DIY open back bra

There is an elegant and feminine dress in the wardrobe of every girl. Dress with an open back is distinguished by special sexuality. Depending on the style, such a product can be selected for almost any occasion: from a date and attending a social event to meeting friends or going to a disco.

When trying on this model, the girls have a question about the proper use of a bra. The image will take an unaesthetic look, and sometimes vulgarity, if the back of the underwear will peek out from under the outfit. Using a few tricks, a bra and a dress can easily be combined. We’ll tell you how to remake the product with your own hands.

Preparation for work

Before preparing the necessary tools, you should decide on the method of transforming the laundry. There are many options, but the most popular are lengthening the straps and cutting off the back of the bra.

Materials and Tools

Getting started, you need to make sure that everything you need is at hand:

  • bra;
  • scissors;
  • safety pins;
  • threads in tone;
  • needle;
  • elastic bands;
  • a pair of additional hooks.

Addition. The list of materials necessary for work can be replenished with other tools, depending on the sewing method.

Remaking a bra

When the appropriate method is selected and the tools are prepared, we proceed to work.

Easy way

The simplest method is to trim the back of the bra .

To do this, using scissors, cut off the straps on the back of the belt. The belt itself is cut off along the line of the cup.

Important! Be careful not to damage the cup fabric.

Fasten the back half of the straps to the inside of the cup using pins. Before sewing, you should definitely try on the product in order to take into account possible nuances and correct errors.

If the linen is suitable in all respects and reliably located on the body, gently sew the straps to the wrong side of the cup. The bra is ready, in the open back, it will be invisible.

Alteration with an elastic band

The use of elastic gum is a more complicated method. The advantage of such a tape is that it can be used and removed as necessary.

We measure the required amount of tape. The edges will be located on the place of the hooks crosswise, and the gum itself passes in the abdomen.

Sew on the edges of the hook for clutch and eyelet. When using the straps, you should slightly pull back so that the back of the laundry is guaranteed to go down. This tape will help hide the bra under any dress or blouse with an open back.

Attention! When calculating the gum, consider its elasticity. Improper length selection will cause discomfort.

Useful Tips

  • An unnecessary bodice can be sewn directly to the dress or sundress . To do this, cut the back of the product, remove the straps. Sew cups with a belt to the dress in the chest area with small stitches. This will help to solve the problem if there is one product with an open back in the wardrobe.
  • When choosing the appropriate method should take into account the volume of the breast. For girls with small parameters, the first method is suitable. Ladies with curvaceous forms are advised to use the option with elastic tape.
  • When transforming a product with a wide belt, a method with a ribbon sewn on the sides is suitable. The strap in this case is located across the neck.

An elegant dress or an air sundress can transform any girl. Products with a neckline on the back favorably emphasize the figure, adding special notes to the outfit. Many women in vain refuse to buy because of the prominent details of underwear when using a dress. Using a few tricks, you can adapt any bra for a dress with an open back.