DIY garbage bag dress

Designers around the world are trying to come up with original and fashionable clothes. For the manufacture of new collections, many choose unusual materials: foil, paper, fresh flowers, sweets, old records - all in order to surprise fashionistas and create a trend for the season. Now every girl can feel like a couturier. Cellophane, namely garbage bags, is an inexpensive and striking version of the material for dresses of the best catwalks.

Dress from garbage bags - an original solution for carnival

Clothing that is made from garbage bags is not simple and is not suitable for daily wear. In addition, it does not differ in practicality and convenience. Of course, that a cellophane outfit will not look advantageous at work, at school or university. But such an image will impress at evening events and competitions.

The most wonderful reason for creating clothes from this material is a carnival. Knowing only a few nuances, you can make a stunning dress from cellophane. And if you approach the process creatively, few people around will be able to guess what the outfit is made of. Such an image will not require special skills and high cash costs, but it will leave an indelible impression and will bring many compliments.

What packages are suitable for making a dress

To create a miniature black outfit, one bag of 120 liters will be enough. Also for convenience, you can choose the types with ties that are easy to tighten, changing the style and emphasizing the waist.

If the goal is to make a dress on the floor, stock up on several packs of tight bags.

REFERENCE! Experiment! On the shelves of shops you can find multi-colored garbage bags: from bright blue to red and pink. Layering cellophane, combine colors to achieve original combinations, and the image will look more interesting.

What else is needed for work

Dress from garbage bags does not require a large number of tools for manufacturing. If you plan to create a simple dress, we need only scissors and, if necessary, tape. A hot iron is also suitable for gluing.

When the design of the outfit involves complex ruffles, ruffles and an unusual style, you need to use sewing accessories.

IMPORTANT! In no case is it recommended to use a sewing machine for sewing a cellophane dress. It will only tear delicate material. It should be stocked with threads and a needle.

How to make a lush dress from garbage bags

From garbage bags you can make a wonderful outfit for the evening with a voluminous cheerleader skirt.

As an upper part of the outfit, an ordinary blouse matching the tone of cellophane, as well as the bag itself with a cutout for the hands and neckline, is suitable. In this case, the top of the dress should be formed directly on the model.

Making a fluffy skirt is a very interesting process in several stages:

  1. Choose a bag with a large capacity in ties.
  2. Attach to the waist and measure the desired length.
  3. Cut the bag into thin strips without touching the base with a tie.
  4. For a more magnificent effect, cut a few more bags and fasten them with a stapler.

The finished image will look beneficial if you decorate it with cellophane flowers. To do this, you need to cut the package into long strips, wrap around cardboard. Then remove the strips from the cardboard sheet and fasten in the middle with a thread. Cut the ends of the strips and fluff them.

Such flowers can be attached to a skirt or become a hair ornament.

No less bright will look a wide belt of garbage bags, emphasizing the slim waist of a fashionista.

Making a dress with inflated bags

An interesting option for an outfit from a plastic bag will be a dress with a fluffy skirt from inflated bags. For such an idea, you need a base in the form of a short tunic or blouse. The garbage bag needs to be inflated and tied into a knot in the form of balloons. After that, each ball is attached to the base of the dress.

Short dress from garbage bags

For such an extravagant and playful outfit, you just need to lay down the bags. According to a pre-prepared pattern, which can serve as your favorite dress, you can create a beautiful outfit.

A more durable mounting option is crochet. Crocheting the columns from garbage bags with hook No. 2 or 3 will create an original look and will look like knitting from plain yarn.

REFERENCE! You should take measurements as carefully as possible when creating a short outfit from cellophane, because this material cannot be called well stretching.

Decoration in the form of colored inserts, belts, flowers and quilling is always welcome!

DIY dress from garbage bags

Long models of clothing have always been a classic and incredibly feminine choice for any occasion. To make such an outfit at home, you should stock up on a large number of packages of large volume. You also need to consider in advance whether you want a dress in a figure or a magnificent one.

It takes a lot of time for gluing a long dress. But cutting it is easy - use an iron. To make an image according to this principle, it is necessary:

Step 1. Fold a few pieces of cellophane and iron with a hot iron.

IMPORTANT! As carefully as possible it is worth ironing this material, it is very simple to melt it.

Step 2. Bend the resulting fabric in half and cut half of the top of the dress from it. If some edges are stuck, you can iron them again.

Step 3. For the belt, pick up a colored fabric, glue it with an iron with a top.

Step 4. For the skirt, prepare several bags, glue them with an iron and, if desired, create folds on it.

Step 5. Fasten the skirt with a belt and a top, decorate the dress.

Here are a few dress options for those who want to surprise their friends on a gala evening. We wish you successful experiments!