DIY fly costume

New Year is coming soon, which means it's time to think about New Year's costumes for the matinee. Not everyone can buy, because it will be needed only 1-2 times. It is much more interesting and budget to make it yourself.

Every girl wants to be the most beautiful at the holiday. Costumes such as fairies, butterflies, bunnies, tigers can be easily found in the store. But what if your child flies on a matinee?

Fly suit tools

To make a costume we need:

  • scissors;
  • needle with thread;
  • cardboard;
  • sequins;
  • sparkles;
  • the cloth;
  • nylon tights;
  • glue;
  • sealant;
  • wire.

How to make a suit and what is needed for this? We want to talk about this today. A fly costume may consist of: a skirt and turtleneck or dress, beret and accessories. On the cap you can attach antennae made of wire.

Wings for the fly can be made of mesh, which will be stretched on a dense wire. Decorate each wing with beads or rhinestones. Do not forget about the coin that the fairy insect Flies has. Which can be made from ordinary cardboard.

What material is needed for a fly costume

Material needed to create a fly outfit:

  • knitwear;
  • black mesh;
  • black velvet;
  • organza.

The most difficult are the wings. To do this, we need a dense wire and a black mesh. To fasten the wings you will need elastic . The antennae of our insect will also be made of wire. They need to be attached to the hair hoop.

In addition, you need to make a hat of a fairy-tale character with eyes. For a hat, you need a stretchy black knitwear, on which eyes are sewn. The fly cap should be a shortened version, which is worn only on the top of the head.

After that, you need to make a multi-layered skirt, excellent if it is complemented by a lace frill. Under the skirt, we select a turtleneck and lazine . You can also make a dress for a fly instead of a skirt and turtleneck.

Gloves can be made on handles. Wear ballet shoes or black shoes on the legs. The costume for the New Year holiday can be sheathed with a brilliant rain .

How to make a fly costume for a girl


The easiest way to make an outfit for a cartoon character is to look in the closet and find a dress suitable for a carnival outfit. A suitable option is a dress in black or green. And you can also use a gymnastic leotard to create a dress of flies and. Next, we move on to the manufacture of a fluffy skirt from a mesh.

Fluffy skirt

A skirt is a great option for mothers who do not know how to sew. To make a magnificent skirt you will need: tulle and satin ribbon. After that, strips of tulle are cut, the length of which should be twice as long as the length of the product itself. We tie each strip to a satin ribbon. Tie the knot to the limit. We fill the entire tape with fitin tapes so that there are no voids. After that, slightly align the ends of the skirt. The skirt will turn out even more spectacular if you take a fabric of two colors and alternate.

Wings - the main attribute

To make a fly costume, it is imperative to think about what wings can be made of. There are several options. For example, wings can be made of wire and wrapped in a transparent mesh. Draw veins on the wings and decorate them with sequins, sequins or embroider with shiny thread.

After that, two ties are sewn to the wings so that the girl puts the wings on her back. From a black organza or chiffon, a cloak is made for a fairy-tale character. If the material does not crumble heavily, then it is permissible not to cover it, but only to burn the edges with matches. But also wings can be made of satin fabric. For such wings, you need a fabric in two colors.

Fly cap

If there is a ready-made hat of black color, then it can be used as an addition to the costume of a cartoon hero. If there is none, then you can just sew it from old clothes. The eyes of the fly are sewn onto the cap. The eyes are cut out of the satin, and a seal is sewn underneath.

If you decide to make a headdress of a cartoon hero out of paper, then the child’s head can be decorated with a crown. To do this, cut a crown wide and make a back clasp, so that the decoration was easier to put on. The crown can be decorated with shiny palettes or dry shine.

Fairy tale character coin

As we all know, the fairy-tale character Mukha-Tsokotuha had a coin. This will be the final element of our costume. To make a coin, you need thick cardboard and foil. A stencil for a coin can be a plate. Circles are cut out of cardboard and foil. Be sure to make an inscription that this is 1 penny. If it is difficult to make an inscription yourself, you can type it on a computer and print it. On both sides, a foil with inscriptions is glued to the base of the coin. Here is the coin and ready!

Useful tips on how to make a baby fly costume for a child

  1. Make a fly costume from velvet fabric.
  2. To make wings use shiny organza.
  3. Decorate the costume itself with white lace, then it will look even more elegant.
  4. For the manufacture of wings use nylon. As an alternative - their own nylon pantyhose, which is not a pity.
  5. To make the outfit brighter, use fabrics of several colors. For example, make the entire costume black, and make the wings and jacket golden or dark green.
  6. If mom knows how to knit - make a knitted fly costume. True, such an outfit is suitable only for winter events, because it will be hot enough in it.