DIY boho skirt patterns

Boho skirt is one of the main trends of the season. The word boho defines style. Moreover, this is the style in clothes, and the style in life. Let’s figure out how this can be. And also we will tell you how to create such a model with your own hands step by step.

Features of boho skirts

The name itself comes from the word "bohemia." There is a small province of Bohemia in the Czech Republic, where women are accustomed to free behavior and free decisions. They are strong and independent. So, boho style clothes, like these women, are very loose and at the same time emphasize the silhouette. This is what determines the whole style as a whole and the specific models of skirts.

Patterns of boho skirts

We offer a small selection of cool models along with diagrams and stages of pattern construction.

Table skirt

A very unusual model of boho style is a tablecloth skirt.

To make it, you will also need:

  • lace from 5 m;
  • elastic gum;
  • braces to create lacing;
  • tape for lacing.

A fairly simple pattern allows even beginners to join in its creation. The pattern itself represents a square.


Stages of construction

  • Measured the length of the product from the waist line to the floor. This will be the length from the waistline to the corner of the square.
  • Outlined a square, each side of which is equal to the specified value.
  • We measured the waist and drew a circle from the first point. Its diameter is 1/4 of the waist + 2.5 cm.

    On such a pattern, build another square, but make the sides longer. This will be the lower tier of such a skirt.



To create a belt, you need to cut a rectangle whose length is equal to the waist circumference + 20 cm. The width of the rectangle is about 30 cm. You will need a sewing machine and an elastic thread. It is charged to the bottom of the machine with a decrease in tension on the iron holder exactly half a revolution.

Mark soap strips at a distance of 1 cm along the entire length. Take a line with elastic thread on each strip. Tuck the upper edge. This will create a crumpled fabric with a very elastic elastic band.


Cut two rectangles with sides of 12 and 16 cm. Fold in half and sew, twist the edges. For decoration, sew gum to the belt and additionally distribute lace along the seam line.

Keep the brackets and you can put it aside for now.

The basis

Connect the two squares and sew along the waistline. Next, take the gum belt and sweep it gently with your hands, hiding the seams inside out. Then you can walk in two lines on a typewriter.

Important! Stitch the skirt and belt with elastic threads so that the extensibility in the waist area is preserved.

It remains only to process the edges with lace and insert the lacing. A very fashionable tablecloth skirt is ready.

Boho Tiered Skirt

This is not a simple multi-tiered model. The model is not simple in that the elastic along the waistline is not inserted all over the circumference. As a result, a practically fitted product is obtained in front, but the most magnificent flounces go along the back side. This is very similar to the old models of luxurious dresses of young ladies.

To work, you will need:

  • cotton fabric;
  • lace;
  • rubber;
  • sewing machine;
  • threads and needles.


The construction of the pattern is very simple - this model is similar to a skirt-sun. Only thanks to the idea with an elastic band does it belong to boho.

Draw a few circles with a gradual decrease in diameter. The waist circumference, that is, the cutout in the center of the circle, remains unchanged.

Completing of the work

  • It is more convenient to sew lace directly to the edges of the parts . The last two can be left without lace.

Important! If the fabric crumbles, it is better to process the bottom beforehand on the overlock.

  • Fold the parts together and sew them together, having previously tucked the edges of the upper part inward for the elastic.
  • Insert the elastic only in the back. To do this, measure out no more than 20 cm of elastic and sew it on each edge, making a good assembly for the volume. It is better to do this with preliminary tryouts to avoid mistakes.

The work is finished, the skirt is ready.

Wrap skirt

The most gentle model of a boho skirt is a wrap skirt. The style allows you to adjust the waist line . This is just a godsend for the master. So you need to monitor only the length of the product. For 42-48 sizes, one model of such a skirt may well be used.

The work will require:

  • chiffon;
  • threads and needles;
  • sewing machine.


For the pattern you will need only one size. This is the length of the product from the waistline. The width of the skirt can be adjusted with a tie. Such chiffon skirts are very good, but you can safely replace it with another light and translucent material .

As shown in the diagram, a circle with a radius of the length of the skirt is drawn first. As a result, it will be necessary to reduce half the circle so that 1/2 is obtained in the continuation of the radius of a quarter of the circle. Gradual transition from larger to smaller with midlines 1/4, 3/4.


  • We make a belt 170 cm long. 10 cm wide. Sew the sides of the belt and walk in two lines (one on the bottom and the other on top). Sew a belt along the top at the waist line.
  • Processing the bottom of the skirt and the edge with the help of an overlock.

So the skirt of the model with the smell is ready.

Tips for sewing boho skirts

  • When creating clothes, you should always process the edges of the product. For such three-dimensional models, especially if they are multi-tiered, it is more convenient to do this before stitching and making the belt.
  • Such skirts can be safely made multi-tiered. Models with false tiers turned out to be very popular, thanks to special sewn shuttlecocks to the middle of the hem.
  • Models are recommended for ladies with large sizes. Such clothing hides figure flaws very well, focuses on the waist.

These patterns can be considered basic for further modeling. With their help, you will be able to create an original version taking into account personal preferences and tastes.