DIY kitchen towels

Mistresses spend a lot of time in the kitchen. I want her to be perfect in everything. Including decor items. And kitchen textiles should not only differ in appearance, but also be convenient to use. Buying it now is not a problem. But you can sew this product with your own hands by purchasing the fabric of the necessary colors and textures. This will give you a towel that fits your interior perfectly.

ATTENTION! There should always be two kitchen towels. One of them is for hands, the second is for dishes. If you have a family of at least 3-4 people, then they should change daily. So, for a week you should sew at least 14 pieces.

Fabric for sewing towels

IMPORTANT! Textiles for the kitchen should have such qualities as excellent absorbency, easy washability, durability.

The following fabrics have similar parameters.

  • Linen and cotton . The materials are wear-resistant, perfectly collecting liquid. Plain fabrics perfectly tolerate boiling, multiple washing, while maintaining color and shape. Cotton have a smooth surface or waffle structure, thanks to special technology. Even our grandmothers and mothers used them, so the quality is beyond doubt.
  • Bamboo fiber . Everyone's favorite natural material. Eco-friendly, hygroscopic, resistant to abrasion during operation .
  • Terry cloth . With proper care, you will appreciate the constant softness and airiness.

TIP! For sewing, choose a fabric with a small height of loops and a thin pile.

The fabric, shape, size, colors for work is the individual choice of the hostess. After all, she will have to use this subject and take care of it. Therefore, our advice can only submit an interesting idea, and you can implement it yourself.

Making a kitchen towel

A classic option is a rectangular towel . Usually these sizes are 40x70 or 30x60 cm. Oval, triangular, diamond-shaped towels also look interesting.

IMPORTANT! When planning a length or width when cutting, do not forget to add about one centimeter to the allowances for seams on all sides. If you are afraid that when washing the product will shrink, first wet the material, iron, and then cut the desired size.

Materials and Tools

For work it is necessary to prepare:

  • the cloth;
  • scissors;
  • centimeter tape;
  • tailor's chalk;
  • threads
  • sewing pins;
  • typewriter.

Action algorithm

The process is quite simple. This can be done by any woman who does not even have experience in sewing.

  • Measure the required size on a piece of cloth. You can immediately fold it several times, it will be faster. Open the fabric.
  • Double or single hem on both sides . The bending width should not exceed 7 mm.
  • Chip off the collar with pins and make a line on a typewriter . If you don’t have one, you can manually lay a blind stitch.

Everything, our product is ready. Further, if desired, you can give a unique image by adding decor . This can be an applique, a contrasting edging of yarn, colored ruffles, embroidery, and a satin ribbon border.

Take a loop for conveniently hanging a towel. It can be made from the same fabric or from dense braid.

Your towel will look stylish and practical along with the same tacks. This will help to make the kitchen brighter and more comfortable.