DIY Christmas boot

Different countries have their own special traditions of celebrating the New Year. In the West, it is believed that Santa, sneaking into the house through the chimney pipe, lays out gifts in special boots and socks, laid out under the Christmas tree or hanging on the fireplace. In order for Santa not to confuse the gifts, each boot is signed who exactly will get the surprise. Despite the fact that Santa Claus brings gifts to us, and not quite through the fireplace, this nice tradition has gradually taken root with us. You can make such an attribute of the New Year yourself, using several methods for this.

What will be required for the New Year's boot

The easiest way to make a New Year’s boot yourself is to decorate a regular woolen sock with ribbons, tinsel or bows.

Important! Dressing a sock is a very simple and simple task that even a child can cope with. You can connect children to this process so that they show imagination and imbued with the spirit of the upcoming holiday. Each child will be able to make a unique boot and look forward to a gift in it.

A more complex option involves sewing a sock from pieces of fabric or felt. To do this, you will need:

  • trimmings of fabric or felt;
  • paper;
  • pencil;
  • scissors;
  • thread with a needle;
  • various decoration elements such as beads or bows.

How to make a Christmas boot with your own hands

First of all, it is necessary to draw the shape of the future boot on paper and transfer it to the fabric. If the fabric is not whole, but pieces of various materials, first they should be sewn together. Important! Do not forget to iron the edges of the seam carefully so that it does not stand out on the finished product.

After that, it is necessary to sew two parts of the boot together and decorate them. You can stitch both on a typewriter and manually.

You can show the children a master class - let them sew a small boot under the supervision of adults. For this, trim trimming is suitable. This material is sold in all stores for needlework or in online stores. Small boots can be used as Christmas tree toys. They can also be hung around the house, in the nursery or in the kitchen, and quietly put small treats for children there.

If you show imagination, you can make unusual New Year's boots from anything. For these purposes, old clothes, blankets, scraps of fabric and even drawing paper are suitable. Needleworkers can knit a boot on knitting needles or crochet. In this case, you can decorate the boot during the knitting process, creating New Year's drawings on it with the help of yarn.

Decorating options for New Year's boots

Almost any material at hand is suitable for these purposes. Beads and ribbons, New Year's rain or tinsel - all this will look good on this attribute of the holiday. At the end of the work, it is important to sew a loop to the finished product, for which the boot will be attached to the wall, Christmas tree or fireplace. Also, do not forget about the name of the recipient whose gift Santa will put inside the decoration.

Sewing a New Year’s boot with your own hands is not difficult, however, it will bring magic and a fairy tale on the eve of the holiday.