DIY bag backpack

Today's routine is such that even small children are gentle spacious accessory. After all, they need to somehow wear replaceable shoes or a special uniform for practicing in some kind of circle. And the best thing for this purpose is a stylish backpack. Moreover, it is not necessary to spend money from the family budget, it is enough to make this little thing yourself. Even an inexperienced needlewoman can cope with such work.

Pattern backpack bag

To achieve a good end result and a favorable work process, you should prepare for work. To do this, you need:

  • Choose the right material;
  • Build a pattern of the future product.

As the starting material, you should choose a dense fabric: gabardine, cotton, raincoat fabric, jeans or other suitable material. Moreover, it is not necessary to acquire new matter. Review things in your wardrobe. Surely there are several suitable gizmos that you no longer wear, and the fabric on them can be used to create this item.

Reference! For a children's option, choose a bright color. You can also make a model from a discreet color, but decorate it with a catchy applique or other original decor.

The next stage is the construction of the pattern. You can do it yourself or use a ready-made pattern.

For use, you just need to make an adjustment in size.

Attention! Do not forget to take into account seam allowances when cutting fabric.

Step-by-step master class on how to sew a backpack bag with your own hands

After the fabric is selected and the pattern is prepared, you can proceed directly to the manufacture of the item.

For the embodiment you will need: fabric, wide braid, lace (about 3.5 m), sewing accessories.

Next, we analyze in detail the whole process:

  • Cut from the main fabric a small rectangular part for making a drawstring;
  • Work on the edges of the drawstring, and sew it down to the side of the part, while leaving two holes on the sides;
  • Perform a side seam;
  • Attach the bottom of the product;
  • Fold the top edge and sew;
  • Make enough holes on the top edge to thread the lace;
  • Thread the cord into the drawstring and the upper holes so that it forms two straps.

Stylish and extraordinary update for your child is ready.