DIY handmade tassel earrings

Spectacular jewelry can transform any image and attract the attention of others. Earrings-tassels have gained popularity in the first half of the 20th century and remain relevant to this day. Read on about how to make a stylish accessory yourself.

How to Make Brush Earrings

Following the recommendations made, it is not difficult to make a beautiful decoration. In the future, you can experiment with the length, splendor, shape of earrings, as well as their decor.

What you need, what materials to choose

To make the product look beautiful, you need to correctly select the threads. They should be distinguished by brightness, durability and keep the form ready. The material used is all types of viscose, silk and other smooth threads. You can also try shiny polyester. It is not recommended to use cotton threads, as they are confused and do not shine. In general, the following materials will be needed for work:

  • threads for brushes (2-3 skeins);
  • hooks, as well as ready-made accessories for fastening;
  • decorative elements (beads, rhinestones);
  • threads in tone to knitting;
  • cardboard box;
  • glue;
  • a sheet of paper to trim brushes;
  • clear nail polish.

IMPORTANT! The cardboard should be selected wider by a couple of millimeters than the planned brush.

The scheme of how to make a brush step by step

Follow a certain sequence of actions:

  • First you need to take the threads, and then evenly and not very tightly wind them on cardboard. You should get two basics for future brushes. Make sure that both brushes are wound uniformly. For greater certainty, the number of turns can be considered;
  • Next, you need to take other, more durable, threads that match the color of the main, and tightly bandage them on one side;
  • On the non-bandaged side, an incision should be made with scissors;
  • Then the brushes must be held for a couple of minutes over the steam, periodically pulling them and straightening.

ATTENTION! The number of turns will depend on the length of the brush and on its desired splendor.

How to fasten and align

After the brush is ready, it is rewound with a thread at a distance of 1 cm from the fold. In the course of the winding, several knots are necessarily made for greater strength. The ends of the threads are cut and treated with colorless varnish.

An important step is to trim the brush. To do this, it is better to use a piece of paper that gently wraps the brush so that the tip is visible. Pulling the thread determines the desired length and cut off the tip.

How to arrange, complete the product

There are many different product design options. At the same time, the top can remain open or decorated with a special cap or trailer. In the first case, the place of constriction of the element can be decorated with a bead chain. Then gently insert the connecting rings into the fold, equalize them and fix the joint with varnish. The auxiliary thread is cut off, and the earrings are ready for further work. The product can be decorated and attached to special fittings.

In the second case, a cap is put on the pin of the corresponding parameters. The brush should not be rewound 1 cm, but less so that the threads are not visible. Next, the pin is twisted into a ringlet and put on a shvenza.

REFERENCE! It is recommended to store the received accessory in a special box in an unfolded form, since the product can wrinkle quickly.

Tassel earrings can be worn not only for special occasions, but also in everyday life. Having a set of threads of different colors at your disposal, you can make your own hands earrings to each look in just a few minutes.