DIY dog costume

Children love animals, and when the New Year holidays come, no kid will refuse a beautiful costume for a matinee. According to statistics, many kids like animal costumes more, and after different princesses and musketeers.

The dog is one of the favorite animals in children. Of course, you can buy ready-made, but it costs a lot of money. It will be much cheaper to create it with your own hands, and it will be interesting for the child to make a costume with you for your matinee. With a little effort, you can have a good time with the baby and make a unique outfit that will definitely be seen among the rest.

What you need for a dog costume

A dog’s costume can be made from improvised materials, so you won’t have to spend too much money.

To create, you need:

  • a cap, brown cap or fabric for sewing;
  • fur, you can take it from your own old fur coat or purchase a faux fur collar that can be useful to you in the future;
  • vest made of fur;
  • leggings or pants of a dark color;
  • plastic eyes for the dog's face, which can be purchased at any needlework store;
  • fabric, scissors, threads to match the color of the canvas, cardboard, elastic.

How to make a dog costume with your own hands

A great option to create a dog costume for the New Year's party. First you need to find out what kind of dog you would like to make? Be sure to ask your child for advice, because the most important thing is that he likes the outfit.

The easiest option is to wear trousers and a turtleneck in black or brown and a vest over it. Attach a ponytail to the back of the panties and make a few spots all over along with colored paper.

Even from the most ordinary grunts and trousers, you can make an excellent carnival costume if you add them with sewn fur.

Do not forget about accessories - the collar and mittens will make the image of the dog complete. You can also make paw prints on the costume itself, which will make the outfit even more ironic.

For the manufacture of the costume itself, fabrics such as fleece, velor, velveteen, terry are well suited. For decoration, you can use faux fur. You can apply patterns to old wallpapers or newspapers.

The costume of a dog for a girl can be made with a flirty tutu skirt. It will be a great addition to the outfit itself. Knitted vest and snow-white leggings will make the image even more spectacular and festive.

For the belt, you can use the pompom on the wire, which is attached to the tights.

Reference! Do not be afraid to combine different materials and shades and then your child will be the most memorable at the holiday.

You can make a dog suit in the form of overalls. Of course, it will take a lot more time to sew such an outfit, but the result will be stunning. Just count your skills, because it will be quite difficult for a person who holds a needle for the first time to cope with such work. Fleece or velor is good for tailoring overalls.

The ears and muzzle are sewn to the hood of the jumpsuit. On the back and sides, arbitrary blots are made, and a white oval is sewn on the belly. Do not forget about the collar, which can be made from an old handle for a bag or belt. An excellent complement to the image will be a bone made of textiles, so that everyone around knows for sure that in front of them is a real dog.

Additional accessories for a dog costume

Dog bone, collar, mittens, leash, plate, think in advance which accessory will make your carnival costume complete.

For example, a butterfly carved in the shape of a bone or a scarf with a picture of dogs. Do not limit your creative fantasies!

It is with the help of details that you can make the image of the dog complete. What else will help to decorate your child at the carnival? That's right - a mask or carnival makeup.

A mask is an element that will help transform into a character, even if the costume is not quite like a dog. You just need to print the mask, insert the rubber band and go to the event.

You can also make a carnival mask of felt. The details of the workpiece are sewn together with threads, but if there is very little time, then you can use glue for a second.

You can decorate the Christmas mask with rhinestones, beads, glitter, tinsel and then it will become even more festive.

But you can do without a mask. It is just necessary to make up, by which it becomes clear that we have a dog in front of us. To do this, you need to use my mother’s cosmetic bag, namely: shadows, foundation or powder, black eyeliner. Using a washcloth, a white background is made around the nose and lips. Shades of pink or blush are applied to the cheeks. Black dots and mustaches are drawn. It is imperative to check whether the child has an allergic reaction to any cosmetic product, otherwise the New Year's party can end sadly.

An excellent assurance of the image will be a hairstyle. In this sense, of course, girls with long hair are much more fortunate, because so many things can be done. A suitable hairdo for a dog will be finely wound curls that are tied in two tails. You can also make two bagels or hairstyle "malvinka" - one tail at the very top.

We really hope that our advice will help you while sewing a New Year's costume. Good luck in your creative endeavors and remember that a much more child will appreciate a costume made with his own hands than purchased in the nearest children's clothing store.