DIY grape costume for kids

Most grape varieties ripen in the fall just when matinees dedicated to this time of year are held in kindergartens. The main characters of the performances and performances are vegetables and fruits, which are played by children. The role of ripe grapes can go to both boys and girls. Children are required to learn the words of the cue, parents need to prepare a suit suitable for the intended image.

General recommendations for creating a suit of grapes

At first glance, it might seem that making a grape costume with your own hands for a children's matinee is very difficult and without special skills it will not be possible. In fact, such a suit can be made without much effort and using only improvised materials.

The easiest option that even a child can do is consider a suit with a paper mask. To make it, they take an image of a bunch of grapes printed on a color printer and stick it on a hair hoop (option for a girl) or a strip of thick paper that is wrapped around the head and fastened with a stapler or paper clips (option for a boy).

Important! When making a mask for a child at a matinee, you need to make sure that it does not cover his face and does not interfere with the review.

As the bottom of such a suit, any green clothing is suitable. It can be:

  • shirt (t-shirt) and trousers (shorts) for the boy;
  • sundress, dress, skirt with golf for girls;
  • overalls.

Advice! So that such a suit does not seem too boring and more consistent with the given topic, you can give a child a basket with real grapes in the hands of a child. Also, as an ornament, you can use artificial grapes made of silicone or polymer clay, which can be bought in needlework stores or dishware shops (where it is often used to create various decorative compositions).

Another option for creating a carnival costume may be an outfit consisting of a hat - grapes and a cape with a picture of a bunch with ripe berries. To create a hat-grape, any panama of dark blue or purple color is suitable. For greater resemblance, leaves cut from felt and a twisted vine made of soft wire are sewn to it.

Advice! A stencil of grape leaves can be made from a print image. It is cut along the contour, applied to felt and cut with scissors. You can draw streaks with a felt-tip pen on a piece of paper.

As a cape, you can use a rectangular piece of satin fabric sewn on the sides so that it can be worn on the shoulders of the child. A cut out paper image of a bunch of grapes is sewn or glued onto the chest and back, or an applique of felt is laid out. The latter option looks much better and more interesting. To create an appliqué, it is necessary to cut out from felt of blue, violet or yellow color, many small circles or ovals (there are grape varieties in which the berries have an oblong-oval shape) and sew them to the canvas so that the grape cluster eventually comes out.

Advice! To simplify the process of laying out applications, you can draw a schematic image of it on the fabric in advance.

After the berries are ready, several leaves are glued to them and a twig or stitch of vine is finished with a felt-tip pen or marker. You can wear brown or green clothes under the cloak, the main thing is that it does not distract attention from the cloak and hat.

Advice! If the costume is created for the girl, the hat-grape and cape can be embroidered with green or blue shiny sequins. The application of felt grapes will beautifully shimmer under the light of the lamps, if they are glued on spangles or sewed on rhinestones.

How to make a suit of grapes for a girl with your own hands

All children love to watch cartoons, and if boys prefer stories about pirates, Ninja turtles and various techniques, girls most often pay attention to cartoons about fairy-tale princesses. One of these cartoons, which can be useful in creating a carnival costume of the grape, is "Charlotte Strawberry".

The animated series is divided into several seasons and until the release of the fourth part of “Berry Adventures”, there were no characters personifying a juicy and tasty berry. At the beginning of “Berry Adventures”, twin sisters who are involved in the sale of fruit desserts come to the sweet town. The name is Sisters Grape Red and Grape White.

The images of these beautiful cartoon heroines can be easily used to create a carnival costume. The cartoon "Charlotte Zemlyanichka" is very popular, so when you see a child in such a costume, neither the child nor the adult will creep in any doubt about who he is portraying.

To create an image of Red Grape Vine you will need:

  • White shirt with lilac stripes. On the side of the T-shirt you need to attach a small printout printed on the printer and cut out a bunch of grapes.
  • A blue skirt with frills (can be replaced with a short denim).
  • White tights with lilac stripes. If it was not possible to find suitable tights on ordinary cotton or nylon tights, you can draw strips with a fabric marker.
  • White shoes. You can attach fake silicone bunches to the buckles of the shoes or stick an applique from felt.

The White Grape Suit is more complex. It consists of:

  • a hair hoop with a bunch of white grapes attached to it;
  • dresses in green and purple longitudinal stripes;
  • white tights in a thin black strip;
  • black high boots.

Each of the sisters is distinguished by its hairstyle and hair color. Red Grape has pink waist-length pink hair. White Grape wears a blue-green color. Of course, you should not dye your child’s hair at the matinee in the right colors. However, to give a greater resemblance to a conceived character, you can look into thrift shops and ateliers involved in carnival costume rental. You can probably find something suitable in them.

Important! To avoid the risk of a child becoming allergic to a synthetic wig, it is important to limit the time it is worn.

If the cartoon about the princess Zemlyanichka is not to the girl's liking, you can make her a costume from a tu-tu skirt and green turtleneck made of purple felt. On the head of the little actress, you can wear a lilac hat or a hoop with a green bow. On the chest, for greater resemblance, you can attach a grape bunch cut out of paper.

Step-by-step instructions for creating a suit of grapes for a boy

The only male cartoon prototype of a bunch of grapes is the shoemaker Vinogradinka. However, his image may seem too boring and inappropriate for a fun children's holiday. You can create a more children's and elegant costume for a boy using the following materials:

  • dark green satin and gabardine;
  • purple or yellow knitwear;
  • green decorative tape;
  • synthetic winterizer;
  • wide elastic;
  • fake grape bunch.

Step-by-step job description:

  1. Creation of the top. Top is cut and sewn from green fabric (as a basis, you can take any suitable t-shirt in size). Sew a gum down and process with an overlock. Sleeves are made with a lap and trimmed with purple knitwear. As decorations on the front of the top sew an applique of knitted grapes stuffed with padding polyester.
  2. Sewing pants. Panties sew on any convenient pattern, insert an elastic band in a belt. On the knees, grape leaves are sewn as decoration.
  3. Sewing a hat. A grape hat can be sewn according to the above principle: sew ornaments in the idea of ​​a vine and leaves to an already finished panama hat or beret.

For the smallest children to participate in the photo shoot, you can make a voluminous costume of grapes from balloons. Balloons inflated to half (it is important to ensure that the ball is not pumped and burst) is glued on a double-sided tape to the child’s clothes. You can put on a hat on the head in tone, and the costume of the cheerful grape is ready.