DIY cowboy hat

New Year's morning performances are left behind, but little gentlemen and on weekdays want something unusual. If your son is fond of westerns, then you can make a cowboy hat for him with your own hands.

There are two ways to make a cowboy headgear - from paper with cardboard and fabric.

How to make a cowboy hat with your own hands: detailed instructions

The headdress of American pastoralists was created to protect the face and head from the sun, dust, and rain while grazing on horseback. Therefore, it is distinguished by its specific appearance: wide fields, deep and comfortable tulle and fasteners on the chin, so that the hat is not blown away by the wind, or carried away during a quick ride.

Initially, the material for the manufacture was the skin of farm animals: cows, pigs or horses, carefully cleaned and processed. Such material does not leak moisture and reliably protects from the sun.

Classic models have two or more small ventilation holes in the body.

With the advent of Westerns, cowboy hats entered the everyday life of people far from farming, and a movie about the Wild West inspired many boys to imitate brave heroes.

Let's try to make a hat for young Clint Eastwood or Wild Bill on our own.

Paper and cardboard cowboy hat

The simplest material for a cowboy hat is paper. From it you can create masterpieces.

Necessary materials

For work, we need:

  • paper,
  • cardboard,
  • glue,
  • scissors,
  • paints,
  • centimeter.

You can make the whole structure out of ordinary office paper, and then colorize it, or you can create a more durable hat made of cardboard.

Operating procedure

Before you start making a cowboy hat, take a centimeter and measure the circumference of the child’s head and the distance from the forehead to the crown. This will help to find a product that will be comfortable to sit on your head, not to press and do not fall down.

We cut out thick cardboard (boxes from the store can be used) in the following scheme: the length of the rectangular part - the tulle and the inner diameter of the “donut” and oval should be equal to the circumference of the child’s head. The height of the body is determined by the distance from the forehead to the crown of the child.

On a rectangle from three sides, 2 centimeters are added, from which special teeth are cut for gluing.

Next, collect all 3 parts and glue. For cardboard, it is better to use PVA, and for paper, ordinary glue stick is also suitable.

Leave the hat to dry, and then paint it with paints or glue it with colored paper.

A cardboard cowboy hat, covered with velvet paper, looks incredibly beautiful.

Cowboy hat made of cloth

Sewing a cowboy’s headdress made of cloth is a little more difficult, but such a product lasts much longer and looks like a real store hat.

Necessary materials

  • cardboard for the frame,
  • paper for making patterns,
  • fabric or leather
  • thread, needle, scissors and lace.

When choosing a fabric, give preference to fleece, suede, velvety materials or leather-like fabrics. So, the product will look more natural.

Operating procedure

For sewing, we need to make such a pattern.

  • It will take 4 pieces of lower parts. We transfer the drawing to the fabric, taking into account the same measurements as in the manufacture of paper hats.
  • Do not forget to add allowances to the seams . Their size will depend on the friability of the fabric.
  • We cut out the frame for the fields from cardboard or thin plastic and glue it into a ring.

If the fabric is quite dense and independently holds its shape, then instead of cardboard, you can limit yourself to a wire sewn into the outer edge of the fields.

  • We sew the details of the fields. To do this, fold in half semicircles in pairs with the front side inwards and sew them along the outer radius on a typewriter or overlock.
  • Then we connect our "half-bags" in one ring.
  • Next, we turn the fabric on the front side and insert the frame. We leave the inner edge unstitched and lay the product aside.
  • Getting to Tula. We sew our halves into a cylinder and attach the bottom to the wavy side.

If the fabric does not hold the shape, then the tulle will have to be done on the frame in the same way as we previously made hat fields.

  • We turn out our "bucket" on the front side and carefully sew the fields to the top.

  • The finished product can be decorated with curly lacing, decorative stitches or beads.
  • We pass the chin lace with a carbine.
  • Do not forget about the ventilation holes in Tula. It is most convenient to make them with the help of blocks or eyelets, but you can make holes manually and gently overlay them.

A cowboy hat is not only an occasion to please a child, but also unlimited scope for imagination. You can make different models, with narrow or wide margins, as well as sew a whole cowboy costume for a game or for a holiday.