DIY folk sundress

A real Russian folk sundress is a whole work of art. It is not only elegant, but also airy, elegantly decorated and spacious. Since ancient times, a sundress has been considered indispensable clothing. It could be used both in summer and winter. Due to the fact that it is easy to sew, it has become a truly indispensable type of clothing. It can be sewn by yourself according to a simple drawing and even without it.

Features of the Russian folk sundress

A distinctive feature of the products is that they were sewn from specially woven materials. In the XIX century, a large number of things were natural shades, that is, not painted. With the development of sewing factories, it became possible to buy fabrics of different colors and make clothes for the whole family from them.

What are the elements of the Russian folk dress

Russian sarafan always includes specific characters, charms, which play a role for peasants. For example, the edges of the sundress were always decorated with various embroideries, sometimes very complex. In these symbols, signs were encrypted, which helped to protect its owner from the evil eye, evil spirits or all kinds of witchcraft. It is worth noting an important detail: on the back was depicted the image, which was called “frog” or “fork”. This symbol really much resembles a frog, which is considered a symbol of wealth and fertility. Women from ancient times believed that such a talisman could protect the health of not only the owner of the sundress, but also her children.

Russian sundress includes the following main elements:

  • two side parts;
  • front half;
  • back half;
  • lining to the hips.

Pattern of Russian folk dress for girls

Girls will be able to put on these clothes for any celebrations. It all depends on the material from which the product is sewn. Therefore, a sundress can be worn as casual or holiday clothing. It goes well with a shirt or t-shirt, dressed underneath. Based on the pattern, you can simulate a style for every taste and age. It is worth considering that girls are best suited for cotton materials, as well as silk materials, when it comes to the holiday.

How to take children's measurements

The main measurement is the distance from the armpits to the human feet. Pay attention to the length of the hem. It should be slightly bent so that the child does not stumble and fall. The next measurement is the girth of girls. This indicator is usually multiplied by 2-3 times. This measure will serve as the lower base of the product, which will later be formed into independent interesting folds.

We build a pattern of a sundress for the girl

It is quite simple to draw a pattern in the following order yourself or find it on the Internet. However, there is an option to do without it altogether, following a certain scheme:

  1. Prepare a piece of fabric, be sure to iron it before starting work.
  2. Next, a rectangle or trapezoid should be cut out of the material (one side should correspond to the chest coverage, and the other to the desired length of the product).
  3. Add sewing allowances of about 1.5 cm.
  4. Draw straps with a width of 5 cm or more (the length depends on the individual preferences of the child and his age).
  5. The resulting pattern elements should be cut out of paper.

REFERENCE! The length of the straps can be adjusted during the fitting process.

Pattern of a Russian sundress for an adult

The drawing of women's things, in contrast to children's things, is more complex. It is better to do it taking into account the individual characteristics of the figure.

How to take measurements from a woman

To build a pattern of need, the following measurements - the volume of the chest and back. Take measurements yourself will not work. It is better to invite some assistant for these purposes. During the measurements, the woman should stand straight and not stooping. The chest volume is measured by the most protruding point on the chest and the protrusion of the shoulder blades on the back. The centimeter tape should lie freely. You can also measure the width of the chest and the width of the back. In this case, measure the distance from the armpits to the widest place of the chest. Then in the same way from the armpits, only on the shoulder blades.

Building a pattern of Russian folk sundress for an adult

The female product will consist of several parts. Moreover, it is better to take many heights when building the patterns according to your personal preference. A certain sequence should be observed when constructing a pattern:

  1. First, parts of the back and shelves are drawn. The width is taken as the width of the chest and back, respectively, and the height is about 10 cm.
  2. 0.5 cm should be indented from each lower edge of the back and shelf, thereby slightly narrowing the part.
  3. The straps are drawn in size 30x8 cm (their length is specified by fitting).
  4. Next, draw two trapezes for the hem. Their size is determined taking into account the desired length of the future product. The width of the upper base should be made different. For example, the back of the canvas should be 5 cm wider than the back, and the front 8 cm wider.
  5. To each element of the pattern, it is necessary to add allowances for the seams of about 1.5 cm.
  6. Patterns sign and indicate the direction of the shared thread on them.
  7. The final step is to cut the resulting drawings.

How to sew a Russian folk sundress: a step-by-step guide

It is not difficult to make a sundress on your own, because simple fabrics are used in sewing. It is much more difficult to make decorative ornaments.

We sew a sundress on the girl with our own hands

When all the parts are ready, you can start sewing the product on a sewing machine. This can be done by following a certain sequence:

  1. Skirts should be folded tightly in half, with the wrong side facing out. Then a seam is laid indented from the edge of about 1.5 centimeters. A small space should be left at the top to sew the fastener in the future. Its length is equal to the length of lightning with small reserves of 2-3 cm.
  2. Then sew the zipper and wrap the edges of the seam, protecting the fabric from shedding. After this, the seams should be ironed and ironed.
  3. The top of the fabric is sewn with tight stitches so that the fabric can be pulled back to a size corresponding to the length of the yoke without allowances.
  4. Next, sew the skirt to the top of the product. To do this, bend the yoke into two parts with the front side inward and then sew the side sections. We turn the sundress.
  5. Next, we embrace the inner side of the upper part of the product to the hem and sew again.
  6. We sew the straps and turn them on. Next we attach them to the place where the skirt part and the shelf are ground off from the inside of the thing and adjust them on the girl during the fitting. It is necessary to listen to the wishes of the future possessor of a thing, because it should be convenient in the first place.
  7. We process open sections with a border and decorate the product with lace, frills or beads.

How to sew a Russian sundress for an adult

The resulting patterns are stacked on the selected fabric and chipped with pins. They should be circled with chalk or a piece of soap and be sure to add up to 1.5 cm for further processing. We cut out these elements and begin assembly in the following sequence:

  1. First you should sew the side sections of the coquette. The upper part is best treated immediately with braid. This is one of the easiest ways. On the central part of the front panel we sew a bright ribbon.
  2. Then equalize the side sections, chop them with pins and flash them on a typewriter.
  3. It is recommended to flash the edge of the product with a bright ribbon of colored material and also lay a ribbon along it.
  4. The top of the cloth is sewn with a large stitch for ease of assembly, which should be equal in width to the yoke.
  5. Next, we sew the yoke with the bottom of the product.
  6. The straps are folded in half, rebuilt and laid a ribbon around the edge. After trying them on, they can be sewn to the shelf.

How to decorate a Russian folk dress

Ethnic sundress is an elegant item. On the hem it is decorated with large ornaments. It is usually made using appliqué made of red printed chintz. The figure is a straight line with a chain of rhombuses on each side. The top is decorated with a red print from chintz. The image is perfectly complemented by a simple white shirt with embroidery around the neck or on the sleeves.

ON A NOTE! In former times, by the cut and color of the sundress, it was possible to determine the position of the girl in society: her material and marital status. Wealthy women could afford more expensive jewelry and finishes for their clothes.

Such clothes are in demand in folklore circles and studios. Many modern women look at ethnicity and use its elements in sewing clothes. Sewing a sundress on your own is quite simple if you follow the suggested recommendations. We hope that this article will be useful and will help to make a beautiful outfit.