DIY dance leggings

Leg warmers - stockings covering the lower leg from the ankle joint to the popliteal cavity. This is not only a modern and stylish product. They perfectly protect the legs in the cold season. For such useful quality they are highly appreciated by lovers of mini-skirts. Yes, and male fishermen have long kept them in their wardrobe.

But most often they are used by those who are fond of dance classes. Usually a dance lesson lasts from 1.5 to 2 hours. During this period, the calf muscles of the dancers are constantly loaded, which leads to a strong heating of the ligaments. Therefore, leggings are a prerequisite for the health of the dancer's legs. Well-heated muscles minimize the possibility of injury. Leg warmers stimulate blood circulation in the muscles and make it more intense. This is especially true for girls. When the legs are not protected by anything, then their quick cooling will certainly lead to the fact that the ligaments undergo stretching.

The density and height of the leggings depends on the ambient temperature.

Important! The colder, the longer and denser the leggings should be for practice.

They are usually sewn from knitted fabric or knitted from wool with acrylic thread. Synthetics contribute to the elasticity and strength of products.

We’ll tell you how to make leggings for gymnastics or dance classes with your own hands.

How to make leggings from an old sweater

Seamless leggings for dancing is easy to make with your own hands from an old sweater bought at a sale or lying around at home.

Choose the right sweater for future care.

  • Woolen : a strong thread, but regular hand washing is required .
  • Acrylic : Wear resistant, but often not washable .
  • Cotton : very durable, easy to choose the mode for washing in the machine .

Operating procedure

  • Use the tailor's scissors to separate the sleeves at the shoulder seam . The rest of the clothes can then be used at will.
  • Lay out the sleeves on the countertop or ironing board. Spread them without wrinkles.
  • Take the triangle and align the leggings in shape.
  • Put it on your legs: you can stretch them along the length or assemble them with an “accordion”.

Tip. If the resulting leggings are too long, then they can easily be shortened by cutting off the upper part. If the leggings are sliding, then you can pin them on top with a pin.

How to make faux fur leggings

Look for the fluffy, pleated fabric in the textile department of the nearest store. Synthetic fur fabric will also look good. Get one meter of the material you like. Perhaps a smaller footage is enough if the leggings are designed low, covering only a pair of shoes.

Completing of the work

  • Measure the feet with a tailor's meter. You need to do this just below the knee . Add 2.5 cm to the resulting volume . Otherwise, the gum will be very tight.
  • Measure the eggs in the widest place .
  • Do not forget to measure the lower leg . The standard circumference when wearing different shoes is 56 cm. It is important to accurately measure the distance from the ankle to the popliteal region.
  • Cut the matter into two . The width of each of them is equal to the length of the leg, and the length is the circumference of the calf in the widest place. Add 1 or 2 cm to the seam allowances.
  • Spread the cut on the table with the lining side up. Horizontally postpone the length of measurements at the ankle, mid-calf, popliteal region.
  • Place the sewing gum along all three contours. When the measurement accuracy is not guaranteed, it is better to sew the elastic on top and bottom a little closer to the middle, then the leggings will sit tighter.
  • Stitch the elastic by stretching it a little .
  • Fold a piece of cloth in half. Manually sew a hidden edge seam that is well masked by fluffy fur. You can flash it on a machine, but in the middle you usually still have to flash it with your hands.

Help Synthetic matter does not require binding in the lower part of the leggings.

  • Treat the second part in the same way.
  • Try directly on tights or on top of shoes.

Useful Tips

In order to impress others with the extraordinary beauty and grace of these accessories, fashionistas should take note of a few tips.

  • Leg warmers in a multi-colored strip is a cheerful mood and a feeling of joy . Find a pair of striped sweaters in your second-hand store that match your favorite colors. For example, red and black, white and blue, yellow and blue, light green and turquoise, gray and pink. Set a goal and make your own favorite things that will bring only positive emotions to your life.
  • Gaiters will look unusually feminine and charming, if you wear an openwork mesh over them . A cute flirty image will give the girl self-confidence.
  • Stockings made of a woolen sweater knitted using the pigtail technique even visually look very warm . Immediately there is a desire to wrap their legs with them in order to immerse themselves in their cozy beauty.
  • Cool knee socks with a bow - this is a detail from childhood . They want to be worn without taking off.
  • The most dull and inexpressive leggings will immediately come to life if they are decorated with bright cheerful pompons .

As you can see, making leggings with your own hands is not difficult at all. You just need to make a little effort and imagination.