DIY cat costume

Children's event is an exciting quest for mom. In a short time it is necessary to choose a character, think over the image, find a costume and accessories, if necessary, make up the child. One of the popular characters at children's parties is the cat. This can be either a stylized image of an animal, where the color, shape of the ears, tail length, fluffy fur coat and accessories depend on the taste and available materials of the creator. Or the hero of your favorite cartoon or fairy tale child.

Ideas for creating a cat costume

Undoubtedly, the outfit should correspond to the aesthetic needs of the mother, but it is important to remember that the main critic is the child.

Modern children did not grow up in the days of the good Leopold, the cunning Basilio, the hardworking Matroskin. Therefore, the images of these characters at children's parties lose their relevance.

The current generation has its own heroes.

  • Funny Korzhik, Caramel and Compote - the animated series "Three Cats".
  • Brave Super Cat - the animated series "Lady Bug and Super Cat".
  • Gorgeous Puss in Boots - cartoon "Shrek".
  • Ketboy - the animated series "Masked Heroes".

Costume Options


The basis

It’s easy to play the image. Surely the young fashionista in the wardrobe has a red trapeze dress. If not, mom will try and sew it in a couple of hours.

In order not to bother with the pattern for a long time, any free dress of the girl is taken, and an outfit is created on its basis . Sleeves and collar are not needed. The top can be cut out figuratively or in a straight line, then processed with a slanting inlay to match the dress.

Reference! You can make a slanting inlay yourself. Cut strips 4 cm wide diagonally relative to the beat line, fold them in half and iron them.


A large red bow and pretty angular ears will look amazing on little fashionistas. You can attach the components to the rim.

For the ears you will need fur triangles in red tones, as well as white fleece elements a little smaller . Details are stacked face to face, connected using a sewing machine or manually, filled with padding polyester. Then they turn out, sew to the rim.

A large bow is tied to the center of the rim . To prevent it from falling during active games, just attach a couple of stitches to your ears.


The basis

The top is a blue striped t-shirt or vest . If there are no striped things, you can sew colored stripes on a white T-shirt.

Bottom - blue trousers or jeans . Such surely is every boy.


On his head - a peakless cap, like a sailor's. If her friends or relatives lend her for one evening - wonderful. If not, making it yourself will not be difficult .

A rectangle 6–8 cm high, 35 cm wide is cut out of dense blue cardboard and glued into a cylinder. A white circle is also glued on top, the diameter of which is larger than that of the cylinder by 1.5–2 cm. An image of the anchor is applied to the front of the resulting visor, two satin ribbons 15 cm long are sewn on the back.

To keep the headpiece well, you will need a thin elastic band, for which holes are cut on the sides of the cylinder . The ears are made in the same way as the Caramel, and are mounted on an elastic band along with a hat.


The top is a green shirt. Bottom - green pants. If old bright things that the child doesn’t put on are at home, you can experiment and change the color with special paint for clothes.

If the trousers are short - not scary. Cutting them still will make excellent capri pants.

The green cap of a kitten is easy to get from cotton stockings, making a lapel on them. And sew a pompom from knitting threads on the tip.

It is necessary to fill the cap with a synthetic winterizer so that it keeps its shape . Or insert a cardboard cone inside. Everything, together with the ears, is mounted on an elastic band.

Super Cat

The basis of the costume is black turtleneck and trousers, ideally tight-fitting.

Under the neck, at the level of the jugular notch, it is necessary to sew an amulet, which has the shape of a ball with a diameter of 3-4 cm. It is done simply, it is enough to buy a gold foil in any stationery store and crush it into the required shape.

Ears and Headband

A black knitted fabric is best suited to create a blindfold . The edges of the knitwear do not need to be processed when making eye holes. This greatly simplifies the work.

Black felt is required for the ears . 4 identical parts are laid, which are stitched together in pairs and stuffed with a thin layer of synthetic winterizer. A wire is launched along the contour, which will give the necessary shape. After the formation of the ears, they are sewn onto an elastic band.

Puss in Boots

For a cloak, a piece of black fabric is suitable, which will be fastened under the neck on a button.

Reference! It is better to purchase a large button on the leg with a metallic tint. She will look better than usual, and harmoniously complement the image.

Two truncated cones are cut to create boots from thick paper or a fabric that holds well in shape. A smaller base is attached to shoes with ribbons or elastic bands. The larger is turned away and processed along the edge with burgundy braid. The boots themselves should be black.

It is necessary to supplement the image with a sword. If this was not found in the toys, thick wire, foil, the cut bottom of the plastic bottle and a large bead for the tip will help. A hole is made in the center of the bottom of the bottle into which the wire is inserted. One end turns into a handle, a bead is attached to the other.

Attention! No sharp objects are allowed at children's parties, so the presence of a tip is a must!

After manufacturing the sword is completely wrapped with foil.


The character's ears are hidden under a black hat with a burgundy fringing. It will not be difficult to find a hat of such a plan, and to sew colored braid is work for 10 minutes. One of the sides is neatly attached to the tulle, and a large yellow feather is inserted there. Similar accessories are sold in trim and decor stores.

Reference! A good alternative to a purchased pen is a homemade one. It is necessary to glue the wire with colored tape or paper and cut the necessary shape.


The darling of the kids is dressed in blue tight-fitting clothes, so a turtleneck and pants in these colors will come in handy .

Acrylic paints are applied to the breast line with a white pattern in the form of a mask on the eyes. If there are no paints at hand, you can cut out the applique from a white cloth and carefully sew it .

On the head we pick up a blue knitted hat. Ears of similar colors are sewn onto it. The hat itself must be chosen so that it covers the eyes and nose . After the slits for the eyes are ready, white eyebrows and stripes are carefully drawn on the sides of the head and on top, just like a young hero.

An important detail of the costume is the tail.

  • For Caramel, Korzhik and Compote, the design of the tail is the same . Fur or fabric strip with pile folded in half, stitched on both sides, lightly stuffed with padding polyester. The tail of the Caramel is better to connect with the girl's tights so that he protrudes from under the dress. For Compote and Korzhik, the tails are attached to the belt.
  • Super cat . A thin and long tail will turn out perfectly from a black stocking, which is stuffed with a padding polyester, and then attached to the belt.
  • Puss in Boots. A removable fluffy collar will also make an excellent tail, created by analogy with the fur.

Reference! So that the hero’s sword is always with him, you can put an elastic band on your hair in a belt.

  • Catboy . A tail is sewn of blue knitwear, decorated with light stripes and slightly stuffed. You can sew it on the belt of trousers.

Useful tips for creating a cat costume

  • It is impossible to fill the tail too tight, otherwise it will lose its mobility and softness.
  • With the ears it’s the other way around, the denser they are full, the better the shape holds.
  • Any character needs gloves . It is desirable that the accessory be in the tone of the costume. Nails are painted with acrylics, or felt triangles are sewn onto the fingertips;
  • With a pencil for the eyes, you can draw a beautiful mustache - an important attribute of any cat.

Children's activities are designed to give joy. If you see that the baby is in the image of a beloved hero, with a sparkle in her eyes and a happy smile, then her mother did everything right!