DIY mosquito costume for a boy

For any children's event, you need to constantly come up with a costume. Of course, I want to make it as simple as possible, but at the same time beautiful, so that the child can like it.

Boys in this regard are more unpretentious unlike girls who constantly need something new, stylish and fashionable.

Despite the undemanding, even young gentlemen want to look decent. Nowadays, you can buy costumes in any store for children. And we will teach you how to make them yourself. So you can accurately choose the right size and style. And you will be sure of the quality of the material from which the thing is made.

In our article we will talk about a mosquito costume. Homely at first glance, it gives a huge scope for creativity, thanks to the ease of execution. You can complement it with a variety of decorations and attributes, as well as create your own unique style.

Costume base options

Before you start creativity and connect imagination, you need to decide on the main part and details to create a mosquito.

To make the image plausible, you need to remember what a mosquito looks like in real life. It is not necessary to go outside and catch them, just look at photos of atlases or find them on the Internet. There are several ways to create a mosquito costume. We arrange them in order of increasing level of manufacturing complexity.

  • The first option . The easiest way. Does not contain the costume itself. You can create only a mask, wings and nose. Essentially, you just use image attributes.
  • The second option . In this case, the basis of the costume is already being prepared. But ordinary gray things in which the child no longer walks are simply taken as her . You adjust your wardrobe to suit and complement it with details.
  • The third option . Sew all the details yourself on a sewing machine and create a unique, creative design. This option will be more complicated and take a lot of time.
  • The fourth option. In the most complex version , self-made things are used. And all the necessary attributes are done with your own hands, and then additionally decorated.

Depending on the amount of time left before the event, desire and strength, you can choose one of the options. And then perform all the steps according to the instructions. Such an outfit will not take you much time and will not require special skills.

Tip. Even if there is very little time left, it is still better to choose a model with the basis of the suit. An image consisting of only wings and eyes will look empty and can upset a child.

Important Image Details

In order for the appearance to really resemble a mosquito, you should thoroughly work out all the details. In nature, we see that all mosquitoes look the same. Although they have their own differences, they seem insignificant to the human eye and are almost not recognized. We can only compare them in size.

The costume, on the contrary, will differ in that it can be created for every taste. It is not necessary to achieve an exact match, you can add something from yourself. Get creative and don't be afraid to plug in your imagination!

IMPORTANT! When thinking up the character’s appearance, try to keep the features of its structure.

Everything else depends on your invention.

In order to get a full-fledged mosquito, you need to develop the following elements of the outfit.

  • The basis discussed above.
  • A hat that will serve as a head.
  • A nose or proboscis is also needed.
  • Wings of any size.
  • Shoes that fit the suit and are comfortable for the feet.

Important! All elements should be gray shades. This will be the leading color in the image of a mosquito.

In addition, you can use red, purple, black colors, but do not focus too much on them.


For the basics, you need to choose a hat, or rather, the future head of the mosquito. You can solve this issue in several ways.

  • Use a plain gray knit hat.
  • Sew the hat yourself using the machine and attach an elastic band to it, due to which it will hold.
  • You can take as a basis a carnival mask.

The hat should look like a real mosquito head . To do this , cut out the eyes of cardboard and stick them on the front edge . On the sides you can decorate the part with sequins or gray tinsel. Additionally, it is worth installing the antennae . This is very easy to do with two wires. Bend them with a wave and attach caps to the material. You can paint them black or cover them with cardboard.


The most interesting detail is the nose. You can make it any length, but the longest proboscis will look the funniest and most unusual . Make it easy.

  • Take cardboard paper and roll it into a tube. Use multiple sheets to make the part longer.
  • Connect the sheets together with tape or glue, putting them on top of each other.
  • Paint the nose in the color you want. At the tip, you can add red paint or cut a small drop of blood.
  • After drying, attach an elastic band to the base. Its length should be sufficient to put on the head.


Probably the most difficult element in the whole costume. For him, we need wire, a gray transparent fabric, a felt-tip pen, and a dense gray material for lining.

  • Bend the wire along the contour of the wing.
  • Pull the transparent fabric around the perimeter of the wire. Do not make the tension too strong, it is better to loosen it to avoid breaking.
  • Using a felt-tip pen, draw veins.
  • Cover the wire with a dense cloth, sheathe the entire frame.
  • Attach the wings to the back of the sweater.


These elements are optional, but can perfectly complement the image. And they will look beautiful against the general background. The following details can be used.

  • Based on the famous cartoon and fairy tales, you can arm our mosquito with a saber or a sword.
  • On the shoes, attach the shiny square plaques to the strap.
  • Complete the image with a butterfly.
  • Instead of a hat, you can use a cylinder. Get a real aristocrat.

Turn on the imagination and ask your boy what he likes. Together you can choose your design and create a unique look. Please your son with a new costume and go to the event together. Happy holiday!