DIY orange costume

After the success of juice advertising, in which children in fruit suits read poetry, schools and kindergartens actively picked up the “fruit” theme in organizing children's parties and performances, and parents were faced with the need to create costumes for them. Particularly encountered difficulties in creating three-dimensional forms, for example, an orange.

How to make an orange costume

The simplest option, which does not require investment of either energy or time, is simply to buy a child bright orange clothes. This option also has a right to exist, however, it can be made more interesting, for example, adding makeup. It is enough to draw a white circle on the tip of the nose, draw straight white lines from it in different directions and color the “segments” with orange - and the image will become much more integral.

Or, you can cut out a large piece of cardboard (for example, on an old box) a circle about the size of a child’s body or a little smaller, and paint it as half an orange. After that, fasten ribbons on the neck and waist. You can also make a second circle of the same size, color it with orange and place it on your back, connecting it with the “half” of the straps over your shoulders.

The next option will require a large piece of orange fabric and white paint or white ribbons. A circle is cut out of the fabric, the radius of which is approximately equal to the length of the child’s torso. A hole for the head is cut in the middle of it and white stripes separating “segments” are sewn to it or drawn from the edges to it. It turns out something like a poncho. For hands, you can either make two side cuts from the bottom up, or make ordinary round cuts.

If you make an elastic band on the bottom of this poncho and pull it on your belt, the orange will turn out to be "pot-bellied".

ATTENTION! To create volume, many parents place foam rubber under their child’s clothes. If the event lasts a long time, we do not recommend doing this to avoid overheating!

We make an orange costume for a boy with our own hands

We propose to make such a striking version of a voluminous suit, in which it will definitely not be hot.

Preparatory stage

To create it you will need:

  • orange fabric about 1.3 meters;
  • some green fabric for decoration;
  • a small yellow ribbon on the cutouts for the head and hands;
  • gum;
  • wire.

The main element of the costume

The manufacture of the base begins with the frame. Measure out the elastic bands of the required length (the lower should cover the child’s belt, the upper should be wider than the neck). Then stretch the arcuately bent wires from one to the other to give a ball shape.

ATTENTION! When attaching a wire to an elastic band, wind it outward and make sure that its end cannot scratch the child, especially on the lower elastic band adjacent to the body.

Obtain the frame with an orange cloth. In order to fix it, sheathe the places of contact with the wire along the entire length. To make the main element look solid and neat, trim the collar and sleeves with a yellow ribbon and a belt with a green cloth.

Separately, leaflets are cut from the green fabric, which are slightly picked up at the base and attached to the collar.

Pants for orange

Underneath you can wear standard clothing in black or white or, if available, yellow, green or orange.

If you choose the latter option, then the abundance of orange can be compensated by covering the pants with white ribbons so that alternating wide orange stripes with thin white ones are obtained. The same can be done on the sleeves.

Another option for a slightly bully look is green shorts and orange-white high knee-highs.

Shoes for such a suit are selected either not attracting attention as much as possible, for example, black Czechs, or, conversely, in the color scheme of the entire suit - orange or green.

Making a hat

In order to get a hat, as in the photo, a small wire frame was also attached, attached to an elastic band wrapping around the head. On top of it, an orange cloth was also covered in the same way, and green was trimmed in the bottom. Instead of a pompom, a small version of leaflets from the collar is sewn to the crown of the headdress.

You can also do without a wire frame, in which case it will take less time and material. Such a beret can also be green.

What elements can complement an orange costume

In addition, you can make a small "twig" by stuffing a synthetic winterizer with an elongated green fabric and sewing it to the crown of the headgear, you can next to the leaf, or without it.

You can also make a beautiful frill around the collar. To do this, you will need the same green fabric from which the “grass” is cut, which is then sewn down to the collar with “grass”.