DIY Hawaiian skirt

The basis of any carnival party are bright and unusual costumes. Special attributes, national cuisine and dance music create a special atmosphere of fun and celebration. The most striking performance is the Hawaiian-style party. These islands have a unique culture and no less unique costumes. Using a little imagination and dexterity, creating a Hawaiian party skirt is easy. We’ll tell you how to do it yourself.

Materials for the manufacture

Hawaiian skirts are easy to manufacture. Creating this wardrobe item, you can use almost any improvised materials.

Many women of fashion in preparation for the carnival use the maximum of imagination, creating a skirt of the most unusual items. The basis for the skirt was a product from palm leaves, from which in ancient times girls made clothes. Modern residents of the islands use light flowing fabrics that actively let air through and quickly absorb excess moisture.

The most popular are three options for creating: from the Christmas tree rain, tulle and satin ribbons.

Materials and tools:

  • Christmas tree rain;
  • tulle;
  • atlas;
  • rubber;
  • needle;
  • threads
  • scissors;
  • sewing meter;
  • artificial flowers.

After preparing the necessary materials, you can begin the process of creating a skirt.

Help Many needlewomen also use garbage bags or palm fiber - raffia as material for the product.

Step-by-step instruction

The process of working with these options is identical.

From christmas tree rain

To begin with, we will make a skirt from a Christmas tree decoration.

New Year's rain represents thin bright threads that are attached to a wide strip. Cut this strip, leaving only shiny threads . We measure the waist volume, cut off the necessary amount of elastic. Sew the ends together using a thread and a needle. This gum will act as a clamp of the finished product at the waist.

Hawaiian national skirt can have different lengths. They can be up to the knee or to the floor. Using a sewing meter, measure the required length. It is recommended to trim the rain after assembling the skirt.

We begin the creation process.

Fold one ribbon, tie it into a tight knot on the wrong side of the elastic. Similarly, we fix all the threads. It is recommended to choose a rain of bright shades with a brilliant texture: green, blue, yellow, silver.

Tip : to add splendor to the skirt, the rain can be fixed in several layers.

From fabric

Work with tulle or satin is completely identical. We cut long strips from the material, the width of which is about 10 centimeters . Using an elastic band, measure the waist circumference, cut it off. Sew the ends manually. We fold the strips in half, on the wrong side of the elastic band we tie a strong knot.

Advice! For more comfortable work when tying it is recommended to place an elastic band on the back of the chair.

You can leave one layer of ribbons. Then the skirt will allow you to slightly open your legs during incendiary dances. For a larger volume, add several layers of ribbons, tying them in the same way.

With flower belt

A bright decoration in the national style will be a belt of flowers at the waist. To do this, you need lush, vibrant flowers and glue. The strap can be made as an additional decoration. To do this, buds are glued to the elastic, the finished wreath is placed on the belt, at the base of the skirt. The buds themselves can also be glued to the skirt itself.

Useful Tips

  • A swimsuit, a wreath or a large flower bud on the head will complement a vibrant Hawaiian skirt .
  • When creating a skirt from garbage bags, use green shades. So you can achieve a complete imitation of palm leaves.
  • In the manufacture of satin or tulle products, materials of several shades can be combined . For example, a combination of yellow, orange and green will help create an exact copy of the original outfit.
  • When working with Christmas tree rain, durable nylon threads of a bright palette can be used as additional material .
  • Many girls complement the belt of flowers on the belt with artificial grass. You can buy one in specialized craft stores. The grass is attached to the rim with glue.
  • By analogy, you can make an addition to the skirt: a short bright top decorated with flowers. Get a full Hawaiian outfit.

Carnival holidays and parties are often accompanied by colorful costumes and outfits. Among the diversity, the Hawaiian-style celebration stands out. It is perfect for a disco with dance music, popular cocktails, interesting contests and colorful costumes. With a little imagination and diligence, each girl can stand out with a magnificent and original Hawaiian skirt.