DIY hookah bag

Hookah has long been a part of friendly gatherings, going beyond the specialized hookah institutions. Now it is used both at home and in nature, and is even taken with you on trips. But the problem arises - such a large-sized device needs a special container for transportation, which would allow each element to be transported carefully without breaking any of them, while being compact enough. A bag for them may be included in the package for expensive models of hookahs, it can be purchased on a lower cost yourself, however, there is a risk that such a bag may not fit exactly your device and you will have to invest financially in making it to order. An alternative could be the creation of such an accessory.

What you need for a hookah bag

To make it, you will need:

  • sewing machine;
  • scissors;
  • ruler;
  • a simple pencil;
  • chalk or bar of soap;
  • two to three meters of durable braid;
  • a large paper sheet for the pattern;
  • lightning (60 cm.)
  • strong fabric for the base (2x0.5 m.)
  • lining fabric;
  • foam rubber;
  • cotton wool or synthetic winterizer.

How to make a bag for a hookah do it yourself

To create a bag-case that looks like a large wide tube, draw this full-size pattern on a large sheet of paper.

On the left is the side, on the right is the main and the handle. Cut everything out of paper, attach it first to the base, then to the lining fabric and circle with chalk or a bar of soap. As a result, you should get one rectangular part. two round from the main fabric and the handle, and the same from the lining.

Important! Do not forget to leave allowances at the seams!

Your next task will be to soften the future bag. First, do the same operations that you did with the fabric, with foam. Then lay each element in layers in the following sequence: main fabric, foam rubber, lining. Sew the base and lining fabric. At this stage, you should get three soft elements: one rectangular and two round.

The next step will be the manufacture of pockets for small parts of the hookah, as well as additional ones for tobacco, coal, etc. Cut one pocket of size suitable for each part from the main fabric and the same amount from the lining. Sew them together, leaving one edge unstitched. Fill it with cotton or foam rubber. It remains only to sew the remaining edges and sew the pockets to the rectangular part of the bag on the lining side.

Reference! For greater reliability, you can attach Velcro, a button or a zipper to your pockets, then you can not worry about some elements falling out on the road.

The final step will be stitching together the rectangular part, the round side, zipper and handles. Bag for a hookah is ready!