DIY leather bag

For women, a bag is not only a practical item, but also a stylish accessory that allows you to create a full-fledged image. There are several varieties of products that depend on the material:

  • woven;
  • knitted;
  • leather or leatherette.

The latter option is most common in everyday life. Mostly the beautiful half of humanity buys these bags, but they are quite expensive. To save the family budget, you can create it yourself.

This is not a simple matter, but quite doable. It is enough to purchase the necessary materials, choose a model and spend your free time.

We’ll tell you how to sew a leather bag with your own hands. For a better understanding of the process, we have analyzed all the working points and suggest you familiarize yourself with them.

Materials and tools for work

For any job, preparation is the most important step. When creating a leather bag, the preparation includes the following steps.

  • Choosing the right material . It can be a natural option, and its artificial counterpart. The material from a jacket that you don’t already wear, or bootlegs are quite suitable.

Reference! For the first time it is better to use leatherette. Working with it is much easier than with a natural counterpart. In addition, it costs relatively less, which will significantly reduce the cost of errors.

  • Paper for a pattern.
  • Awl. This tool draws holes for seams that connect the parts of the product;

Advice! Instead of an awl, you can use a special tool - a copier (roller marker).

  • Sharp knife. You can use clerical.
  • Locking mechanism: zipper, buttons, suitcase lock and so on.
  • Accessories: handle, mount and more.
  • Decorative elements. They can be made from scraps or alternative materials can be used.

Reference! The seams of the product can be done on a typewriter or manually; in the first case, use a special needle.

Models and patterns of bags

The most important thing when working is to decide on the right model.

Over shoulder

The most common type performed by the craftswomen. To create it, use the pattern according to the scheme.

Base pattern

On the belt

This variation is great for the stronger sex. It is convenient to transfer documents and cash.


Evening option or clutch

It can be presented in various forms: both round and rectangular. This variation perfectly complements the evening outfit.


Refers to the sports youth variety. Such an item is indispensable in travel and everyday life of energetic inhabitants.


There are several manufacturing methods.

  • From a single piece;
  • From individual pieces of skin.

It happens that there is not enough material to create a full-fledged little thing, then this method will come to the rescue. By combining the pieces together in a single canvas, you get enough canvas to create a pattern.

Attention! In this embodiment, the main thing is a combination of the appearance of individual elements. From various pieces you can create whole pictures.

How to sew a leather bag for women

Although the sewing process of this product is quite complicated, it can be done on its own. This process will depend on the quality of the material: its softness. Let's consider both options in more detail.

Hard leather

This option is suitable for both daily use and for creating a complete holiday image. It is made of material of sufficient rigidity. In addition to the skin, you will need this thread, preferably silk or nylon . And also an awl or other tool for creating holes.

Manufacturing process

  • Follow the pattern to your size. The following picture can be used as a sample.

  • Using the pattern, cut out the elements of the pattern with a sharp knife.
  • Make holes for the seams with an awl.
  • Connect the side and back part with an overlock seam.

Seam options

  • In the same way grind the resulting workpiece and the front element.
  • Sew on the valve.
  • Install the locking mechanism.
  • Stitch the fittings as indicated in the pattern on the pattern.
  • Make a pen. Attach it to the main product using rings.
  • If desired, perform decorative decoration of the subject.

Soft leather

Another option is the manufacture of soft leather bags. Such material allows you to give the product a more smooth (streamlined) shape . This variation looks more feminine and allows you to play with form. Especially this method is suitable for backpacks.

For the embodiment, you will need soft skin in sufficient quantities (you can use the lumpy version), lining fabric, thread, needles, accessories.

The working process

  • Perform pattern details according to the given pattern.

Attention! If desired, the dimensions can be changed by making adjustments to your standards.

  • Using the pattern, cut out the elements of the outer part and the lining.
  • Sew the bottom and sidewall.
  • Sew the inside.
  • Attach the lining to the base.
  • Make holes to the eyeballs.
  • Cut two long rectangular blanks for webbing from the base material.
  • We sew straps. Stitch them to the main part.
  • Insert the decorative cord.
  • Install hardware if necessary.
  • Decorate the product.

Reference! As a decoration, you can use various types: embroidery, flowers, bells, applique from various materials, rhinestones, beads and other options.

How to sew a men's bag

Men's leather bag is characterized by the following parameters:

  • severity of lines;
  • clarity of silhouette;
  • minimalism of decoration.

Mostly men use the following models:

  • wallets;
  • waist bags;
  • Backpacks
  • diplomats.

Consider the creation of a purse on a detailed example.

This option is great for storing and carrying documents. You can run it from both hard and soft material.

Work description

  • According to the proposed pattern, cut out the details of the pattern. Correct the size if necessary.

  • Make joint seams.
  • Make a lining.
  • Connect the lining to the main structure.
  • Install locking mechanisms (zippers, suitcase lock) and fittings.
  • Sew to the base of the pen.