DIY goldfish costume photo

Everyone dreams of meeting a fairy-tale character capable of fulfilling any, even the most cherished desire. Whether they really exist or not, no one knows, but if you look into a kindergarten or school during the matinees, you can easily get acquainted with many wizards and sorceresses. Preparing their children for matinees, parents sew beautiful outfits for them that allow them to get used to the image as much as possible. One of the most common and sophisticated costumes is a goldfish costume. It is recommended that you carefully study the recommendations and photos before work.

How to make a goldfish costume for a girl with your own hands

With the character of the fairy tale "About the Fisherman and the Fish" A.S. Pushkin's children meet at a very young age. Also, a little sorceress can be found in modern cartoons "Masha and the Bear", "Vovka in the Far Far Away Kingdom" and others, television shows and films created for children.

A goldfish can fulfill only three wishes of the person who caught it, and the main desire of parents racking their brains over how to make a costume for the girl with their own hands, a dress with a tail and scales would be the most important. The simplest and fastest way to create a costume is a dress trimmed with glossy fabric. For work you will need:

  • dress (yellow, red);
  • organza or taffeta to match the dress;
  • hair hoop;
  • felt yellow or orange;
  • glue gun; glue;
  • scissors;
  • sewing supplies;
  • pencil and a sheet of paper.

Step-by-step instruction:

  1. As a basis for a children's costume of a goldfish, you can take any suitable dress or sundress. If there is no dress, you can take a yellow skirt and long-sleeved golf.
  2. After a suitable base is found, it is necessary to make blanks for scales. Organza or taffeta, yellow or orange with overflows, is best suited for scales. Round or oval flakes of two to three sizes are drawn on paper and used hereinafter as a stencil.
  3. As soon as the required number of flakes has been prepared, they begin to be attached to the fabric of the dress. Do this with a needle and thread. Sew the shiny elements completely, or leave the bottom of the circle loose.
  4. If there is an abundance of shiny fabric, you can collect the tail from it. To do this, a wide and long section of organza is collected from one end, and the second is left loose. The hem is sewn onto a wide elastic band and worn over the dress.
  5. The headdress for a goldfish is easily made from a crown cut out of felt according to a stencil. Two halves of the crown are cut out of orange felt and stitched together with a little stuffing between the fabric sintepon or cotton wool. For decoration, beads, rhinestones or shiny sequins are sewn onto it. The felt crown is attached to the hoop with a glue gun.
  6. On the girl’s legs you can wear golden tights with Lurex and put on yellow shoes or Czech shoes.

Step-by-step instructions for creating an adult goldfish costume

The role of the magic fish on the New Year's party can go not only to the child, but also to one of the educators. You can create a suit for an adult, as well as for a child - taking as a basis a tight-fitting dress of golden or yellow-orange color with 3/4 sleeves.

The step-by-step manufacturing process looks like this:

  1. On the finished dress on the front side with a dried bar of soap, wavy lines are drawn, which will later be scales.
  2. The second step is the stripe of shiny gold sequins drawn in chalk stripes.
  3. The collar and sleeves of the dress are also sheathed in several rows of shiny sequins. To achieve maximum resemblance to a fairy-tale character, several layers of shiny organza are sewn onto the sleeves, which will act as fins.
  4. Several layers of organza or taffeta sew to the bottom of the dress, imitating a fish tail.
  5. A crown made of felt and attached to hairpins is used as a headdress. For greater similarity to the bottom of the crown, sew on two layers of organza in the manner of a wedding veil.
  6. An adult “fish” can put golden high-heeled shoes on its feet.

Goldfish Costume Accessories

In addition to the shiny fabric of fins and a scattering of sequins on the crown and the main dress, a goldfish costume can be additionally decorated with:

  • Small shells. Seashells brought from a summer vacation at sea can be glued on a carnival costume. You can decorate a hat, a crown or put an application on the chest of the dress from shells. You can attach a light shell to the glue fused with a glue gun.
  • Markers or paints for fabric. Multi-colored markers and paints will complement the costume with fancy patterns.

Advice! To make the outfit much more interesting and elegant, it can be painted with shiny golden or silver felt-tip pens.

When starting to make your own carnival costume for a child or an adult, it is important to remember that the outfit should be comfortable in the first place. When making an outfit for a child, one should try to use as little synthetic fabric and poorly fixed decorative elements as possible.