DIY do-it-yourself costume

When a child unexpectedly announces a costume show, masquerade or performance that is being prepared at school or kindergarten, do not worry. Each house is always full of junk materials. Of these, you can quickly and without any financial expenses make your own original outfit with your own hands. In it, the child will look fashionable and original. In addition, co-creation will create a good mood and will bring parents and children closer spiritually.

Waste Costumes

As a rule, a beautiful suit in a store is quite expensive, and a child will be able to wear it only once.

But there are many different children's models of holiday dresses that any of us will easily make on their own. This will not only save the family budget, but also bring some zest to the current scenario. After all, the child will be able to proudly inform others that he himself participated in the manufacture of this unique costume.

And you can make it from improvised items, which in the house are always very many. For these purposes, suitable plastic bottles, littered music CDs, bags made of polyethylene, candy wrappers, cardboard boxes and newspapers .

If you apply imagination and a little imagination, then from these seemingly unnecessary things you can create a surprisingly elegant dress for a girl or a wonderful holiday suit for a boy.

Important! Do the outfit with the children, then the pleasure from the holiday is unlikely to be compared with anything.

From plastic bottles

From unnecessary plastic bottles, you can build a number of original carnival costumes.

Mermaid costume (kikimory)

  • Cut a lot of plastic bottoms from green bottles.
  • Cut off bottlenecks. In a narrowed place we burn holes and collect all the details on thick threads in the form of garlands, and then form a skirt.

  • Fasten the prepared bottoms along the skirt edge. They can either be glued, sewn, or fastened with a stapler.
  • the bodice for the dress will be an old T-shirt, sheathed with plastic details.
  • For the crown, cut fancy feathers out of plastic and attach them to a hoop or ribbon.

Flower princess

  • Build a standing skirt in the form of a wire frame.
  • Wrap it in a thin cloth.
  • Cut out various petals from multi-colored plastic bottles. It all depends on the creative imagination.
  • Gather them in flower buds and attach to the skirt.
  • Cut the spirals from the bottles with a capacity of half a liter and fasten on a skirt in the form of a serpentine.

Cosmonaut costume for a boy

  • Tie a pair of plastic bottles together.
  • Attach cloth straps to them.
  • Hang them upside down on the back of the future astronaut.
  • To simulate jet fire, glue bright red and orange shreds to the neck.

Headdress of fairytale characters

Such a hat can be worn by different characters. For example, a hero, an alien, a king, a gentleman, a cat in boots, etc.

  • Take a plastic bottle of a suitable large size (usually 5 liter).
  • Hide hat margins from thick cardboard paper.
  • Make a tulle from the bottom of the bottle (in the form of a cylinder) or from the top, in the form of a helmet or a "bowler" of an alien creation.
  • Garnish with feathers carved from plastic.

Costume dresses from newspapers, bags, leaves

A sufficient number of plastic bottles must be stocked in advance. So, you need to take care of their storage, because they are quite voluminous. But there is also a more compact material at hand: newspapers, packages, etc.

Queen of print media from old newspapers

  • Take newspaper sheets, fold each in half to increase stiffness, roll up in the shape of a bag.
  • Gently attach them to the skirt with glue. This should be done starting from the bottom edge of the hem, gradually moving up.
  • Each subsequent row should overlap lying below.

Rain suit from plastic bags

  • Take multi-colored trash bags in two shades.
  • Cut each to make a cloth.
  • Model a bodice and a straight skirt from them.
  • Blow up to 20 airtight bags.
  • Fasten them on a long skirt in rows.

Advice! You can use another option. Cut the fringe from the bags and sew it on the skirt in the form of lush beautiful frill.

Suit of autumn from dry leaves

  • Find in the wardrobe a suitable piece of fabric or an unnecessary dress.
  • Collect in the park fallen maple leaves in large quantities.
  • Spray dry leaves with moisturizing water so that their edges do not wrap. As a result, the dress will look aesthetically pleasing.
  • Gently stick each leaflet on the skirt. Start from the bottom edge and gradually move up. Subsequent rows should overlap previous ones.
  • Iron each fixed row of leaves with a warm iron, pre-laying a sheet of paper or a piece of wet gauze.
  • If there is still time before the ball, then every four hours you should make a cold shower for the costume using a spray gun. Do not wet the fabric base!

Important! For greater harmony, the different colors of the collected leaves should be considered.

These wonderful outfits will undoubtedly surprise and delight everyone present at the masquerade.

Cardboard Box Costume Ideas

These costumes are great for boys.


  • Take a cardboard box, the size corresponding to the parameters of the body of the child.
  • Make slots for the arms and head.
  • Cut out many details of various shapes to form the neck and head of a prehistoric animal.
  • Glue one of them in the form of a headset behind them, using imagination and engineering imagination.

Cowboy on a horse

  • Take a rectangular cardboard box.
  • Make a hole in it for the child’s torso.
  • Attach the rope ponytail and cloth strap.
  • Make a head out of a small box.
  • Attach it to the “torso” with a wooden stick.
  • Make a muzzle to a horse from a plastic bottle.
  • Fasten the suit to the boy with a shoulder strap.

Of course, these outfits are not very convenient for round dances and dances, but your son will undoubtedly become the hero of the day.

Using plastic utensils for suits

A costume for the Princess girl is very good, the basis of which is a magnificent white dress.

  • Sew a children's hoop on the bottom of the skirt.
  • Fasten the disposable scales in the form of scales throughout the skirt.
  • Cut the frill out of tulle.
  • Cut each plate into four pieces.
  • Attach each detail to a hanging tie in the form of scales.
  • Tie the resulting jewelry on the girl's neck.
  • The headpiece is a bezel to which a plate with a glued bow is sewn.

In this outfit, any girl will be simply irresistible.

Useful Tips for Making a Junk Costume

A few practical tips are very useful when creating fancy dress from junk materials for boys and girls.

  • Before starting work, measure the baby. Then the festive clothes will look better and will be more comfortable for the child.
  • To better determine the right materials, first find out the scenario of the holiday. It is also important what role is assigned to your son or daughter, as well as the nature of the chosen character.
  • When creating an image, you need to remember the age of the child so that the baby does not get hurt or swallow some details. In addition, it is worth considering whether he is allergic to any of the components.
  • To make your child happy, consult with him how he presents this or that costume. Most often the boy wants to be courageous and strong, while the girl is beautiful and unusual.
  • Do not forget to take a photo from the holiday! It will be a reminder not only of fun entertainment, but also of wonderful moments of joint creativity.