DIY Christmas tree costume

Christmas tree is a bright character for a children's holiday. She is always in the spotlight. This role is most often given to artistic girls or their equally active mothers. As a rule, a mother is lost when the choice of teachers in the distribution of roles falls on her or her daughter. The issue of a bright suit becomes one of the main ones in preparation for the holiday. But worry about the outfit is not worth it. It can be made independently from improvised materials. The article will discuss how to make a Christmas tree costume for a girl and an adult with your own hands.

A variety of Christmas tree costume options

There are a lot of ideas for creating a Christmas tree outfit: from tinsel decoration of basic clothes to a full-fledged serious suit made in a professional studio.

Consider the most popular of them:

  • Festive dress of white or green colors, decorated with tinsel, rain and home-made Christmas balls. This dress is complemented by a crown of foil paper and green ribbons in the hair.
  • A sundress of a simple cut with a t-shirt or blouse of the corresponding shade under it. A bulk hat made of thick paper is prepared for a sundress.
  • T-shirt and tulle skirt. T-shirt is decorated with tinsel. The headgear will be superfluous - the suit is voluminous due to the fluffy skirt. The ideal attribute is ponytails or ribbons with green bows.
  • Layered satin floor dress in green. As a rule, such a dress is very massive, due to the large number of shuttlecocks it looks somewhat solemn. But he has one significant minus - a child in such an outfit is comfortable only to sit still.

Attention! Each mother herself decides what is suitable for her daughter. But the rule is obvious: the New Year's holiday is, above all, fun for the children, and only then the parents demonstrate the most unusual costume. The little actress should be comfortable and not hot.

DIY Christmas tree costume for a girl

The model presented in the article is simple, but at the same time it looks spectacular. We offer to consider what the costume consists of and how to make it yourself do it step by step.

Costume Components

The “Christmas-tree” image in the outfit is made up of the base and decorative elements to it.

The costume includes:

  • green dress;
  • hat made of cardboard or heavy paper;
  • decorative elements in the form of home-made Christmas balls, tinsel and rain.

What is needed for manufacturing

To complete the costume, Christmas trees need:

  1. Green fabric for sundress. Satin or lining is ideal.
  2. Whatman or cardboard for a hat.
  3. Green gouache.
  4. Tinsel of golden, silver or green colors. But the choice is better to stop on any one shade.
  5. The rain.
  6. Cotton wool, colored shreds and spangles for Christmas balls.

Dress making

To sew a dress you will need a green cloth. It is better to take satin or any other fabric convenient in work and beautiful in appearance.

All work on the manufacture of dresses is carried out in several steps:

  • Cut it. To open the Christmas tree dress, you should reconsider the children's wardrobe and find any casual dress of a simple cut. To make a pattern, put a dress on the fabric and cut out the contour. There will be two such details - front and back. It is better to measure the length no more than to the knee. Do not forget to leave allowances for processing edges and interior seams.
  • Sewing. When the patterns are ready, they must be swept away. We try on a model for a child. If all goes well, we start sewing. First, we perform shoulder seams, then the side. We process armholes and edges.

By the way! The model does not provide for sleeves, but if mom really wants to decorate the child’s handles, then you can sew small sleeves - flashlights. Alternatively, you can sew tinsel instead of sleeves, but only on top of the shoulders. That is, where the hands do not touch the body. Otherwise, the young "Christmas tree" will be uncomfortable - tinsel is very prickly.

  • When the dress is ready, it must be decorated. The flight of imagination is unlimited. You can sew tinsel on the hem, decorate it with a neck. Rain is sewn on the dress. But you don’t need to make too many decorations so that instead of the “Christmas tree” the costume does not turn into a parsley outfit.

Headdress making

The costume involves a hat. To make it, you need to cut 2 parts from a sheet of whatman paper: hat fields and a cone. To make a cone, a circle with a diameter of 40 centimeters is cut out of paper. An incision is made from the edge to the center. We form a cone and fasten its edges together with PVA glue.

Reference! So that the glued edges hold well, they can be strengthened with tape. But you need to stick tape only on the inside of the cone.

  • When the cone is ready, it is connected to the fields of the hat. For this, a circle is cut out of the Whatman paper. A ready-made cone is placed in the center of the circle and circled around the contour. Next, the inner circle is cut out. Do not forget to leave gaps for connecting the fields and the cone. The width of the finished part should be no more than 10 centimeters. In a hat with a wide brim, the child will be very uncomfortable.
  • We glue the parts. On the inside, the structure is also reinforced with tape.
  • Next, the hat needs to be painted. This is done in green gouache. When the paint dries, you can proceed to the most pleasant part - decoration.
  • The tinsel hat is decorated. Homemade Christmas balls are laid out on the fields. To make them, you need to form cotton into dense balls with a diameter of 2-3 cm. The balls are wrapped with bright shreds of fabric and decorated with sequins. You can fix such Christmas-tree toys on a hat with a thread.

Christmas tree costume for the girl is ready! It remains to wait for the holiday, which for a child in such a costume will be very interesting.

DIY Christmas tree costume for an adult

Often mother is asked to participate in a children's holiday. Try yourself in the role of a Christmas tree, of course, is worth it. And it will be quite easy to make a suit.

Necessary tools and materials

To make a Christmas tree outfit for an adult, you will need:

  • green fabric for the dress;
  • foil paper and thick cardboard for the crown;
  • tinsel;
  • glue, threads and scissors.

Making the basics of the costume

The costume is based on a sundress, the manufacturing technology of which is similar to sewing a children's dress. To sew a sundress, you need to attach any T-shirt or blouse to the fabric. Circle the contour, lengthen and expand the hem pattern.

Important! Sundress should be free and long. Unlike a child, an adult "Christmas tree" under a sundress is better to put on a blouse or turtleneck to match.

When both parts are ready, they are stitched together. Edges are machined. Next, the sundress is decorated with tinsel and rain.

It’s so simple and quick to sew a dress for a costume. It remains to make a hat.

Christmas hat

Consider the crown as a headgear. To make it, cut out a strip of white paper with a width of no more than 5 centimeters from white paper. The length depends on the size of the head. The edges of the strip are fastened with a stapler. The finished part must be painted over with green paint and allowed to dry.

A crown is cut out of the foil paper. Peaks of the crown are performed in arbitrary form. Parts are fastened with a stapler. The finished crown is decorated with not too large tinsel. By the same principle, you can make a star.

All! The costume for the adult is ready. Children at the festival will be delighted with such a "revived" adult Christmas tree.

Additional Costume Details

To complete the image of the Christmas tree, it can be supplemented with individual elements.

Additional details may include:

  • Earrings in the form of fir branches or Christmas tree decorations. This accessory is suitable for adults, but if the girl has pierced ears, then you can look for earrings for her as well.
  • Green ribbons in a hairstyle. For a small Christmas tree, the best decoration is bright bows in pigtails or tails. For an adult, a ribbon neatly woven into the hairdo.
  • Blush on the cheeks. Since the New Year is a winter holiday, the Christmas tree should be bright, as if only from the frost. Scarlet cheeks perfectly complement the outfit.

New Year is a magical holiday. This is a time of miracles and fulfillment of desires. To give the child magic, it is not necessary to invent the impossible. You can make a fairy tale out of ordinary things by investing a piece of soul in the manufacture of a carnival costume.