DIY mermaid costume

Tales of the adventures of the Little Mermaid are loved by every girl. In anticipation of the New Year holidays, parents begin to think about creating a carnival costume for their daughter, and adult girls - about creating an image for a costume party. The Mermaid outfit for the carnival is the optimal and bright option for the girl. You can make this at home. We’ll tell you how to make a costume with your own hands.

The main features of the image

The main attribute of each Mermaid is the tail . You can achieve a complete imitation with a long skirt.

The top will be a top or brightly decorated swimsuit . The top can be replaced with a t-shirt decorated in a nautical theme.

Particular attention is paid to accessories . They help make the outfit full and complete.

In many modern films and fairy tales, the body of mythical creatures is decorated with vivid drawings. Therefore, as an addition, face painting on a marine theme is suitable .

Costume base

Let's start making the costume.

Make the top

As the top, you can use the bodice from the swimsuit, which must be slightly transformed .

For decoration, you can use the imitation of scales, which is easy to make yourself. The work will require organza fabric, scissors and glue .

From the material we cut out small circles. Gradually, starting from the bottom of the cup, stick the mugs on the swimsuit. The bottom of one circle should go slightly to the previous one. Thus we glue the entire swimsuit. The top is ready. Bodysuit with a flesh-colored long sleeve is suitable under the bottom .

Tip : when choosing shades, it is recommended to stay in turquoise, blue, green, purple and blue tones.

A plain blouse that is easy to decorate on your own is also suitable as a basis. Shells are cut out of silver or red fabric with a shiny texture. Using safety pins, we fix the material on the blouse, carefully sew it on. Rhinestones can be glued on top of the bodice. The blouse itself is also decorated with bright stones or sequins.

Work on a skirt

The skirt performs not only a decorative function. It is the base for the tail, which is located at the end.


  • organza;
  • tulle;
  • satin fabric;
  • rubber;
  • scissors;
  • sewing meter;
  • rubber;
  • glue;
  • threads
  • needle;
  • sewing machine.

Using a sewing meter, measure the length of the product . The best option is to end the skirt in the middle of the lower leg. From the organza we cut out a narrow skirt that expands just below the knee. Cut the front and back. We lay seams on a typewriter. We insert an elastic band into the belt, sew the ends manually. We sew the remaining space.

The tail area is carefully hemmed. It is recommended to treat the place of the cut with an amplifier so that the seams do not part at the wrong time. To do this, cut out a strip from the material, fold it in half and sew it by hand to the base of the cut. We cut off the remains.

Important! The amplifier must be fixed on both sides of the fabric.

Skirt decor

An addition to the skirt is an imitation of scales . It can be made from satin fabric.

We cut out small circles from the material. Glue the figures on the surface of the skirt using glue or a glue gun.

The skirt is ready.

Image Details

Having prepared the foundation, we move on to the important details that will help create your favorite fairy-tale image.

Mermaid tail

The magnificent tail is the main attribute of any Little Mermaid. To achieve greater splendor, under the base of the tail of organza, you can add small strips of tulle.

To do this, cut out medium-width ribbons from the material. When choosing the length, focus on the cuts that protrude with the tail. Fatin should be the same length with fins.

Gently sew the ribbons. For volume, it is recommended to lay several layers of material, the stripes of which will differ in length. When placed on the sides, the tulle can be made slightly longer so that it peeks out from under the fins . Mermaid tail is ready.

Tip : for the manufacture of a skirt, scales and tail, use fabrics from different shades.


Accessories help complement any ensemble. When choosing a mythical character, the outfit can be diversified using several options.

  • Diadem or crown on the head. In the cartoon about Ariel, many mermaids appear with a cute decoration. This accessory can be purchased in a specialized store or made independently. The crown should be cut out of cardboard and brightly decorated with sequins, rhinestones and satin fabric.
  • Shell-shaped earrings and a small bright necklace made of large beads will be a competent addition.

    The necklace can also be changed to a long bandage of artificial flowers.


The final step in creating a costume is makeup. Cartoon and movie characters have a colorful hairstyle. For a Little Mermaid costume, a wig of red, blue, turquoise or purple is suitable.

Pay attention to the eyes and collarbones. Shiny shadows can be applied to this area of ​​the body.

Face painting is suitable for little princesses . Decorate your cheeks with a marine theme using matching shades.

Useful Tips

  • Under the bottom of the suit, it is recommended to wear additional clothes : a T-shirt or bodysuit with a flesh-colored shade, leggings or tights. When using the costume, some items may unpleasantly prick or cause injury. Extra clothing will help to avoid this.
  • Many girls use a more lightweight version of the costume. In place of the skirt fit leggings, decorated with fins from satin fabric or organza.
  • To create scales suitable polyethylene, hand-painted with bright colors.
  • When decorating the top, you can use paper muffin baking dishes .

Great holidays are always accompanied by carnival costumes. The costume of the beloved Little Mermaid Princess is among the most popular among girls. Using several methods, the costume is easy to make yourself. In this outfit, any holiday for the child will be an unforgettable adventure.