DIY eyeglass frame

Having trouble with your eyesight? A fragile frame often breaks, and is it not always possible to buy a suitable new one? Ready to try your hand and do it yourself? We will show you how to do it.

Necessary materials for spectacle frames

Before you begin to work, you need to think through and prepare everything properly. Soldering and sophisticated tools are not needed. First you need :

  • a piece of thick paper;
  • pencil;
  • stationery scissors;
  • ruler;
  • Scotch;
  • scissors for metal;
  • three coils of wire of different thicknesses: 1.2 mm, 0.8 mm, 0.3 mm (0.2 mm).

Sketch shape glasses, decor

The appearance of the glasses and their decoration should first be drawn on paper in accordance with the required size. You can choose the right template on the Internet.

Advice! The easiest way is to bend the parts around the frame of the finished glasses. In order not to scratch the lenses, they are protected by sticking pieces of adhesive tape.

The main thing is to think over the decoration to the smallest detail, because in addition to external beauty, its main function is to strengthen the entire structure

Work stages

The design of the frame completely depends on the creative look of the master . So what's the deal:

1. Frames for glasses are formed from the wire of the largest diameter and connect them along the bridge of the nose with the usual weaving in the form of an “eight”.

2. In order to hold bulky lenses inside them, a backing layer of the thinnest metal thread is attached in the same way.

3 . Dressing the bottom edge is from the side of the bow:

  • bend a couple of curls: large - on the outer element, compact - on the inside, the middle is separated by a scan and hide the end of the wire under a large curl, fixing on the basis of a pair of wire turns;
  • the inner element is completed with a curl that will hide the free end of the scan;
  • the wire thread enveloping the outer edge is bent inward for subsequent molding of the nasal “pads”.

4. Inside the frame, with the same “eight”, a looped part is attached to support the glass from the corners and in the middle of the top. For loops of arches, the metal rods of the upper and lower bases are bent, braiding them with a figure-eight decor.

5. To decorate the upper part of the frame and strengthen the loops, 0.8 mm wire is suitable. The pattern is determined in accordance with personal preferences and taste.

6. For making arches:

  • measure their length and add 5 cm;
  • a decorative element is placed in the middle to prevent it from bending out.

7. Fix both arches and decorate them.

8. Sulfur ointment is used for blackening. Can be lowered into ammonia, but without lenses.

9. Grind the surface of the frame and varnish.

10. Remove the tape from the glass.

Important! To adjust the desired angle of the lens - be sure to contact a specialist!

In such a simple way, you can make a convenient and stylish frame yourself. The main thing is to be patient and apply all your creative abilities. The original design of your glasses will certainly attract the attention of the opposite sex.