DIY Cancan Skirt

Passionate and sensitive cancan dance, it is impossible to imagine without a dancer who exudes passion and causes desire. And of course, one cannot do without an extravagant outfit, the main attribute of which is a skirt. Bright and defiant, but at the same time luxurious and feminine, she is able to smite the spectators on one spot.

For this passionate dance you need a special long and magnificent skirt. With the help of which a woman will reveal all her sexuality, and in some cases give a romantic image. There are Mexican and gypsy notes in it, it is created for incendiary and romantic dances. A good skirt will cost you a lot, but you can save a lot if you sew it yourself. It will not be difficult if you follow all the instructions.

What material and tools are needed for sewing a cancan skirt.

To work you will need:

  • Tulle, tulle, or organza (these fabrics will give the image of romance and lightness).
  • Material for the top layer of the skirt in the shape of the sun - you can use the same materials, or - natural silk, cotton, or a more budget version of synthetics. It is worth remembering that the top should not be heavier.
  • Slanting inlay.
  • Wide elastic.
  • Threads in the color of the product.
  • Scissors for working on fabric.
  • Pencil on the fabric.
  • Pins

IMPORTANT. If you have chosen a model with a petticoat, do not use tulle or tulle. With frequent washing, it will quickly lose its appearance and shape. But also it is unpleasant in contact with the body.

It should be purchased at a fabric store, only special materials for petticoats. It can be cotton, organza or chiffon.

How to sew a skirt for a cancan.


  1. Take measurements of hips. Let's say it is equal to a model size of 90 cm. Expand the fabric and cut a rectangle 20 wide (take into account another 3 cm per meter) and 90 cm (plus 5 so that it does not fit tightly, and 3 cm per meter) in length. Together with the allowances, you will get a 23 * 98 cm rectangle, which will be a yoke. Suture the edges on each side.
  2. Next, take measurements of the waist. And again we resort to model parameters, it will be 60 cm. The same amount you need to purchase a wide elastic tape to sew the belt. Sew a yoke to the wide side. The tape should come out from the front to hide all the folds.
  3. Make a pattern on the material of a rectangular shape for the first tier, measuring 130 cm (98 cm this is already ready yoke + 32 cm to add splendor) in length and 40 cm in length. Hem it on the short side and simply tuck it on the long side. Fold in half and sew your middle with a yoke. As a result, you should have two shuttlecocks that fall parallel to the yoke.
  4. Now again we proceed to the pattern of a rectangle measuring 170 cm (130 of our first tier + 40 cm to add splendor) in width and 50 cm in length. Do the same as with the first tier. You have left the second tier of the skirt. The length of the skirt is now 20 + 15 + 23 = 61 cm. The longer you want the skirt, the more tiers to make. At the end, you should sew all the tiers from the elastic to the floor.

HELP . The most difficult step is to sew all the tiers of the skirt together. Make sure the transverse seams match.

Useful tips on how to sew a cancan skirt.

To gently grind all the details of the skirt, you should first attach them with pins with your hands, in as large places as possible.

The skirt for the cancan is useful not only for performing on stage, but also for New Year's parties in masks, street parties. Therefore, it is worth thinking about buying it or choosing a budget option - sew it yourself. After all, you will get a truly exclusive model and still save money.