DIY keychains on a backpack

Accessories for decorating backpacks and bags have always been in great demand. Small in size, suspended from a chain, in addition to giving personality and emphasizing the style of its owner, it can also perform many useful functions. So, you can attach a card with his address and phone numbers of his parents to a trinket attached to a baby bag in the form of a toy, hide a spare key from the house, and so on.

Features of making a keychain on a backpack with your own hands

Recently, the direction of hand-made is becoming increasingly popular. People are much more pleasant to buy things made by the hands of a living person than clothes, jewelry and accessories made on the machine.

Those involved in the manufacture of accessories for sale or on order note that recently, demand has increased precisely for funny figures made of fur in the form of animals. Customers are also interested in pendants in the form of dolls, car badges and license plates for cars.

Mass production of metal and plastic souvenirs involves the use of sophisticated equipment that allows the implementation of technology:

  • jewelry casting;
  • stamping;
  • chemical etching.

At home, it is often not possible to install a special machine for stamping and printing, so all “hand-made” things are made from fabric, yarn, polymer clay or paper.

Important! In order for home-made trinkets to bring joy and even a small income, you need to use only high-quality materials, which you will have to spend a lot of money on.

First of all, you need high-quality fasteners, which can be in the form of:

  • threads that are suitable for soft felt or accessories made of faux fur;
  • chains with large ring-clips that fit any keychain;
  • rings with drop-down fasteners used for hard plastic or metal trinkets;
  • threaded loops for screwing into plastic, polymer clay or wood.

You can purchase the necessary fasteners and supplies at any needlework store. Also, accessories can be ordered in online stores.

How to make a keychain on a backpack with your own hands

The first thing a person may face who decides to make a keychain for a backpack with his own hand is the lack of suitable ideas. You can draw inspiration from walking through flea markets, points selling hand-made products, browsing the Internet or paying attention to the following workshops.

On the pages of a small, but looking like a real keyring book, you can write down several wishes and declarations of love and give it to a dear person. To make a keychain in the form of a book yourself, you need to stock up:

  • sheets of white paper and cardboard;
  • with a knife and scissors;
  • PVA glue;
  • ruler and pencil;
  • sewing accessories;
  • mount for the finished keychain;
  • awl.

Step-by-step instruction:

  1. The album sheet is cut into rectangles, from which the pages of the future book are then folded. The finished double leaves are folded in pairs, so that several blanks of 2-4 sheets are obtained. The finished book can hold from 12 to 16 sheets.
  2. With an awl pierce each of the sheets at the bend. It is important to ensure that the puncture points match on all pages.
  3. Each blank is stitched with an ordinary seam “back needle”. To make the binding easier, you need to prepare several blanks with two punctures and several blanks with five. Between themselves, first billets with a smaller number of punctures are fastened, then those with a larger one.
  4. The bound root is greased with PVA and allowed to dry. The book is placed under the press.
  5. The cover for the book is made of cardboard. Cover area should match page area. In order for the cover to be solid, it is necessary to make a blank for the cover from soft paper and a blank harder from cardboard. Paper is glued over the cardboard and after the workpiece dries, they begin to glue the pages with the cover.
  6. The first and last sheet of the book is glued to the cover on PVA. The root is “planted” on Super-glue after placing a chain from the fastener between the stitched pages and the cover.

Advice! As a lining material for a book, you can use chintz fabric, scrapbooking paper with patterns or any other colored paper.

Beginners are advised to learn how to create bead charms by making various figures using the brick fastening technique. Using visual schemes, you can learn to make accessories in the form of animals, fruits and vegetables or individual phrases and words. Attach bead pendants to long threads with metal rings.

Weaving from small gum has become especially popular in the last few years. Even a child can master such a simple craft, the main thing is to have a hook, a sufficient amount of elastic, a special machine or an ordinary table fork in stock. To make a trinket of rubber bands in the form of a flower you will need:

  • hook number 3;
  • 100 elastic bands (50 elastic bands of one color and 50 different).

All rubber bands are put on the hook handle. In the center they are bandaged with a ring and the loop is pulled through all the elastic bands, securing the hook nose. Such weaving is considered the simplest as a result of which a flower is obtained in the form of a sun. It is best to fix it on a long thread with a ring.

To make a cute and soft cat or a dog for a keyring, felt is perfect as the main material. According to previously prepared patterns of felt of different colors, parts of the body are cut out and stitched together. To give the figure a volume, it can be stuffed with cotton or synthetic winterizer. Fasten felt animals on a thread with a ring.

From any fabric, as well as from felt, you can make any figure for decorating a backpack. We learn how to make a pendant in the form of a hare from flax. For work you will need:

  • linen of blue, white, brown and orange;
  • floss of the same colors;
  • pencil;
  • thin needle;
  • scissors;
  • thin cord;
  • synthetic winterizer;
  • hare pattern.

The manufacturing process step by step:

  1. The pattern is transferred to the fabric.
  2. Details are cut, leaving a little fabric for the seams.
  3. Eyes and nose are sewn to the front part, embroidering with pupils in the form of crosses with thread, mouth - with a seam “back to the needle”.
  4. Sew carrot to the front. Brown threads make strokes on it, green leaves.
  5. Two halves are sewn with a stitch seam, a synthetic winterizer is stuffed inside, leaving one area not sewn.
  6. A lace is inserted into the non-sewn place, making a loop for fastening. Bunny is ready.

How to quickly and easily make a keychain on a backpack

Quickly build a suspension on a backpack, using:

  1. Pieces of genuine leather. A rolled up piece of skin cut into a fringe is fastened with a carbine and a stylish decoration is ready.
  2. Wooden or plastic beads. Beads strung on knitting needles or sticks can be combined into a single composition by assembling them on one large mounting carabiner.

Carved wooden figures are also suitable. The figures painted with acrylic paints will be an excellent decoration and addition to any adult or children's backpack.