DIY Felt Glasses Case

A real fashionista is easy to see. Her elegant accessories will point to her immediately. These are attractive handbags, wallets and something else more cute and smaller - these are cases for glasses. Glasses must be carefully stored. In this article, masters will be able to see three stunning models of cases for glasses made of simple felt.

How to sew a case for felt glasses with your own hands?

In fact, for a cover (felt) from felt and a sewing machine, you will not need it, since the product is very small and it is better to do all the work with manual stitches . This is a very exciting activity. Especially the girl will like it, which can also be brought to work, for example, to draw a beautiful applique.

In the form of which you will not meet eyeglass cases. These are unusual patterns with hearts, it is hard to imagine that such unusual drawings can take the form of a rectangle when minimized.

Classic options for rectangles. Rounded work with rounded ends. These are far from all secret forms that can be used in such a creative work.

Materials and Tools

What can a master need when creating an original case? Hardware can be used for such a small storage. But very often the main material is present in the work - this is felt. Numerous fasteners also occupy not the last place here.

Beads, sequins, beads, various ribbons and lace are often used as jewelry . But among the tools come in handy for sure - scissors. Needles with threads, in the work with beads, an additional needle for working with beads.

Very rarely glue is used in such work, for gluing rhinestones or very small design details. A button clasp may require a special device to attach it. Briefly summarizing the whole list, we can say that everything will depend on the specific model. Then there are three models and lists for them, which will be required for the cover.

Case for glasses "cat and fish"

Very beautiful and bright cat with fish, he will like any fashionista. And to get such a thing as a gift is very nice.

To work, use:

  • felt of different colors;
  • beads for decoration;
  • needles and threads;
  • cotton wool.


Measure the required dimensions for such a cover. Then make the necessary allowances. Approximately 2 cm in height so that the length hides the glasses well. And 1-2 cm in width, for a free pocket and with allowances for seams.


According to the provided scheme, make all the necessary patterns for work. Pay attention to the fact that the front part has a slight layering, and not made in parts.


It is more convenient to sew a green fleece bottom first to the front part, then attach the badge, it is also connected by seams. Next, the sewing of the cat begins and the embroidery of its small elements, pupils of the eyes and bangs. Then work with the fish. And with threads, make all the necessary embroidery with simple long stitches.

Pay attention that before stitching the cat it is necessary to fill it with cotton wool a little so that it is a little voluminous. It will look very beautiful.


Pre-treat all free edges of the work with a manual seam. Then proceed to the connection of the patterns of the back and front . The connection is carried out with a simple basting.

The cat and the fish are ready.

Case "fox"

A bright orange case (case) with a fox will definitely not go unnoticed. According to the provided patterns, it can be done in one evening.

To work, use:

  • felt of orange, yellow, white and black;
  • threads and needles;
  • some cotton;
  • Velcro fasteners.


For this, the fox will need to measure the width and length of the product so that the glasses are well pressed from 2 sides.


For the pattern, make an integral part under the base, so that the bottom is rounded and without a seam. Then cut to strengthen the clasp box. Cut the needle shapes for the face of white and orange felt. Cut and cut small parts for the face.


It is more convenient to first collect the muzzle of a wild animal, and then proceed to the side seams . For the muzzle, apply a short base with a nose and sew the side seams, do not forget to fill a slightly cottony gap. Stitch in black felt ears . Fix the white details of the ears from above.

Then fold the needle parts with a slight bevel and sew eyes first on them (make a special assembly of small parts). Next, sew the structure to the spout. It remains to fix the square part on the base under Velcro and sew the side seams.


It remains only to sew Velcro, and try to put your glasses in the case.

So cute cover is ready.

Two awesome eyeglass case models. With such creative covers, the glasses will never break, and the glasses will not deteriorate, and fashionistas will be proud to get these beautiful works to put glasses in them.