will be. And also you need to measure the circumference of the head.

Reference. The cloak can be either complex, that is, constructed from several types of material, or cut from a solid canvas.

Out of a cardboard box

An interesting option is a method of making a suit from a cardboard box. It is better to fold it in half, and then draw a vegetable on it and cut it. Thus, a double part is obtained. A hole for the head is cut out in the center.

The blank should be glued with colored paper or sheathed with a cloth. You can also simply paint the cardboard with paints.

Do it yourself

The radish costume will consist of a sundress, blouse and beret . If as a blouse it is better to take an ordinary white shirt and decorate it with lace, then a sarafan is better to sew. For the pattern, it is convenient to use the shape of the trapezoid.

Consider the sewing process in stages.

  • To begin with, you should make a sundress pattern . To do this, you need to know the chest circumference and the desired length of the product. We draw a sundress in the shape of a trapezoid, circle it on the fabric and cut it out leaving a couple of centimeters of allowances for the seams.
  • We draw and cut out two straps .
  • Next, grind the side sections of the product.
  • We sew in the zipper at the back for comfortable dressing .
  • Then we do the processing of the top and sew the straps .
  • Flared bottom is best treated with elastic . For this, a special drawstring is made and an elastic band is threaded into it. Thus, the hem can be tightened a little and make the sundress more voluminous from the bottom.

Dressing the basics for creating an image

There are a variety of ways to decorate a radish costume. Let's consider some of them.

  • Application . Using this technique, you can cut figurines of vegetables from fabric or paper and sew or paste them on the base of the suit .
  • Painting on fabric . It is better to use acrylic paints and draw on the material one or more radishes with leaves .
  • Fatin Tassel. On the edge of the skirt or sleeves, you can sew a small strip of tulle in the assembly . This will be a great imitation of leaves.
  • Leaves of fabric . To the hem of a skirt or dress, it is easy to sew a few leaves . An excellent material for crafts of this kind is felt, because the fabric does not have to be further processed.

Headdress for radish costume


An important element of the costume is a hat. You can use the finished hat or sew it yourself. For lining fabric and a larger volume we use synthetic winterizer. The top of the cap can be decorated with organza (white tail of radish).

We sew a hat from crepe satin and calico. The pattern is conveniently obtained by circling the already existing headgear of the child.


An interestingly decorated hoop can also be used as a headdress. The plastic bezel itself can be bought at the store. Next, it should make ornaments in the form of radishes. It can be vegetables sewn from felt and filled with cotton wool. If desired, they can also be connected.

Various fake vegetables are sold in stores. From them it is easy to make an unusual composition on the head.

REFERENCE! An easier way would be to make a paper hoop.

First, a strip of cardboard is cut, equal to the circumference of the child's head. Then, vegetables cut from colored paper or cardboard are glued onto it. You can draw and color them yourself.

Useful Tips for Creating a Radish Costume

  • When making a costume with your own hands, you should first understand: in this clothing the child will need to spend a long time. Therefore, it should be convenient and easy .
  • If time is completely limited, then whipping up it is easy to make a mask on your face from cardboard . It should cut holes for the eyes and gum to fix on the head. A couple of leaves are glued to the crown and the mask is painted in burgundy.
  • Many events host different competitions and other outdoor games. Therefore, it is best to choose comfortable shoes . If the shoes for the girl are in high heels, then it is better to use dance shoes. An indispensable option will be the usual comfortable ballet shoes.

Radish costume for girls can be made in different ways and from improvised materials. A feature of a dress made with one's own hand will be its uniqueness. You will not find one in the photo. And exactly nobody will have such a thing at the holiday.