DIY dress

On the fall holiday, girls mostly want to be the queen in the fall. And it is not necessary to give this role to someone alone. Each parent can make his daughter the queen of autumn. After all, you can not only order or buy a ready-made suit, but also make it yourself.

Autumn dresses: options

Of course, you can make a costume, however, a dress is a more common and acceptable option for a girl. Each girl will happily wear a bright autumn dress.

Costume options are many. But to choose the option you need, solve the following issues:

  • long or short;
  • magnificent or direct;
  • airy or heavy;
  • simple or with decorations;
  • calm or bright.

Choosing one option in each question will make it easier for you to sort out your preferences. Also, the choice depends on the age of the child. For the younger group, you can choose a bright fluffy dress, mainly from tulle. For the older group, you can think about more calm and sophisticated options.

What can I make an autumn dress for a girl

The most common options for an autumn dress are tulle and velvet. The first is used for children's lush options. The second is for more calm and noble.

On a note! When using tulle as the main material, be sure to make a soft cotton lining - tulle pricks.

However, not only these materials can be used. Satin or rayon, chiffon, organza, stretch and plain cotton are also common.

For the most unusual options use improvised means: balloons, plastic bags, real leaves and much more. However, these materials are applicable for the relevant contests; on a regular fall festival, it is better to do with a beautiful fabric.

We make a dress for the image of autumn with our own hands

We propose to make a dress consisting of a fitted bodice and a full skirt. Variations on the proposed type may be many. But they are made mainly according to one scheme. So taking our option as a basis, you can make any modification of such a dress.

Preparatory stage

For any work requires a preparatory phase. Especially if this work concerns sewing.

If you plan to completely sew a dress from scratch, you will need the following measurements:

  • chest girth;
  • waist circumference
  • hip girth;
  • bodice length: measured from chest to waist;
  • skirt length: randomly selected.

By existing standards, we are doing a pattern. We have a dress of an extremely simple cut, so it is not difficult to build a pattern. The top consists of a flat strip of fabric, to which straps are then attached. Therefore, the bodice pattern is built in the form of a trapezoid taking into account the volume of the chest, waist and hips.

On a note! If the bodice is supposed to be made of stretch fabric, it can be made straight.

The skirt is made following the example of a tutu or tutu skirt, so it does not require a pattern.

Next, make blanks of all the materials necessary for sewing, and get to work.

Create a dress for the girl

Let's start by creating the top of the dress:

  1. Cut out the pattern and transfer it to the fabric.
  2. Cut out the fabric components according to the pattern, taking into account 1-2 cm for overlock.
  3. Sew the pattern with one seam that will be at the back (with stretch fabric). If the fabric does not stretch, a lock is required. Therefore, it is better to make a pattern consisting of two parts and sew it on both sides, leaving a place for zippers on one side.
  4. Make straps of soft but durable material and stitch them to the top of the bodice.

On a note! The bodice can be made from an old T-shirt and then sew a skirt on it.

The bodice is ready, now proceed to sewing the skirt. The base of the skirt is an elastic band, on which tulle strips of different lengths are then attached. To make a tutu skirt for an autumn outfit, follow the instructions:

  • Cut the tulle into strips of medium width and different lengths.

Important! When calculating the length of the strips, consider that each of them folds in half.

  • Take an elastic band of medium width, and tie one strip of tulle on it, as shown in the figure.
  • Then tie the strips of different lengths in the same way until you fill in all the empty spaces on the elastic band.
  • Stitch the elastic to the bottom of the bodice so that the nodes are all closed.

Done! We got a bright and magnificent dress for an autumn ball.