DIY Fairy Costume for Girl

On holidays, all people strive to look beautiful and truly magical, especially on the eve of the most anticipated night for the New Year. At this moment, the atmosphere is saturated with a holiday and a cheerful mood, it seems that any dream can come true. Even the smallest women of fashion want to dress up in costumes of princesses, fairies and mysterious characters from fairy tales. Such costumes can be bought in the children's world, but we will teach you how to create masterpieces yourself. If you know what your daughter is fond of and which of the characters she likes best, then you can fulfill her wishes and become a real sorceress for the child.

Fairy Costume Options for a Girl

You can borrow an image to create a masterpiece from fairy tales, cartoons or even movies. There are many options, but the basic elements are similar for everyone, only the colors change, details are added.

You can choose these options:

  • Wood Fairy. Costume in green, suitable for the image of nature.
  • Winx cartoon fairy. Love the little girls.
  • Lady of the winter. Add tinsel, sparkle and select a fabric in blue hues.

IMPORTANT! To be different from others and to conquer everyone with their originality and beauty, add your decorative jewelry to the costume. Your imagination will help with this.

How to make a do-it-yourself Winx fairy costume

To get such an image, you need to look at the character and find his image. You can consult with your daughter how best to complement the costume and what to add to it. The main elements in it are a dress, a skirt, wings and a magic wand. Make wings and a wand is not difficult. Particular attention should be paid to the main part. Prepare all the necessary tools, fabric, connect your skills, imagination and start creating. We offer detailed instructions for ease of use.

What will be needed for manufacturing

Before you start sewing, you should prepare everything you need for manufacturing:

  • scissors, measuring tape;
  • a set of threads and needles;
  • the fabric should be light and create a feeling of airiness;
  • wire for the wing frame;
  • transparent fabric with a pattern;
  • bows, beads and other decorative elements to your taste.

How to sew a dress

The dress is made in several stages and consists of two layers. First sew a thick fabric in a circle and insert an elastic band into the belt. Sew the fabric so that there is a wave throughout the circle, for this, do special folds every 6-10 cm. The bottom layer is ready. Now make another belt, wider and sew to it a lighter fabric made in the shape of petals in a circle. Each petal must have two edges pointing up and down to create the base of the dress and its waist.

It will turn out a suit with a top closed with petals and a wavy skirt.

Winx wings

For this purpose we use a light wire of the required length. By bending it, you can give the desired shape and make the wings irresistible.

After you have created a figured frame, cover it with a thin cloth and decorate it with sequins, paint with light varnish and attach beads, silk butterflies and small ribbons. Then the whole structure must be attached to the back or to the belt of the dress.

IMPORTANT! Try not to use too much wire, this will make the wings very heavy and will not allow them to hold. Round off all sharp edges and stick a patch or tape on them to avoid tearing the fabric and cutting the skin.

Make a magic wand

There are several ways to make this important element. The simplest and most beautiful will be the creation of a stick with a big star.

Find any suitable small stick and fasten a star on it. It can be made of pink fabric and filled with cotton or synthetic material. Paint the product with varnish and glue the sparkles.

Christmas fairy costume for girls

If you or your child do not like the image of cartoon characters, for the New Year you can create a different style, more suitable for the theme. For example, a snow fairy would be a good option. To do this, change the color of the fabric used and add some additional decorations to create snowflakes and ice floes.

What a fairy costume consists of

Elements of such a suit are almost the same as in other models:

  • dress;
  • skirt with bows and ribbons;
  • a magic wand made in the snow theme;
  • winter fairy crown;
  • fur collars.

The changes concern only some parts, the basis remains the same.

Step by step costume making

In order to make all the elements, use the instructions described above. But at the same time, in some points there will be significant changes that will help achieve the creation of the desired image:

  1. Use fabric in blue, cyan and white.
  2. For a magic wand, make a magnificent pompom instead of a star and attach a New Year's rain to it.
  3. Glue sequins, tinsel and snowflakes carved from knitwear to the base of the dress.
  4. On the belt, hang two large bows on the sides. This will create a feeling of lightness and airiness.
  5. Perform a collar of fur strips.
  6. Buy a plastic crown and wash it with a layer of glitter varnish.

Let all dreams come true and the festive mood never fades away, and the magical image of a fairy pleases your child.