DIY Cossack costume for a boy

Russia is a multinational country with a long history and culture. The customs of each people are carefully preserved and transmitted to young people. Of particular interest is the history and traditions of the Cossacks. This makes the issue of creating a Cossack costume for children's performances relevant.

But buying a costume for a child engaged in folk art is not such an easy task. And then the ability to hold a needle in his hands will come to the rescue. Sewing a costume with your own hands is not so difficult. And we will help you with this.

How to sew a Cossack costume for a boy

The work is carried out in stages.

Preparing to make a Cossack costume

To make a men's suit, you will need to create a pattern and purchase the necessary materials and tools.

For the pattern, you can use the basic drawing, changing it in size.

You will need a fabric of different colors. It should be smooth shiny material: satin or crepe satin.

Also prepare scissors, matching threads, tailor crayons, safety pins, pattern paper and a sewing machine.

Some decorative elements may be useful: satin ribbons, patterned braid.

Reference! Instead of chalk, you can use a bar of soap to transfer the pattern to the fabric.


There are two ways to create a Cossack shirt for an outfit: decorate a purchased white shirt or sew this thing.

  • In the first version of the gate and the front part are embroidered with patterned braid.
  • For the second method, fabric is acquired and the item is sewn independently. You need to take measurements and make adjustments to them in the base drawing.


Completing of the work

  • Transfer parts to fabric and cut it.
  • Run stitches.
  • Sew on a fastener (zipper or button).
  • If necessary, decorate the item with decorative trim.


This element of the costume can also be created on the basis of the finished thing or sew.

In the first case, black pants and a red satin ribbon will be required. We sew it on the sides of the trousers in the form of a strip.

For self-production, follow the procedure below.

  • Get a cloth and take measurements.
  • Then make changes to the base drawing.


  • Cut out the necessary details.
  • Complete the seams.
  • Sew on stripes.


This headpiece is an integral attribute of this outfit. To make it, you will need the following.

  • For the main part : astrakhan fur or black cloth. Better to use velvet or suede.
  • For the bottom : a little red fabric.
  • Threads in tone .

Basic pattern

  • Cut out the parts of the hat, pin them with pins and make seams.

Attention! A bright blue or red long sash, which is tied to the waist, is an addition to the men's Cossack costume.

Making a Cossack costume for a girl

For the girl, there is a variation of this costume. Her pants are replaced with a skirt, and other hats can be used instead of a hat. In particular. a bright shawl or Ukrainian wreath with ribbons is great for this role.

To create it, you will need the following materials.

  • Satin ribbons of different colors.
  • Artificial flowers.
  • Wide patterned braid.

Cut the braid around the head circumference. Stitch it in a ring. Sew flowers on top, and sew ribbons on the sides and back.


The Cossack jacket is different from the men's shirt. It can be made of any suitable fabric in bright colors. In this case, it is not necessary to use matter of a uniform color.

Completing of the work

  • Make changes to your base pattern to fit your size.

Pattern pattern

  • Transfer the items to the fabric.
  • Complete the seams.
  • Sew on the clasps.
  • If necessary, decorate the product with embroidery or decorative braid.


In the manufacture of this element of the costume should be attentive to detail.

The first thing you need to pay attention to is the length of the product. It can only reach the knee or go down much lower.

The second is the model. Mostly used is a skirt with a frill along the hem. But sometimes a wedge-shaped option is used .

Skirt sun

Wedge Option

This item is not decorated with decor.

As you have seen, making an elegant Cossack costume yourself is not such a difficult task. I wish you creative success!