DIY chicken costume

At the matinees, every child wants to look beautiful. Even the smallest fashionistas and women of fashion can pick up something special. To do this, you need a good suit. In shops there is a huge variety of choice of suits for every taste. We suggest creating an image yourself. For children 3-4 years old, a chicken suit is suitable. He will be very cute and look beautiful on your baby.

Ideas for a Chicken Costume

There are several options for creating such an image. Each of them should look like a real chicken. We suggest considering the following methods:

  • Using only the main attributes: head, wings and beak.
  • It will be more difficult to create a costume with a base from a T-shirt or dress.
  • The most plausible will be the use of a life-size doll as an image of a chicken. This method is quite difficult to do at home.

If you have enough time and desire, you can be creative in resolving the issue and come up with your own style.

DIY chicken suit for a boy

When creating a boy’s chicken, you need to pay attention to the foundation and details. They should not be unnecessarily decorated, the boy will suit the classic version. Before you start sewing, you need to stock up with the necessary material and tools. You will need:

  • fabric of orange and yellow;
  • scissors;
  • tape measure;
  • thread with needles.

IMPORTANT! Do not forget to take measurements and build a pattern of the future product according to your plan.

Making the main part of the costume

First of all, it is necessary to create a basis to which all other details will be attached. For the boy, no special additional elements will be required at the base. A great option would be to use just a T-shirt in orange or yellow. And for the bottom, you can apply shorts. If you don’t have such things in your wardrobe, you can sew them from knitted fabric yourself, it will not take much time.

Chicken Headgear

After creating the body of the future costume, you can begin to perform the head. There are several ways to create it. The easiest and at the same time beautiful will be the manufacture of hats from elastic knitwear:

  1. Take measurements from the head of the child. You need to know the girth.
  2. Build a pattern according to the appropriate measurements.
  3. Cut the fabric into parts and sew a hat out of them.
  4. To prevent the headgear from flying off, attach elastic bands to it.
  5. To create a beak, it is necessary to make a pyramid from a red piece of fabric and sew it to the front.

Chicken Costume Decorations

To create the image, you can use special decorations that complement the look and make believable. In addition to the basic elements, you can use transparent lightweight material to create plumage on the legs and arms. Use rubber bands to attach them to the base. You can use a red scallop on the headdress.

If desired, create wings from cardboard and glue them with knitwear.

IMPORTANT! Look at chickens in nature or in pictures to achieve greater similarity in a suit.

DIY chicken suit for girls

In general, the image will have the same appearance as the previous version. But the costume for the girl will be slightly different from the option for boys. Basically, details of the main body will be added to it and more bows and decorations will be used. After all, girls need to look more beautiful and graceful.

Dress making

First of all, we proceed to the basis. For a little fashionista, dresses in a yellow palette are suitable. You can make them magnificent or give a slender outline. Special yellow tights will be put on your feet. On the sleeves you can wear several ring parts made of transparent airy fabric. Decorate the item with ribbons and bows.

IMPORTANT! The main connoisseur and critic is your child. Make him enjoy it.

Additional attributes for the costume

When choosing complementary parts, you should be careful about this, so that the image is believable and consistent with real chickens. As attributes usually use the same elements as for the boy. We wrote about them above.

Girls can wear orange shoes, use unusual hairstyles, and wear yellow gloves as wings.

Please your child and surprise him on New Year's Eve.