DIY clutch bag

Bag - an indispensable accessory for women’s wardrobe. Like clothes, different situations require different types of these products. For example, for shopping trips - a large shopping bag, for walking out of town - a backpack.

But today we will talk about the variation used as an addition to the evening dress. This is a small clutch bag. You can make such a wonderful accessory yourself. To do this, it’s enough to pick up an interesting model, spend a little time and show imagination when decorating things.

We will tell you how to make a fashion bag with your own hands.

Bag Making Materials

First, you need to choose the color of the model . It can be made in a single color, with a common gamut of ensemble. Or executed in a universal version: black, white, beige, silver or gold.

Secondly, you should decide on the manufacturing method : sewing or knitting.

Only after defining these parameters can we proceed to the choice of material and tool. As well as the selection of suitable decorative elements.

Need to cook

For sewing, you will need the following items.

  • The cloth. You need to purchase two types of fabric: outer and lining. As the first, you can use the skin and its substitute, satin, velvet, gabardine or guipure. For the inside, take a dense calico, crepe satin or nylon.
  • Doublerin or non-woven to strengthen the walls and bottom. Cardboard or pieces of thin plastic can also be used as inserts.
  • Threads and scissors, as well as a sewing machine.
  • Materials for decoration : beads, sequins, ribbons, pieces of leather, applique, lace, artificial flowers and much more.
  • Locking elements : zippers, buttons or buttons.

Details and pattern of the clutch

REFERENCE. The clutch consists of a back and front part, as well as a valve.

Sometimes the last part is missing in the design. Most often, this little thing consists of one part, which is folded and stitched in a certain way. For this , two elements are made according to the pattern: one of the main fabric, and the second of the material intended for lining .

Pattern 1.

But there are such options for which several elements are found: the main part of the bag and the valve. In this embodiment, all parts are also made of two fabrics.

Pattern 2

How to sew and decorate a handbag

After you have prepared all parts of the clutch for sewing, follow the procedure below.

  • Glue the outer part from the inside with doubler or non-woven.
  • If you have chosen a button as the fixing element, then attach one part to the lining element.
  • Fold both parts face in and sew on three sides.
  • Turn the workpiece onto your face and iron it.
  • Next, stitch the edge of the workpiece, while turning the open side with a slanting inlay.
  • Make side seams.
  • Sew the second part of the button.
  • Decorate the item with the decor.


To decorate the handbag, you can use the following options.

Application . It can be sewn onto the top before assembly or glued after.

A bead pattern is applied to the finished product.

Embroidery . It is also desirable to perform it on the outer part before sewing.

Artificial flowers . They can be sewn or glued.

You can use a metal chain to handle the handbag.