DIY king costume

The costume of the king, without any doubt, looks expensive and spectacular. Even with minimal sewing skills, you can make this outfit with your own hands. Indeed, in stores such costumes are quite expensive. In addition, creating an image with your own hands, you can delve into the history and make the outfit of a real historical hero.

We make the king’s costume for the boy with our own hands

The regal person's outfit for the child should be made in bright burgundy or red colors. Its main components are the mantle and crown. Under the bottom, it is better to wear a white shirt or badlon, which can be found in the wardrobe of the child. Panties can also be taken from available or to sew them. The pattern is easy to do by circling any pants or shorts of a suitable size.

White knee-high socks and interesting shoes are also worn on the feet. The crown should be truly royal and made in golden color. The mantle in a children's costume is most often done knee-deep or slightly higher. Consider the process of making the basic attributes of a king’s costume for a boy.

Mantle of the king

To stitch the mantle, you should buy a burgundy satin for the front and blue for the inside of the product. Other suitable fabrics may be used. Also prepare all necessary sewing accessories in advance. There are many different options for tailoring the product. Consider the simplest form of a rectangular cape. Follow a certain sequence of actions:

  1. First you need to make some measurements with which you can build a pattern. The width of the product is selected depending on the complexion of the boy. The length of the part will depend on the height of the child and his personal preferences.
  2. Next, on the wrong side of the fabric, you can draw a rectangle with a bar of soap. Exactly such a detail is cut out on a material of a different color.
  3. If there is any doubt about the size of the mantle, it is better to cut the rectangle a little more. In the future, after trying on, it can always be corrected.
  4. We fold the two parts with their faces facing each other and sew all the sides on a typewriter, leaving a small indentation to turn the product around. In the future, it can be sewn up manually.
  5. Then a buttonhole is sewn to one of the corners of the rectangle, and a button is sewn to the other.
  6. The edges of the cloak are best decorated with a bright ribbon.

ATTENTION! In products in a hurry, you can not sew on the lining. From the wrong side, the atlas also looks bright and beautiful. In addition, the inside of the cloak is often not visible, especially if it is long.

Crown making

The crown can be made with your own hands from various materials, such as cardboard, paper or felt. In this example, you need a large bottle of plastic and foil for baking. Manufacturer's recommendations:

  1. The top is cut off from the bottle. It is better to remove the part where the narrowing to the neck begins.
  2. Also cut the bottom of the bottle and make denticles on top.
  3. Next, measure a piece of foil equal to the circumference of the cut bottle.
  4. Then we wrap the blank from the bottle with foil.
  5. Finding each point with your hand, you need to make incisions on both sides.
  6. Next, we bend the edges of the foil and form each tooth separately.

IMPORTANT! The crown can be decorated with bright rhinestones or confetti. They are easy to glue to the surface with glue.

DIY king costume for an adult

The costume of an adult will differ from the costume of a child by the presence of a greater number of decorative elements. In general, depending on the event, more expensive and sophisticated materials are selected to create the image. The mantle and crown are made more carefully. So, it is necessary to prepare white faux fur for decoration, as well as sequins, golden lace, lace, rhinestones, beads, jewelry and other elements.

As in the suit for the boy, the main elements will be the mantle and crown. The mantle should be long, weighty and have a presentable appearance. The difference is that almost any clothes can be worn underneath, because the massive mantle will hide it anyway. The crown must be worked out in the smallest details, and more labor-intensive equipment is used for its manufacture.

Mantle making

For sewing the mantle, a dense fabric of burgundy shade, such as velvet, velor or satin, is suitable. Consider the sewing process in stages:

  1. It’s better to start work with building a pattern. Many craftswomen note that in shape it resembles a pattern of a half-sun skirt. It is necessary to draw a semicircle. In this case, the radius should be equal to the desired length of the cape.
  2. Next, find the cent of the resulting semicircle and draw a second semicircle or a recess for the neck from this point. The radius is found by dividing the girth of the neck by twice the number of pi.
  3. You can cut the mantle directly onto the fabric. Up to 2 cm should be added on all sides for processing.
  4. A chic collar is cut out of white fur. To do this, a piece of fur can be applied to the already cut main part and circle its top. The length of the drape is determined independently. Two strips are also cut, which will be sewn along the edge of the mantle.
  5. Next, processing of the lateral sections of the mantle is done. Fur and decorative elements are sewn.
  6. Next, connect the top of the mantle and the railing among themselves on a typewriter.
  7. Then, a button and eyelet are sewn to the upper edges of the products.

REFERENCE! The button can be either inconspicuous or large metal. A button can play the role of not only fastening parts to each other, but also be a beautiful decorative element .

Crown for the king

To make a more complex crown, you will need acrylic paints, lace, cardboard, gelatin and interesting large jewelry. Consider the process of creating an accessory in stages:

  1. Cut a strip of lace, focusing on the volume of the head. Next, we sew the opposite ends.
  2. We prepare the solution from a glass of cold water and two tablespoons of gelatin. The mass should stand for about 40 minutes.
  3. Next, the solution is heated and the workpiece is lowered into it for 20 minutes.
  4. At this time, a strip of cardboard is fastened into a ring equal to the volume of the head, and a lace blank is put on it.
  5. The design is sent to the microwave for a couple of minutes.
  6. Next, the product is treated with gelatin and dried again. It is necessary to ensure that it becomes rigid.
  7. The finished product is covered with golden acrylic paint and decorated with braid and jewelry.

How to make a king costume from improvised means

The basis of the outfit in most cases is made up of things that are already in the wardrobe of both an adult and a child. It can be a white shirt, cropped pants and a jacket. You can also always pick up shoes or boots for further decoration . As improvised tools that are easy to find in every home are paper, cardboard, paints, foil and other items. With their help, you can quickly make the main attribute of the royal person - the crown.

The king's scepter is easy to make from sticks and foil. First make a small ball of paper or newspaper, and then wrap it with foil. The ball is fixed at one end of the stick and is also wrapped with foil. On it you can effectively arrange patterns of beads and sequins.

Thus, the royal attire is easy to craft with your own hands. The basis of the outfit is the crown and mantle. We hope that this article will be useful in preparing an interesting costume and an unforgettable holiday.