DIY doll from a stocking step by step

People who are fond of needlework are able to find a new use for any old item in the wardrobe. This rule did not bypass unnecessary nylon stockings. A few simple tricks will allow you to create an unusual doll that is useful as a gift or interior decoration.

We will tell you how to make a doll from a nylon stocking step by step.

Materials and Tools

The initial step is to prepare the necessary material. Two methods are suitable for creating a doll: with and without a frame. The second option is more lightweight and has a low level of complexity.


  • nylon stockings;
  • plastic bottle;
  • yarn;
  • threads
  • needle;
  • synthetic winterizer (can be replaced with cotton wool);
  • decorative eyes;
  • unnecessary rags for sewing clothes;
  • sewing machine.

After choosing the appropriate method of manufacturing and preparing tools, we proceed to work.

REFERENCE. For the manufacture of small dolls, nylon socks or knee-highs are suitable. The stockings themselves can be replaced with nylon stockings.

Step-by-step instruction

Without frame

Making a doll without a frame is an easier option for needlework. This option is recommended for beginners. To work, you need a nylon stocking, filler and thread. Cut off the nylon material of the required length. It should be measured from the end of the stocking to capture the heel and toe area during the segment.


The workpiece from kapron stockings is tightly filled with filler. It can be a synthetic winterizer, cotton wool or rags of unnecessary rags. We tighten the edge using a thread. Stitch the blank obtained in a circle, forming the neck of the future doll. Tighten the thread tightly.

On the bottom of the gods we sew in a circle, tightly tighten the thread. It turns out the legs.

On the stomach in this way you can form a navel. The torso for the doll is ready.


In order to designate the ears, it is necessary to pinch off a small piece of filler and tighten with a thread. In the same way we make a nose.

To make eyes and eyelashes, you should lay a few short stitches with black thread. In the same way we make eyebrows.

Tip: eyes can be used ready-made, which are sold in specialized craft stores.

On the sides of the mouth you can make small dimples. To do this, we pass the needle and pull together a small piece of matter. The contour is denoted by a red marker .

Unnecessary material on the crown can be cut off and used to simulate pens. For this, we carefully sew the edges, fill the cavity with a filler. Using threads, you can arbitrarily mark your fingers. Sew hands to the body.

For a girl’s doll, braids made of yarn are suitable . In conclusion, clothing made from unnecessary rags is useful for a finished baby doll. The doll from the stocking is ready.

With frame

A more difficult option is to create a doll with a frame. An unnecessary plastic bottle with a cut bottom is suitable for creating a frame. We wrap the frame with a synthetic winterizer, we fix the edges. As a fixative, glue or threads are suitable. We put on a stocking over the filler.

Important! The length of the stocking should be equal to the length of the frame.

Phased production consists of the following steps. We roll up a small ball from the synthetic winterizer residues, insert it into the face area. We form a nose using a needle and threads. Similarly, puffy cheeks can form. We make dimples, marking lips with a marker. Glue the eyes (or make them with stitches).

From two small segments we form hands, stuffing the material with a filler. Sew the edges, sew to the body. When completing the work, you can add hair from yarn and a beautiful outfit.

Useful Tips

  • In the manufacture of pens, many use the wire from which they form their fingers . The wire is fitted with a synthetic winterizer and sewn up with a capron.
  • Facial features can be identified in one seam . To do this, insert the needle into the eye area, display on the dimple of the mouth, stitch the smile and draw the needle in the area of ​​the other eye.
  • As a frame, wire is suitable . Thanks to her, the doll will be able to stand or sit.
  • When making the contour of the face, you should control the threads. Tighten the needle tightly, while observing the measure . Otherwise, you can drag the filler, which will form the wrong traits, or break the capron.

Nylon stockings or tights are a must-have accessory in every woman’s wardrobe. Such products, despite their importance, do not have a high service life. Torn stockings do not have to be thrown away; they can be used to create original dolls. This handmade toy will decorate any interior and will be a wonderful gift.