DIY Pinocchio Costume

How to sew a Pinocchio costume with your own hands? It would seem, why sew it yourself, when these days there is such a variety of choices in the market? But needlework has many positive aspects. This is a choice of fabric, individual size. It is not always possible to find suits of good quality and a suitable size in the store. Original solutions will allow your baby to stand out from all the guys at the celebration. It should be noted that doing something with your own hands is useful and important. Any mother wants to make her child happy on one of his favorite holidays. Undoubtedly, such a gift will be made by her with love, and the small “Pinocchio” will accept it with joy. And it’s not necessary to be a skilled needlewoman. Do not worry. As practice shows, creating such a masterpiece is not difficult. Everyone has a creative beginning. Therefore, do it boldly!

Process description

Let's take a look at the upcoming work step by step. First you need to decide on the choice of material and highlight the main details of the costume. Satin fabric looks very beautiful. But then you will need to make a little more effort. If you are not very friendly with sewing, then to facilitate the work, choose the material easier. For example, cotton or fleece. This is something that does not pour in and with which you can easily cope. The costume of our fairy-tale hero consists of a vest, shorts, and a cap. And, of course, the golden key as an additional accessory and an important element of the image.


Let's start preparing for the holiday with making a hat. It should be striped and with a brush. You can simplify and use a plain canvas, for example, red.

We will need cardboard, fabric, scissors and bright yarn.

We make a pattern. First measure the circumference of the child’s head. We draw a cone on cardboard, considering all sizes. It turns out a triangle. Cut it out.

We apply the pattern to the fabric, circle it with chalk or a dry piece of soap, cut it out with allowances for the seams. Connect the edges of the resulting triangle and sew.

The base can be tucked up, leaving a little space in order to push in the gum. This will allow the hat to fit tightly on the head. We make a brush out of yarn. We wind a thread on any small object (the larger it is, the brush will be larger and more magnificent). On the one hand, we knot the resulting bundle, and on the other, you need to cut it with scissors. And then we will sew to the top of the cap.

Making vests and shorts

Getting to the manufacture of vests and shorts. Take cardboard, cloth, scissors, elastic for a belt. The material can be used alone for both a vest and shorts. Of course, it is best to try to find a fabric of two contrasting colors. For example, the vest will be brown or red, shorts green or blue.

We draw the details on the cardboard according to the samples proposed below. Dimensions can be increased or decreased if necessary. We cut out patterns.

A fairy-tale hero's vest is complemented by a white collar with ties. Measure the baby’s neck. We draw a circle on the cardboard, then inside its smaller circle, equal to the circumference of the child’s neck. We cut the circles along the radius to the center.

All blanks are placed on the fabric, outlined with allowance for allowance and cut out. Then we connect the back and in front, we sew the shoulder and side lines. We process the sections of the collar and sew the braid for ties to the edges of its smaller part. The vest is ready.

We sew shorts on all side seams. Turn on top of the edge by 2-2.5 cm. Stitch, leaving a small hole. Measure the circumference of the baby’s abdomen. We gum the appropriate length into the hole. Instead, you can use the lace. The lower edges of the shorts need to be folded 2 cm and stitched.

Golden Key

Our holiday set is ready. It remains to make the main attribute. Of course, this is the golden key. To do this, we will take cardboard, glue, gold foil or gold paint with a brush, scotch tape.

Draw the template below on paper and cut it out. Such items need to make 3-4 pieces. Then we glue them together. This is done so that the craft is tougher. Wait until the glue dries. Only after that the key can be wrapped in foil, securing the edges with tape, or painted with gold paint.

Tips for making a costume to simplify the process

In the event that there is very little time left before the celebration, our work can be facilitated. For the pattern, circle the t-shirt and shorts of the child, cut out the details based on them. This is how you get more accurate clothing sizes.

After measuring the baby, add 3-4 cm to the numbers obtained. This is necessary in order for the outfit to sit comfortably and not hamper movement.

And also a headpiece can be made of cardboard and painted in a strip of white and red paint. And instead of a brush, glue tinsel.

Connect imagination, use any materials at hand. Do not be afraid to experiment! Let your child be bright and happy at the holiday!