DIY pirate and pirate costume

The main winter holiday in kindergartens and schools is not complete without a carnival. It does not matter if the roles are assigned to the matinee in advance or if the child himself has a desire to dress up as a conqueror of the seas, it is necessary to solve the problem with the costume. You can buy a ready-made option or rent it, but creating an original image with your own hands is not so difficult, especially if you consult with your child and allow him to take an active part in shaping the look.

How to make a pirate costume with your own hands

First, decide what you can use from your existing home for a costume, although some elements and materials need to be purchased if necessary. Great if you already know how to cut and sew. If not, then it doesn’t matter. You can always experiment or choose a simpler way, using only scissors, glue and cardboard.

Advice! Do not forget about previously purchased toys. Almost every boy in the bins has a sword, and a soft parrot will be the perfect complement to the appearance of a pirate. An old water gun coated with gray or black paint will become not only an attribute of the costume, but also a weapon in children's games.

By the way, going to the carnival with your daughter or son, you yourself can dress up a little so that it is clear to everyone that you are one family. This will help support the child, as well as add fun for adult guests of the holiday.

Pirate costume for boy

The main elements of the appearance of the sea robber are:

  • striped shirt or loose shirt with tattered edges;
  • a vest on which there may not even be buttons;
  • short striped pants;
  • hat of a real pirate;
  • eye patch;
  • a hook instead of a hand lost in battle;
  • Spyglass;
  • sword or saber.

Of course, all of the above is optional. Sometimes, to search for ideas, you should turn to a lot of photos on the Internet or to the characters of films and cartoons. Maybe your child already has a favorite hero and it’s enough to simply convey his appearance.

Vest, vest and pants

If at home there is already a T-shirt with horizontal stripes, then it is perfect. You can make a vest from an ordinary white sweater . It is enough to arm yourself with black, blue or even red paint and draw stripes with your own hand. It is important to give the clothes a shabby appearance, for example, to make holes, slit the sleeves inaccurately and stretch the collar.

Attention! It is better to choose loose clothing so that the boy does not sting anywhere. No pirate wants to celebrate as a prisoner shackled. Pirates, in principle, are sloppy and appreciate the scope of movements, therefore, the costume should be appropriate.

Even if the vest is already in the boy’s wardrobe, you still need to decorate it a little. To do this, almost all buttons are removed, leaving only one, just above the chest. If there is no suitable option, then you can sew a vest yourself from three fragments - two front ones and one for the back. In this case, the clothes are left wide open, because the pirates do not have time to sew buttons.

Advice! As an option for outerwear, a cloak or camisole, decorated with buckles and ribbons of contrasting colors, is suitable.

Pants can be plain black or, conversely, bright, striped pants also fit. If at home there are old jeans that you don’t mind worn out to create an image, then it is worth using a grater and scissors, cut the edges with a “Christmas tree” or simply unevenly. It is desirable that the pants are not too long, you can cut just below the knee.

Striped leggings or socks peeking out from under boots or boots will suit a pirate look. By the way, shoes are also decorated with buckles, golden buttons and other accessories.

Hook and blindfold

In order to make a hook, you need:

  • Take a plastic cup that fits the size of the boy’s hand and make a hole in the bottom.
  • Make a hook out of foil and wire. You can paint the hook-like item silver.
  • Fasten the cooked hook to the bottom and mask the glass, for example, with black paint or cloth.

Reference! Pirates need a blindfold not only to hide their lost eye in battle. Many wore a blindfold only so that when entering a dark hold it would be faster to begin to see well with that eye, which is usually closed. It is always useful to slightly increase the erudition of a curious child.

So, the blindfold can be made of paper or fabric. It can be decorated with a skull with bones, drawing them with chalk, or even embroidered with white thread. Fix the bandage with an elastic band or rope, the main thing is that it holds well. However, if decoration will interfere with the child, he will remove it and continue to have fun at the carnival.

Pirate hat

How to make a pirate hat out of cardboard:

  • Measure the circumference of the boy’s head and make a rim of black cardboard. If he does not hold too well, then add a small elastic band that will firmly sit on his head.
  • The main part must be glued to the rim. Download the stencil from the Internet or draw your own version. The main thing is that the end result should be pleasant to the child.
  • Draw a white paint skull with bones on the front side, as an option, crossed sabers are suitable.
  • You can tie a red ribbon under the hat or glue a few braids and strands with beads to make the boy look like captain Jack Sparrow.

Making a pirate felt hat a little harder. You will need to cut two identical elements corresponding to the front and back of the hat, and sew them together so that they fit tightly on the head. A skull with crossbones is simply needed on the headgear of a true pirate. It can be applied with paints, and embroidered, and glued to the image cut from the fabric.

Pirate costume for the girl

The outfit for a girl may be the same as that of a boy, but it is better to add a little femininity. For example, use more white and vibrant colors. Striped stockings or leggings are definitely needed, and the pants are boldly replaced with a skirt. It can be lush or more direct, short, having small holes and a tattered edge.

Dresses are not entirely suitable for a pirate, but the image of a princess who escaped to freedom on a sea voyage or was stolen by pirates will be even more original. Interesting elements of appearance can be found in photographs of ready-made suits for girls.

Fluffy skirt

To make the skirt airy, it should be made of tulle. This is completely uncomplicated. The principle of creating a fluffy skirt for a pirate:

  • make a belt of elastic, trying it on the waist of a child;
  • pull the elastic on the legs of the inverted chair;
  • take a tulle of one or two colors and cut into strips 50 centimeters long and 15–20 wide;
  • Tie the flaps on the elastic, making the knot right in the middle;
  • you can alternate colors not alternately, but make one the main one and use it 2 or 3 times more often;
  • impose tulle until you reach the desired density of the hem of the skirt.

It remains only to choose the tights suitable for the image so that the girl does not freeze on a winter holiday.


A pirate hat will suit both the girl and the boy. But it is worth noting that in a bandana the child will be much more comfortable, because she will not crawl to the side from any movement. In addition, the scarf will help to fix long hair so that they do not go into the eyes.

Almost any scarf is suitable for bandanas. The main thing is that it should be dark or red. The print should be suitable, for example, turtles, swords or pistols can be depicted on a scarf. To tie the fabric on the head, it takes a little training. There are many options for securing the bandana: exactly at the back and to the side, covering the whole head or only in the form of a rim.

Advice! The girl can make light makeup, for example, brightly paint her lips or use face painting to draw a black mark on her cheek. Of course, such decoration should not cause discomfort to the child.

Many braids on the girl’s head, braided with caring hands, will replace the bandana or just complement the outfit.

You should not pay all attention to details, because the image should be harmonious. Too many bright colors and decorations can ruin the costume, so everything should be in moderation. Enjoy the process of creating a festive mood before the New Year.