DIY kokoshnik for a doll

Kokoshnik is a native Russian headdress in the form of a shield, decorated and embroidered with colorful jewelry. Holidays in the old style, which was an integral part of the life of our great-grandmothers, are becoming increasingly relevant.

The New Year is approaching, which means it's time to decide on the theme of this fabulous night. If the elements of your decor will be made in the old Russian style, then the presence of artfully sewn dolls in a bright sundress and a shining headdress is necessary. And how exactly to make it from improvised means, we learn further.

Ideas and patterns of kokoshniks

The pattern of the Russian crown is a long and required process of attention and perseverance. Therefore, be patient and purchase the necessary items for the product.

To create the basis of the tiara-shaped piece of clothing you need to have:

  • cardboard,
  • tape for measurements,
  • pencil,
  • tracing paper and chalk for marks.

Phased foundation creation:

  1. Measure the head of the doll from the top of the head to the bottom of the cheek.
  2. Fold the tracing paper in half and draw a rectangle at the marked points.
  3. Roll up the top of the rectangle in the shape of a doll's head.
  4. Cut the resulting template, deploy and try on the toy. It should fit snugly to the doll’s head.
  5. Decorate the top of the kokoshnik at will.

After measurements are made and the template from tracing paper is ready, it is necessary to transfer it to thick cardboard and cut with scissors. The finished pattern is glued with pre-prepared material.

REFERENCE! The material used is a bright, radiant fabric that will effectively reflect light and shimmer. Brocade or satin is a good option for the material.

Pasted pattern should be decorated with ribbons, sequins, beads and precious stones. Then sew a cardboard base on which the garment will be held on the doll’s head or stick it to the hair for strength.

How to make a kokoshnik for a DIY snow maiden doll

The Snow Maiden doll is an unquestionable symbol of the New Year, so her presence in the house near the festive table will bring good luck and health. But the image of the Snow Maiden is not complete without a luxurious headdress - a kokoshnik.

To create it you need to have:

  • Whatman;
  • Pencil;
  • White tulle;
  • Glue;
  • Brocade;
  • Rubber;
  • Decor elements to choose from.

Step-by-step instruction:

  1. Cut the base from cardboard according to the pattern.
  2. Wrap the kokoshnik with tulle.
  3. Sew along the edge along the entire length of the garment.
  4. Create a sketch of patterns on the paper, which will later be transferred to the subject of manufacture.
  5. Transfer the sketch in pencil to tulle.
  6. Circle the patterns with gold glue.
  7. Decorate the kokoshnik with prepared decorations.
  8. For convenience, you can sew a hat from brocade, to which the product will be attached. Another option is to attach the garment to the doll's head with hot glue.

How to make a kokoshnik from paper

The fastest version of kokoshnik is to create it from paper. To make such a miracle will not be difficult and will take a little time.

You will need:

  • The paper is white;
  • Multi-colored self-adhesive paper;
  • Satin ribbons;
  • Adhesive tape, scissors, needle and thread.

Making paper kokoshnik, like any other, is based on a pattern. It is necessary to stick paper of the selected color on it. You can also cut flowers, circles, or droplets from shiny paper for applications.

IMPORTANT! For the safety of a paper product, it is necessary to laminate it or simply cover it with tape.

An elastic band is glued to the back of the headgear, with the help of which it will be possible to easily put the Russian crown on the doll's head. The final action of the work is to attach a satin of ribbons on the sides as a decoration.

How to make a kokoshnik from cardboard

Creating a kokoshnik from cardboard is not much different from a paper version. The advantage of this material is that the cardboard pattern and the base of the headgear are much stronger than paper. If you plan to use cardboard applications instead of beads and rhinestones as a decoration, the easiest option will be carved snowflakes, flowers and curls. Beat the cardboard product with its original decorated edges and unusual shape.


Making a kokoshnik for a doll with your own hands is quite simple. The main thing is to follow the instructions and not be afraid to show imagination. A doll in a luxurious Russian headdress will become a wonderful symbol of the holiday in your home and will cheer up the children.