DIY folk costume

Fashion trends are cyclical, and increasingly, the design of modern clothes resonates with historical and national costumes. It doesn’t matter what the occasion is to make a national costume: a theme party, a children's matinee or a stylized photo shoot, or maybe creating an everyday original dress, these recommendations will help to overpower this task, even if before that you only sewed an apron in “labor” lessons at school!

What is Russian folk costume made of?

The Russian folk costume had the maximum functionality for the life of people in harsh climatic conditions, and was decorated based on religious rites. Shirts, sundresses, ports, kosovorotki did not constrain movements and were attached with the help of ribbons and sashes. It combines the types of creativity in which Russian craftswomen are very strong:

  • sewing;
  • knitting;
  • embroidery.

The national costume not only reflected the type of activity of its owner, but also the place of residence and origin. The materials used were the most affordable and natural - linen, wool. The women's costume is especially detailed and beautiful, because the sacred meaning of being, the connection with the race, the values ​​of femininity and family were invested in it. The components of the national costume developed around the XII century :

  • The basis is a straight-cut shirt (mill) with assembled sleeves. There could be several such shirts, because one of them served as underwear. The cuffs, shoulders and hem of the hem were embroidered with colored, gold threads or pearls.
  • A monophonic sundress was worn over it, mainly red. A sundress is a fabric cloth, with assemblies, a small corset in the chest part and two straps.
  • The head was decorated with a richly embroidered kokoshnik.
  • To decorate the shirt and sundress, ribbons, lace inserts, and appliqués were used. The pattern on the suit served as a talisman from evil forces.

Often, a Russian folk costume allowed a combination of fabrics of the same composition, but distinguishable by color.

How to sew a Russian folk costume for a girl with your own hands

The first is the choice of fabric. For children's costumes, choose bright, rich shades of red, blue, orange or green. In the classic representation of the national costume, the fabric is used monophonic, but also suitable for small ornament. It is better to use velvet, satin, satin or wool. The amount of material is calculated based on the age and height of the girl. In addition to fabric, you need:

  • Strong threads to match the fabric or contrasting.
  • Sewing supplies (scissors, pattern paper, centimeter tape, crayon, etc.).
  • Sewing machine.
  • Decor elements - ribbons, beads, beads, lace, sewing, etc.

Advice! If you sew a dress for a child, do not make it to the floor, the baby will stammer. Let the hem be 2-3 cm shorter, the appearance will not suffer, but the child will be more comfortable.

Pattern sundress in a folk style for a girl

To create a pattern, you need measurements. The main one is the length of the product, from the armpit to the required length. We also measure the girth of the chest. Multiply this value by 2 or 2.5 - this will be the width of the word of mouth. To cut a flared skirt, it is necessary to sew from 2 to 4 parts, extended downwards.

Opening the coquette is very simple - it is a rectangular strip with a length equal to the circumference of the chest, with an allowance of 5-6 cm on each side. The width is from 10 to 15 cm in the finished form, so it is better to cut out two parts, sew them together, with the front side inward turn out. Straps for a folk costume should be sewn quite wide 7-10 cm. Approximate length 40 cm, but if necessary, adjust it during fitting.

Advice! The edges of all the parts should be treated - zigzag seams or other sewing seams that your machine has. Ideally, you can use an overlock.

Sewing a sundress step by step

We collect a sarafan from finished parts.

Step 1. First, hem details are sewn together, a yoke is attached to them, straps are attached to it. The back seam connecting the details of the skirt, the sundress is not sewn to the end, it is necessary to leave a couple of centimeters for the fastener. Then, the top is sewn with the largest possible straight stitches and pulled together (it is important that the thread withstands the interference). As a result, the yoke should be 4 cm longer than the girth of the skirt.

Important! It is better to lay such a seam on a typewriter so that the stitch sizes are the same. The folds should also be well aligned.

Step 2. After, it's time to grind the yoke to the skirt. Be sure to combine the centers of the yoke and hem. First, take the details together, and then sew on a typewriter. For convenience, you can sew a zipper or a button on the back.

The straps can be cut out from two parts each, or you can simply cut out a wide rectangle and fold it in half. Turn them out after you grind. Hem them to the flirty side.

Important! Thanks to the dense fabric, a petticoat with such a sundress is not necessary to wear. And peeling for extra rigidity is also not necessary.

Step 3. The creative moment has come - decoration! If you like to embroider, then you can embroider the hem and ribbons, then such a sundress will really meet all the requirements of the national Russian costume! Show your imagination and use decorative elements - beads, lace, sewing. You can try on!

Blouse for a sundress

To make the costume as believable as possible, you need a white shirt that is worn under a sundress. Sewing it is quite simple.

It is enough to carve 4 rectangles, two of which will be the basis of the shirt - the front and back, and the other two will fold in half and serve as sleeves. Such sleeves are sewn at right angles to the main details. The edge of the collar and cuffs can be folded up and stitched on a typewriter with a large seam, and then pulled off, it will result in assembly. For fixing, another line is laid, but more dense.

If you have sewing experience, for comfortable wearing of such a blouse, you can sew gusset wedges under the sleeves.

Kokoshnik for girls

Russian folk costume is always associated with the presence of a high kokoshnik on his head. But it should be remembered that only married women wore this headdress. Young ladies decorated their heads with the prototype of a modern bandana - several times a folded handkerchief, fixing it under a scythe or loose hair. There were also hoops, covered with velvet or satin fabric, embroidered and decorated.

To make a kokoshnik you will need :

  1. thick paper or cardboard from the box;
  2. fabric combined with a sundress;
  3. sewing supplies;
  4. “Moment - crystal” or any other reliable and transparent glue;
  5. decorative elements.

First, a cardboard frame is created. The shape can be arbitrary, most importantly, follow the direction - from one ear to the other, through the forehead. All measurements are taken in the same sequence.

The size of the fabric for tightness is easy to determine - you need to impose a cardboard blank and circle, leaving a couple of centimeters on the hem. Cutting out, you can fix the fabric with glue. At the same moment we fasten the tape that will hold the headgear.

We decorate and decorate the “facade” of the kokoshnik. Do not overdo it! Kokoshnik and sundress should be elements of a harmonious costume!

How to decorate a Russian folk costume for a girl

If you want to give the costume a pristine historical meaning, choose the classic ways of decorating:

  • embroidery;
  • sewing;
  • ribbons and ribbons.

When embroidering patterns, adhere to folk motifs - depict animals, plants, flowers, as well as geometric shapes symbolizing natural phenomena.

For kokoshnik, artificial and plastic pebbles, glazed glass on an adhesive basis are perfect. They are easily and reliably fixed and look amazing!

How to sew a Russian folk costume for a boy: a step-by-step description

Men's Russian folk costume is more prosaic. Appearance kosovorotki did not reveal the belonging of its owner to any class. It was possible to determine wealth by the fabric - silk and satin prerogative of the rich, rags and canvas - for the poor. Such shirts are worn over trousers, “worn out”, belted with a silk or wool belt, with tassels at the ends. The provocative detail of the men's national costume was a cap - a headpiece made of velvet or cloth with a straight or semicircular visor, covered with leather or fabric. Ports sewn from cloth or canvas acted as trousers; they were tied at the waist with the help of a hawker. Color could be any. Traditional shoes are bast shoes.

Shirt for Russian costume

For assembly, linen or cotton linen and sewing accessories are required.

  1. The presented scheme is one of the simplest in execution. Increase to the desired size, transfer to a cloth and cut with allowances of 1.5-2 cm. You will get 1 base, sleeves 2 pcs. and 2 gussets.
  2. Gusset stitches to the base of the sleeves.
  3. We collect all the details, sew.
  4. We bend the edges of the sleeves, make a line. Then, also process the bottom.
  5. Neck Processing:
  6. It remains to grind the embroidered ribbon or ribbon!

Shirt belt

The role of a belt for a braid can be a woolen pigtail or the same ribbon that adorns the collar. Or you can stitch it to a rectangle of the desired length, cut from the main fabric, then turn it out and sew it with a blind stitch.

Pattern and tailoring of a cap for the Russian folk costume

The easiest way to make a cap is to cut it out of cardboard, cover it with costume cloth and sew it.

It is necessary to know the girth of the head, add 1 cm for allowances. This is the main part, we cut and fit with fabric. The next detail should be 7–9 cm larger, done on the same principle. The round part is completed by the size of the middle part. The visor is about a third of the size of the head circumference. It can be covered with shiny fabric, for example, satin. The finished cap can be decorated with a strap and a large flower!

We sew female Russian folk costume

Sewing a folk costume for an adult lady differs little from the children's one, which was discussed above. It is worth choosing a model that meets your needs and experience with sewing.

Blouse for a suit

This option is suitable for beginners. The shirt is sewn from such details:

  • front and back;
  • sleeves (wide rectangles, fold in half);
  • 2 gussets (sewn into the armpits).

It remains only to process the neck and seize the sleeves.

The second, more complex option.

Sundress for women's costume

Try to sew a kosoklinny sundress in the image of a tunic. He is one of the oldest models. Such a sundress can be both with sleeves, and without. According to the presented pattern, it is not difficult to make it.

Kokoshnik in the Russian style for a woman

Kokoshnik is pretty simple to do:

  1. For the base, select your favorite shape and cut it out of cardboard.
  2. Cover with any cloth. The fabric can be glued using a hot gun or stitched on a typewriter. At the same stage, a satin ribbon is attached to fix the kokoshnik on his head.
  3. It remains only to decorate and embroider the product. Here you can use larger and more expensive stones to emphasize the status of its owner.

Advice! For a more time-consuming and rich model, you can use the components.

Features of tailoring Russian folk costumes

When sewing a national Russian costume, you need to follow a number of simple requirements so that your costume corresponds to reality and is believable:

  • choose natural fabrics;
  • adhere to a certain color gamut (do not dazzle and do not use "acidic" colors);
  • decorate the costume in accordance with historical reality (simple geometric shapes, floristic direction, image of animals, etc.).

Now you can create a Russian folk costume for any gender and age. Success in creative work!