DIY mannequin needle needle

A mannequin-needle bed is a stylish thing that will become your assistant and interior decoration. Sewing a needle bar with your own hands is easy if you follow the exact instructions.

Step-by-step master class

For work you will need (master class):

  • Pieces of natural fabric with minimal stretching;
  • Scissors;
  • A needle and thread in the tone of the fabric (you can sew the details on a sewing machine or manually);
  • Monofilament - a transparent thread, similar to a fishing line;
  • Sintepon, holofiber or other soft filling material. Vata is not suitable, because it crumbles a lot.
  • Stand;
  • Jewelry for decorating a needle-mannequin.

For the manufacture of a mannequin requires patience and accuracy in the work. So, a step-by-step instruction for the master class:

  1. We draw on a piece of paper a pattern of the “body” of the mannequin. The pattern of the front part, backrest, side part and bottom should fit on A4 format.
  2. Cutting the fabric. We transfer the front part, the bottom, the back and two side parts in mirror image (left and right) to the material. Remember to leave 0.5 cm for suture allowance.
  3. We sew the details. Sew the details of your mannequin from the wrong side along the side and shoulder seams on the sewing machine or manually. We do not touch the base and neck yet. We turn the resulting form.
  4. The bottom of the mannequin. Before sewing on the bottom part (oval), strengthen the base. For example, insert a cardboard or cut the same oval out of plastic. Install a tight part at the bottom, and then sew the fabric with invisible monofilament. A stand (wand) will be inserted into the base of the needle-made needlework. Make a hole in the middle for it in a rigid base, as on a pattern.
  5. Stuffing. Soft material is stuffed inside the neck. The neck is sutured.
  6. Stand. There are several ways that craftsmen who make needlework mannequins with their own hands actively use:
  • Take a tube from a small juice, a nail, a little longer than a tube (about 10 cm), a bar of any shape. We cut the tube, leaving only a flat area. Insert a nail inside the tube. We drive a nail into the bar, due to it the mannequin-needle bed will stand. It can be of any shape - rectangular, square, triangular, fantasy. It can be trimmed, left “as is” or painted to match the mannequin with a straw. We hide the nail head at the base of the mannequin. Sew the hole by piercing the tube several times. Check the stability of the finished needle bar mannequin and strengthen as needed.
  • We take a stick of round shape (possible from ice cream), and a plate from under a small flower pot. Turn the plate over, cut it to the desired size. If the plate is light, make it heavier. For weighting and stability of the finished mannequin-needle bed, glue a flat pebble, metal plate or part (large bolt) onto silicone glue inside. In the middle of the plate we cut a hole where the stick is inserted, the other end is fixed at the base. Drape the base (plate) with a cloth or paint in tone with the dummy along with the stick.

The master class is completed. The finished product can be decorated with beads, pieces of fabric.

Features of creating a tilde-style needle case

Tilda is made according to the same instructions as a regular one. The differences are due to the style of the tilda, in which not only needle beds are made, but also toys, interior items.


  • For tildes, natural fabrics of pastel colors are used. Body top and dress are separated. The dress for the tilde needle case is made of striped fabric, polka dots, check.
  • The head of a mannequin can be made or not. Instead of a head, one or more beads can be sewn. In any case, the face of the tilde doll is conditional. Hair is made from yarn.
  • Tilda is different in forms. Her body is pear-shaped, expanding downward. As a basis, you can take a pattern for a doll. Without the use of leg patterns, we do a stance instead. Hands are made as desired. Often tilde style dolls are made with wings.

  • Needle box in the style of tilde need lace, beads, buttons.

Needle mannequins gained popularity due to their spectacular appearance. Today they have become a stylish and useful accessory in the interior. Thanks to the variety of ideas and styles, they will fit into any design.