DIY pig out of stocking

Soon, the most magical holiday of the year is the New Year. When decorating an apartment, do not forget about the symbol of this year. We offer you a master class in the manufacture of kapron pig.

It looks so amazing that it’s not even a shame to give it to relatives. And you can leave yourself for the New Year mood. A pig from nylon tights will be an excellent decoration for a Christmas tree or composition.

The pig is a symbol of the coming year. Today we want to share with you a pig pig master class and some tips.

For crafts, you will need materials that are in every home, therefore, you don’t even need to purchase something specially.

What materials are needed for work

To make the symbol of 2019, we need:

  1. nylon tights;
  2. filler - synthetic winterizer;
  3. fur from an old jacket;
  4. glue, needle, thread;
  5. elements for decorating a pig;
  6. cosmetics.

Master class - pig from a nylon stocking for the New Year

To make such a toy is quite simple, if you follow the recommendations of the master class. I propose to begin work.

  • It is necessary to take two nylon socks and put on one on the other.
  • Next, we fill our workpiece with filler. In the middle we insert a piece of synthetic winterizer rolled up by a roller, which will keep the shape of our workpiece.
  • After that we tie a thread.
  • We take strong threads and bandage the body in half.
  • Next, we proceed to the formation of the animal’s mouth, for this we need a needle, with which we pierce the capron twice.
  • We make the nose of the pig. To do this, we need a small piece of kapron, which we fill with filler. And we make two nostrils. You can use two needles or beads.
  • Sew a patch to the head. You can use superglue.
  • After that, we start making eyes. First you need to accurately measure their location so that both eyes are at the same distance. We stick a needle in the neck and drag it to the face so as not to make extra nodules in a conspicuous place.
  • Pull the thread a little. We begin to sew the eyes of the piglet. You can use the most ordinary black beads or purchased eyes for toys. You can buy them at any needlework store. After that, we again skip the thread to the very neck, fasten and cut it.
  • Next, we begin to make ears. For this we need a piece of nylon tights. Cut the blanks of the ears and sew them. You can sew on a sewing machine, or sew it by hand. It does not play a big role, it’s just that it’s possible to make a toy on a typewriter much faster.
  • We stuff each ear for the piglet with filler and sew it from the bottom.
  • After that, we begin to sew on the ears for our animal. Smear the front of the eye with glue and apply it, hold until completely dry. We do the same with the second ear.
  • And we begin to make the legs of a pig. Make marks in advance.
  • We make the legs of kapron and sew them to our guinea pig.
  • After that, we begin to make pens of the animal. To do this, take two pieces of filler and make rollers out of it. It is necessary that the foot is slightly elongated. We make two blanks. We outline where the pens should be sewn.
  • Indent from the neck about one cm and begin to sew the first handle. Then we sew the second. We fix the threads and cut.
  • After that we make the navel of our piglet. We fix the threads.
  • Here our little animal is almost ready, now you can embellish it a little. To make up our piglet, we need red blush.
  • Let's draw pink cheeks and a nose for our pig.
  • In the center of the ears, slightly decorate with dark shadows or a pencil. Make up eyebrows, and draw cilia. For the mouth, you can use either red shadows or a felt-tip pen, because lipstick can be smeared and ruin the toy. And you can also use colored markers or nail polishes to make up our piglet.

But you can also slightly decorate the legs and handles, so that the animal is even more realistic.

Useful tips for creating a piglet stocking craft

  • If kapron accidentally tears during operation, then it can be covered with colorless varnish or PVA glue.
  • To decorate the piglet, you can use various rhinestones, sequins, beads, lace.
  • Such a toy will be a great decoration for the Christmas tree, the children will definitely be delighted with it.
  • You can also make a pig cap from fur. So it will look even more New Year's.
  • The eyes of a piglet can be the most common buttons, the main thing is that they be the same color and size.
  • In order for our piglet to be used as a New Year's toy, you need to sew an eyelet.
  • If you made a pig for a gift, then do not forget to add it with pleasant wishes. To do this, you need to take a small piece of paper, write a wish in poetic form or in prose. You can use the Internet or compose yourself. After that, we twist our work into a tube. We fix it all with a beautiful red ribbon. Then we attach to the hoof of the animal.
  • You can also put a pig in clothes. For example, in beautiful striped panties with straps. Such a toy will look much more beautiful.
  • By the same principle, you can make any animal. In addition, do not forget to involve your children in the work, they are always interested in doing needlework with their parents. As a result, you get not only a beautiful Christmas tree decoration, but also time spent with your child.

And do not forget that the best gift is a made by yourself! Do not be afraid to be creative. With the help of our master class, you can make a beautiful little animal, and you can decorate it at your discretion.

But I also want to add that now do-it-yourself toys are very popular, and they cost a lot of money. Maybe you will like the process of their creation so much that you can earn money on it. I wish you creative success and see you soon!